The Dating Skills Review product reviews team recognizes dating advice for men of the highest quality and effectiveness with its Dating Skills Review Editors' Choice award. It's the seal of approval people look for when shopping for dating advice for men.

These are our Editors' top recommendations, so you will only find dating advice products that we have assessed to "Get the Job Done" for you on this list. These are products that have met our "Gold Standard" and in which we feel completely confident recommending to you.

About Editors' Choice Awards

Products bearing the Dating Skills Review Editors' Choice graphic have been rigorously evaluated and carefully compared against other products by our expert editors. The award is the hallmark of great advice that works. It signifies a product that is the best of breed in its category.

An Editors' Choice product must change the landscape of dating advice for men by demonstrating its ability to help users to achieve success with women in a specific category.

Products reviewed on Dating Skills Review and available to the general public are eligible for an Editors' Choice award. You can review the criteria for evaluation here. The criteria listed are a baseline for the review process but do not account for the reviewer's subjective experience of using the product; the rating and ultimate conclusion are subject to the reviewer's discretion.

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A couple of points to consider with respect to our Editors' Choice Awards list.

First, to understand how strongly we recommend a product check out the "%" in brackets next to it. This is our evaluation of how completely the advice the product contains resolves the situation or challenge listed.

So, for example, a product we give 100% gives you advice that perfectly addresses the issue and situation, and there is simply nothing else to say. It is perfect and it will be difficult for anyone to produce another product which tops it.

In reality there are very few products that we think have attained "Perfect Solution" status and are missing nothing out at all. But there are some that are coming very close to being complete solutions.

Second, for some situations and challenges there are relevant products that we have not yet reviewed so we cannot provide an opinion on. As a result, these other products could potentially be as good as or better than the recommendations we've made. We are diligently working to get these products reviewed also to be able to say with 100% certainty that our recommendations are the best products that exist for the situation.

We are confident in standing behind the Dating Skills Review Editors' Choice recommendations and guaranteeing their ability to help you with the situations and needs we've identified.

We know this is something you need to hear. We know the advice in these products works. They represent complete solutions based on the percentages we have given. Although the reality is that no one needs a complete solution, or perfectionism, to drastically improve their results.

A very advanced user of dating advice (someone like me for example) may be looking for the 100% solution. Or may be able to see gaps in products that would take it to a full solution. For the majority of people an 80% or 90% perfect product is more than enough to get the results you want.

If you should be disappointed in any Editors' Choice product please contact me on [email protected]. I will only be too happy to help you if you are having trouble getting the advice in these products to work. Since I and my team provide our personal guarantees to their effectiveness, I feel it is my duty to do so.

Advice requires correct implementation to work for you. Sometimes through differences in our perceptions, or blind spots we have, we implement advice in a way that is different from what was intended and it doesn't get the results we want. I or one of my time can help you correct these little issues - so don't let it slide -reach out to me so we can help.

To the success you aspire to with women.

Angel Donovan

Angel Donovan

Co-Founder and Chief Editor, Dating Skills Review 

P.S. If you have personal experience with a product that has been particularly useful to resolve the situations and challenges targeted in our Editors' Choice Award list or other situations please tell us about it and request a review. This will enable us to prioritize products better in our review schedule and as a result refine and improve this list of "Gold Standard" recommendations more rapidly.

If you have a challenge or situation not listed above also let me know so that we can look for the best products to address it.