#122 Takeaways from Over 19 Years and 20,000 Hours of Coaching Men Infield with Beckster

#122 Takeaways from Over 19 Years and 20,000 Hours of Coaching Men Infield with Beckster

#122 Takeaways from Over 19 Years and 20,000 Hours of Coaching Men Infield with Beckster

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Today's guest has, by his own estimates, potentially spent 20,000 hours over the last 19 years in clubs and other locations coaching and experimenting with meeting, attracting, and seducing women. There's actually very few people on the planet who can say that.

This is extreme amounts of experience and it's something I'm always looking for to find in great guests for the show. I'm always either looking for some great researchers, people who've actually done their research in scientific research and know what they're talking about. I'm looking for people with a ton of experience, or I'm looking for people with some specific innovative insight. These are the kinds of things that I think are quality and worth having on the show.

The person we're having on the show today is probably one of the top men in the world in terms of the sheer volume of experience he has infield. So that's both training people, coaching them, live infield, and also just being out there himself and practicing and experimenting with new things. He's in a truly unique position to offer highly valuable advice.

Today's guest is Beckster and he has worked with many of the best known coaching companies and other people who are all names that you'll know pretty well. He's spent most of his time in Europe, in London, where he's been based. He's worked along side the likes of Richard La Ruina from PUA Training, with Mystery (Erik von Markovik) from The Game, Ross Jeffries - we've had him previous on the podcast, and Kezia Noble to name just a few.

So if know anything about seduction industry, the pickup artist industry, or you know The Game and that whole area, those are some of the big names out there and he’s worked with all of them.

He currently spends most of his time coaching, and clubbing, along side Mystery in Europe. There's a whole bunch of great takeaways from this episode and Beckster's experience, including the two most important things every man needs to do to learn and improve quickly; and there's a very large percentage of men that don't do these: 1) The benefits and realities of living a polyamorous lifestyle with two girlfriends, 2) The ideal mix of leveraging techniques versus working on being your best self as you learn to becoming a better man, and much, much more.

Now a quick note about audio quality: It was really tricky to schedule in this interview just because of Beckster's schedule. He's constantly out there coaching around Europe and different countries, really jet-setting around. We've actually been trying to set up this interview for a year. So when we managed to get our schedules coinciding, and we managed to get this set up in London last week, it was in a cocktail bar one afternoon. I just took this opportunity knowing the sound quality wasn't going to be perfect because it was going to be a while before this came along again, maybe another year. So the good is better, always, than the never getting done, of course; but due to the location, there is a bit of background noise, which I do apologize for.

There are also a couple of bits of interference, which I've had my audio guys kind of attack and try to fix, but you'll still like hear them. That, unfortunately, appeared in the audio, but they're pretty short and don't affect all of the great takeaways and all of the insights in the rest of the interview. Surprisingly, even though we're in a busy cocktail bar, Beckster comes across really, really clear. So I urge you to make a little more effort just to listen to this audio with the background noise, and the small glitches, because you're going to get some really great takeaways from this episode and it's going to be worth your while.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • Beckster's interest and start in the business: learning the game (07:50)
  • Overview of Beckster's company and website Becksterlifestyle.com (15:07)
  • Beckster's coaching infield background (15:55)
  • The variety in Beckster's dating lifestyle (17:03)
  • Beckster reflects on his polyamorous relationship (20:45)
  • The kinds of things that have changed over time in the way Beckster views pickup: developing your "super natural game", merging the best of the natural game and the best of pickup game (24:53)
  • How Beckster helps guys develop their best self (32:30)
  • How Beckster's coaching has changed over time (33:38)
  • Can all guys develop the necessary pick up qualities? (33:57)
  • Teaching, managing, and assessing bootcamps (37:02)
  • How to connect with Beckster to learn about more about him and his work (42:25)
  • Recommendations for guys wanting to improve in dating, sex, and relationships (46:00)
  • Recommendations for quality advice in dating, sex, and relationships (49:30)
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Items Mentioned in this Episode include:

  • Beckster Lifestyle: Beckster's website devoted to changing attitudes and undoing some of the bad work in the pick up artist / seduction community, and helping others to become their most attractive self. Beckster Lifestyle also offers practical advice and evidence based techniques focusing on confidence, congruency, calibration, courage, and conviction.
  • The Cold Approach VIP Mystery & Beckster: Their Facebook group created as the first and only exceptional social skills group offering excellent and essential content (private group).
  • Beckster Lifestyle YouTube Channel: Beckster's YouTube channel offering training, tips, and advice.
  • periscope.tv/BecksterMPUA: Broadcasting and exploring the world through live video, in real-time.
  • Mystery (Erik von Markovik): Mystery is mentioned throughout the interview as a significant part of Beckster's pick up artist background, as well as being a partner in the dating / coaching industry. Beckster also recommends Mystery for his expertise and mastery of the game.
  • Neil Strauss: Neil was mentioned in the beginning of the interview regarding Beckster's start in the business and learning game. Neil was also referenced by Angel regarding managing relationships and his book The Truth.
  • The Game (Neil Strauss): This book is mentioned throughout the interview.
  • Adam Lyons: Beckster noted Adam Lyons for his mastery in pick up artistry while discussing how guys can develop the necessary pick up qualities. Beckster also recommends Adam for his advice in dating, sex, relationships, and polyamory.
  • Discovery: Beckster recommends Discovery for his ability to instill a regime when teaching and coaching.
  • Tyler/TD (Owen Cook): Beckster recommends Tyler for his determination and vast area of knowledge.

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