Men have many choices when shopping for dating advice today. It is a competitive market and its getting even more competitive with over 1,000 dating advice products and growing. Dating Skills Review's editorial endorsement gives people the confidence they need when making a purchasing decision.

The Dating Skills Review Editors' Choice award seal is a symbol people rely on that, in turn, will set your product apart from the competition.

We welcome you to use the award seal, and we're available to help you incorporate the seal in the promotion of your product. Usage of Dating Skills Review award logos are restricted to winners of the award and to the specific products that receive the award.

All creative material must be approved by Dating Skills Review before it is distributed or published.

Using Editors' Choice Awards

For questions about promoting the Editors' Choice award or getting permission to use your review contact Angel at [email protected].

Below are a few ideas on how to use the award:


  • Place the award seal next to your product description to promote your product's distinction and increase sales.
  • Link the award seal to the full review of your product on
  • Include the award seal on advertising including banners, e-mail, newsletters, and promotional images.
  • Purchase licensing to post the DatingSkillsReview review on your site.
  • Ask online merchants that sell your product to include the award logo alongside it.

In Print

  • Announce your win in a press release.
  • Order reprints of your review to include in your media materials.
  • Include the award seal in all advertising materials.
  • Create signage that showcases the award to display at your next conference.