David Wygant

David Wygant
David Wygant differs from other dating coaches by the fact that he coaches both men and women and that he advocates a natural and down to earth approach to dating (and recommends not using pick up tactics).

He is popular with the media, getting featured and quoted more often than the majority of dating coaches.

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Personal Data

Real Name: David Wygant (pronounced Why-gant)

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: July 01, 1962 (Age 61)

Height: 6"2 (188cm)

Profession(s): Dating Coach

Affiliated Dating Companies: David Wygant Inc.

Web Presences

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Trademark Advice

David Wygant advocates the use of Natural Game (Confidence and Being True to Oneself).

Using this as the means of instruction for every concept he teaches, he specializes in giving detailed advice on various skill sets including how to approach women, online dating, phone and text game, and how to lead women into the bedroom.

Unlike the majority of dating coaches, he coaches both men and women.


Personal Life

David Wygant did not really anticipate his career path to be in the dating field. In fact he only started to develop his dating skills after he got divorced.

He resides in Venice, California with his dogs and cats.

Dating Advice Career

David Wygant was one of the earliest dating coaches in the dating industry. In 2003, he was featured in an episode of MTV's hit series "Made". Today he differentiates himself by the fact that he coaches both men and women.

David is frequently covered in the press and media and has regular spots where he publishes articles in various media. This has includes TV appearances (E! Entertainment Television, FoxNews, Dateline NBC, CBS News, ABC News, BBC and MTV), appearances on 100s of radio shows, features and quotes in magazine and newspaper articles (Cosmopolitan, Men's Health, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Maxim, and The Los Angeles Times) and an ongoing writing space for Yahoo! Personals.

David Wygant was indirectly used for inspiration for the 'dating coach' character played by Will Smith in Hitch (2005). Early in the film's development Wygant was pushing his own reality TV series concept of him coaching people. Because of this he serendipitously met with the producers and directors of the film. They sat down to talk about David's ideas and lifestyle. Inevitably some of them made their way into the film.

David Wygant's Credentials & Experience

Wygant was married and divorced in his early 30s. The relationship lasted 3 years.

He got married again in early 2009 and they had a baby together in September 2010.

Books, Courses and Coaching & David Wygant Reviews

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