#118 Practical Male-Female Polarity and Intimacy with Michaela Boehm

#118 Practical Male-Female Polarity and Intimacy with Michaela Boehm

#118 Practical Male-Female Polarity and Intimacy with Michaela Boehm

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Part of my job as head of DSR, and a coach, is to keep exploring and looking for better answers to everything that helps you to become better men. Basically, for you to have a more satisfactory dating, sex, and relationships lifestyle.

Over the last couple of years, this has included some workshops with today's guest. I personally found these both effective and really rewarding, and I'll certainly be going to more of these because I see it as important to my development. So, you can get an idea that’s probably going to help you, especially if you're more inclined to develop your relationships with women further.

In today's episode, we're going to bring some real simple clarity and practical advise to something that is talked about a lot, masculinity and femininity, and the polarity between the two. Today's guest is in the best position to bring insight to this as she's spent thousands and thousands of hours teaching workshops on these themes – intimacy and sexuality.

Michaela worked for some time as the only approved teacher of David Deida, who most of you will be familiar with due to his very well known book The Way of The Superior Man, great book.

Besides this, we get into some great discussion about what the new challenges are for sexual attraction and chemistry in today's world, which today's guest and myself see as changing. We also see how today's experts thinking and workshops have been evolving to cater for these.

Today's guest is Michaela Boehm. She spends 32 weeks of the year traveling the world teaching practical workshops to men and women on sexuality, integrity, intimacy, and other aspects of male and female relationships. She's been doing this for over 20 years and she has done it for over 40,000 hours. Now if you've heard of Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 Hour Rule to mastery of any skill – the idea being that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to get to mastery – then she's basically a 4x of mastery. That's pretty impressive.

Some of her ongoing clients include Oscar winning actors, producers, writers, and multiple Grammy winning musicians. Michaela has also traveled and co-taught with David Deida for 13 years of that time. She has a very rich background including multiple forms of yoga, Tantra, NLP, hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychology. So she's brought all of these skills together to create her unique skillset, which she uses in a very unique way in her workshops today.

Please enjoy this very unique interview, which I'm sure you're going to get a lot out of.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • Michaela's background and how she created the unique workshops she offers (05:41)
  • Michaela's current lifestyle, home, relationship, career, etc. (12:51)
  • Explanation of male and female polarity, and how it works (17:30)
  • What people look for regarding polarity and the give and take of it between people (22:50)
  • Getting back to your natural sexual inclination to better understand polarity (28:10)
  • Changes in the modern world that are changing the forces of polarity (31:33)
  • Men have to consciously learn to become more sensitive (34:25)
  • The complexity of managing open, multiple, and polyamorous relationships (38:20)
  • How to keep a relationship indefinitely engaging by understanding the concepts of the sameness for the relationship and the polarity for the sexual aspect of the attraction (42:00)
  • Men should understand where women are coming from and their different polarities (44:00)
  • Understanding Michaela's workshops and how they are structured (48:20)
  • How social trends have affected Michaela's workshops (52:58)
  • One of Angel's experiences in Michaela's workshop: generating an intense connection / sexual attraction (54:55)
  • Takeaways from Michaela's workshops and what she is working on (57:35)
  • The types of people who attend Michaela's workshops and what they are being taught (58:13)
  • Regarding relationships, recommendations to reset and rebuild your strength in order to delve into your natural polarity (59:58)
  • How to connect with Michaela to learn more about her and her work (1:00:42)
  • Recommended experts for quality advice in dating, sex, and relationships (1:01:52)
  • Top three takeaways for men starting out in dating, sex, and relationships (1:04:07)

Items Mentioned in this Episode include:

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