What is Dating Skills Review?

DSR (DatingSkillsReview) was put together in mid 2009 by a team of veterans of the dating advice for men industry with a vision.

"If a guy, no matter how bad with women, gets access to the best and most relevant dating advice for him he can get success with women in months not years."

Everything we do here is about helping men to get better with women faster. By learning the smart way. We continuously challenge ourselves to find ways to tackle the barriers that students come across and provide support to help them get past them.

This mostly comes down to finding ways to help you find the best dating advice for you. Helping you to learn the smart way. Helping you to find that dating advice that works for you. 

We seek to provide the best and most unbiased information on dating advice possible, whether it be letting you know what advice is out there, how good that advice is or giving you more information about the dating gurus and their companies themselves. 

We do this by providing you with support on three levels:

  • 1. Guidance on How to Learn the Best Way: We kick start your learning by giving you well researched and experimented advice on how to learn to become successful with women the fastest way possible. Our free Fast Track Dating Manual has become a well recognized must for beginners to start out with. Our Daily Dating Gold newsletter is a popular way to get your feet wet with some brief high quality free dating tips. And we have other Free Dating Advice & Resources to help you get started the easy way.
  • 2. Guiding you to the Best Advice: We guide you to the best advice so that you can learn the smart way. We provide the most comprehensive and credible reviews of dating advice products on the Internet. Our ratings, rankings and awards have become recognized for their credibility in the dating advice industry. Our site contains comparison tools so that you can compare different products on the criteria you are most interested in. We help you make informed decisions, rather than choosing in the dark.
  • 3. Access to Every Dating Advice that Exists: Our database of dating advice for men contains every dating advice that exists. It is updated continuously with the most recent releases. If we don't have it here, then it simply doesn't exist. You can be sure you're not missing anything.

We think of ourselves as the "Amazon.com" of Dating Advice for Men.

With one big difference. We provide you with much more hands on guidance and tools to help you learn the fastest way possible.  

We decided to launch Dating Skills Review because we saw that dating advice for men had matured to a point where needed a portal to support people's search for the right advice for them. This is a bit of the background.

The quality of advice given in dating advice products today varies from:

  • - Absolute genius advice that has transformed people's dating lives - there are thousands of examples of guys who have gone from zero girlfriend virgins to rockstar daters to....
  • - Horrificly bad advice that will get all girls running the other direction and tarnish your reputation - some people actually become more socially dysfunctional.

Given the mass of information facing a students of dating mastery today it has become very difficult to navigate an efficient path using only 'good and effective' advice. Making informed decisions on which advice to use has become very challenging.

DSR helps prospective users / students of dating advice products by resolving:

  • 1. "Information Overload": Dating advice available over the Internet had grown into a very difficult to navigate mass of homestudy, coaching and seminar products. DSR simplifies discovery and comparison of products through its extensive coverage of the products available and its multi-criteria rankings system (i.e. you choose the criteria used for ranking).
  • 2. "Big Brand vs. Quality Product Focus": People who are newer to dating advice are unaware of the wide variety of high quality products out there that veterans and dating masters would highly recommend. The media attention is concentrated around a few big brand names (Real Social Dynamics, Love Systems, Stylelife and Venusian Arts), ignoring the quality products outside of these. Newbies tend to make uninformed decisions and just buy a big brand product although there may be much better suited products to their needs. DSR enables you to find the less well-known brands that are widely recommended for their quality.

The content we provide on DSR to you includes:

  • - Editor Reviews: We have a team of experienced and independent (i.e. not biased by their own commercial incentives) reviewers who work every day on reviewing our growing index of all the dating content available for men. Thanks to their deep and broad knowledge of dating advice products they can give you an expert opinion on the value, or not, of a dating advice product.
  • - User Reviews: You and many other users of dating advice products and resources collectively have a mass of knowledge on the quality of advice out there. That's why DSR collects all your reviews. (it's like an amazon reviews service just for dating really)
  • - Dating Advice Information: Details on the table of contents, the authors, the company, what you get in the package, the guarantee if they have one etc. This helps you to know exactly what you are buying before you do.
  • - Dating Coach Profiles: Detailed biographies, images and information on their trademark advice and authored products. Get to know the people you are taking advice from.

To find out more about the founders and editors of DSR, read our bios.