#127 Can You Date Safe? with Mike J. Domitrz

#127 Can You Date Safe? with Mike J. Domitrz

#127 Can You Date Safe? with Mike J. Domitrz
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Today's guest is Michael J. Domitrz. He heads up an organization called The DATE SAFE Project, for which the basic goal is to eliminate the chance of people having sexual encounters which they're later going to regret. More specifically, to provide ideas and teachings on how to communicate around dating scenarios and avoid the risk of making the other person feel uncomfortable, or getting either person into a sexual situation that either one may regret in that moment or later.

So, this of course relates to the whole college campus sexual assault and rape stories, and situations that have been covered in the news and media a lot recently. As a guy, this is probably something that has put you a little on edge. What is appropriate? What is not appropriate? These are the kinds of things, which can make you hesitate and make you feel uncomfortable in dating situations, which is not good for anyone.

You've probably received a lot of conflicting advice on how to get physical with women on dates, how to move to kiss or have sex with a girl, and the whole topic of sexual assault probably makes you a little uncomfortable. You don't have any concrete or clear rules to follow to ensure that you never step into that kind of territory – sexual assault territory – or indeed the sketch in where your girl is not having a great, happy, awesome time; where she feels totally comfortable and in for it.

The interview with today's guest was a great discussion. I'm not sure anyone has all the answers to this evolving topic, but I hope you get some clear takeaways from it. If you're left with any questions afterwards, please do comment on the episode by finding it at datingskillsreview.com/podcast and choosing the episode. You'll find the comments at the bottom. Just comment in there your questions or your opinions, or whatever and today's guest or I will get back to you.

So, Michael J. Domitrz, our guest today, he has a lot of experience in this topic. He has been working on it for over a decade and speaking about it everywhere with diverse sets of audiences, answering their questions, answering opinions, and asking their thoughts on this topic. So he's really covered a lot of ground in that time.

You'll find in today's episode that he's really able to discuss and tackle all of the biggest questions around it. I thoroughly enjoyed discussing today's tricky topic with Michael, and hope you do too, as well as taking some clear takeaways with you that will improve your dating life.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • What is sexual assault? The difference between consent and arrogance (06:42)
  • How to view sexual contact (07:59)
  • What is The DATE SAFE Project? (08:56)
  • The importance of discussing sexual assault in these current times (14:17)
  • Drinking and not being of sound mind: normalizing sexual assault (17:03)
  • The cultural "norms" and pressures regarding sexual assault (31:13)
  • A worldwide perspective on sex education (35:00)
  • Michael's approach to dating, physical intimacy, and sex (36:19)
  • Open-minded sexual communities have a higher degree of consent (39:00)
  • The psychology of initiating your move to communicate (41:17)
  • The advantages of finding out what your partner likes or dislikes intimately: developing sexual confidence (44:16)
  • What about the serendipity and the romance? (47:15)
  • Our cultural is being taught that romance means control, instead of learning to communicate sexually (47:45)
  • Sexual fantasies: communicating and establishing the boundaries of domination (51:21)
  • The biggest issues to overcoming the fears of consent (53:19)
  • Understanding body language for intent purposes only (54:48)
  • Meeting for the first time / dating scenarios: Things to keep in mind (59:05)
  • Facing each other's sexual inhibitions through communication (1:04:40)
  • How to connect with Michael to learn about more about him and his work (1:07:40)
  • Recommendations for quality advice and knowledge in the area of dating, sex, and relationships (1:08:08)
  • Recommendations for guys starting from the beginning to improve their dating life (1:09:48)
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