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Are you ambitious, self-motivating, and a dynamic team player? Do you want to exercise your initiative? Do you want to contribute to something you believe in? To leverage your experience in dating skills to help others?

We are looking for qualified applicants who see a future in developing their own work niche within our rapidly growing and expanding company.

Application Information

Employment requires a dedication of a minimum of 10 hours/week or to meet specific quotas of work (e.g. number of reviews); however, you may complete work from the comfort of your own location and on your own time schedule.

Look through the available positions and select the position you're interested in.

Include a cover letter. Your cover letter is your chance to explain why you are sending your resume, what is your interest in working with DSR in the short and long term, how you learned about us and the position, as well as giving us a sense of your personality, motivation, and enthusiasm. Please use the opportunity to call attention to those elements in your background that are relevant to the position you are seeking. Please put your first and last name in the filenames of your cover letter and resume.

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The DSR Team

Open Employment Positions

Editorial Reviewer

Job Summary

To join the editorial team at Dating Skills Review to provide constructive, unbiased reviews on dating advice products for our users. You should be motivated to seek out and find the best in class dating advice.

Reading, watching and evaluating dating advice products and writing up a structured and unbiased review for the Dating Skills Review site including both written and video based reviews.


  • - Read or watch dating advice produces and write down detailed notes based on the Dating Skills Review rating and evaluation system.
  • - Devise unbiased and constructive ratings for the product according to the Dating Skills Review rating system.
  • - Write up detailed reviews of products in the Dating Skills Review format: The Good, The Bad, The Bottom Line and full main review text.
  • - Present the review to senior editors Angel and Syboh for sign off.
  • - Create Powerpoint presentation using Dating Skills Review's format for review and record your oral presentation of review with Camtasia.
  • - Add review materials to the Dating Skills Review database.
  • - Keep in touch with the pulse of the dating advice market to be able to suggest priorities for product review schedule in editorial meetings.
  • - Provide input on other editors' reviews during editorial review meetings.


  • - Experience: At least 5 years exposure to the dating advice for men market of products and services. In order to provide 'useful' editorial reviews you must be able to demonstrate that you have acquired an advanced level of dating skills (e.g. you were previously a successful dating coach).
  • - No conflict of interest: You must have no existing ties or commercial relationships with dating advice companies that would lead to a conflict of interest and bias your review work.
  • - Demonstrated ability to: attend to details within a multi-task work environment; take initiative; meet deadlines;maintain an unemotional and unbiased perspective on products.
  • Language Skills: Knowledge of and excellent skills in business English and journalistic writing, correspondence, grammar and spelling. Skill in producing and editing well balanced grammatically correct and attractively arranged materials, publications, forms and documents for the Web. You must have good oral presentation skills.
  • Computer Skills: Experience with HTML and text based word processing software (e.g. notepad).

To apply to any of the above positions send your resume and cover letter to us @ [email protected].