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Latest & Future Dating Product Releases

Unbreakable Confidence: How to Think Confidently, Live Fearlessly, and Achieve Your Dreams
June 20, 2016 from
Zoe McKey
The End of Codependency: How to Stop Controlling and Enabling Others, Love Yourself, Have Happy Relationships, and be Codependent No More
June 18, 2016 from
Laura Raskin
Charisma: Unleash Your Charisma To Improve Your Social Skills And Create Long Lasting Relationships With Everyone You Meet
June 06, 2016 from
Alexander Chase
31 Creative Ways To Love & Encourage Her
June 03, 2016 from
Jefferson Bethke
The Language of Attraction
June 01, 2016 from
The Attractive Man
Red Knight: The Thinking Man's Blueprint To Masculinity, Sexual Confidence & Becoming Irresistible to Women
June 01, 2016 from
Aslen Claymore
Intimacy Intensive
May 31, 2016 from
Double Your Dating
Break Up, Wake Up, Move On: From Broken Heart to Open Heart, Prepare For The Partner You've Always Longed For
May 30, 2016 from
Randy Siegel
10 Powerful Habits To Become Unstoppable
May 30, 2016 from
Alexander Chase
Critical Conversation: 30 Days To Master Small Talk With Anyone
May 29, 2016 from
Jack Steel

Latest & Future Dating Conferences

3 Second Rule Premier Bootcamp London (4 Days)
November 27, 2014 from
3 Second Rule
The Natural Lifestyles - The Euro Tour
August 31, 2016 from
The Natural Lifestyles
Mega-PUA Summit Sin City 2014
January 10, 2014 from
Seduction Coaching
The Ultimate Pickup Artist Convention
September 13, 2013 from
Casanova Crew
Direct Dating Summit 2012
March 17, 2012 from
The 21 Convention
Love Systems SuperConference 2013
October 04, 2013 from
Love Systems