A lot of thinking was put into DSR's Rating System to ensure that it remains as objective and effective as possible at pointing you towards the products that will help you to build great dating skills the fastest.

The system relies on four areas to provide the most objective and useful information possible to users. For each we provide additional information on how we have set up DatingSkillsReview (DSR) to ensure the reliability of each of these.

What the Rating Numbers Mean

9.6 to 10.0 = 5 stars (Spectacular):

This exceedingly rare score is reserved for dating advice that is literally perfect. Everything about it represents solid advice that when applied will improve your success and relationships with women.

9.0 to 9.5 = 4.5 stars (Outstanding):
Dating advice that receives a rating in this range scores high on all of its rating criteria. It succeeds at meeting all of its intended users' needs and has no meaningful drawbacks.

8.0 to 8.9 = 4 stars (Excellent):
Dating advice that receives a rating in this range is superior in so many ways that its relatively few drawbacks are not very important.

7.0 to 7.9 = 3.5 stars (Very good):
While the strengths of dating advice scoring in this range certainly outweigh its weaknesses, it has some minor faults that certain users should be aware of.

6.0 to 6.9 = 3 stars (Good):
This range represents dating advice that is above average. Its strengths slightly outweigh its weaknesses, making it good for most uses but not a standout.

5.0 to 5.9 = 2.5 stars (Average):
Dating advice that scores in this range is functional but unremarkable.

4.0 to 4.9 = 2 stars (Mediocre):
Dating advice in this range is below average. It  falls in to the middle of the pack for most criteria, but suffers from a few additional major flaws.

3.0 to 3.9 = 1.5 stars (Poor):
You probably should not consider dating advice in this range or lower. There may be one or two specialized circumstances, however, that could justify the purchase of this dating advice for a very low price for a specific reason.

2.0 to 2.9 = 1 star (Terrible):
Dating advice that receives a rating in this range scores low on all of its rating criteria. It does not satisfy any of its intended users' needs and has no meaningful strengths.

1.0 to 1.9 = 1/2 star (Abysmal):
Dating advice in this range should never have been produced. This dating advice has no redeeming qualities and worse, may actually harm and sabotage your success with women.

Understanding the Ratings and Ranking System

A. The Ratings Criteria

Each product is rated according to five criteria. We have refined these down to the most important aspects of dating products. That is to say, each criteria provides insight into an aspect of the product's ability to support your acqusition of dating skills fast.

It is useful to look at the criteria in two groupings. These are:

  • 1. Content: Effectiveness, Ease of Implementation and Innovativeness are all evaluations of the Content in the product.
  • 2. Proposition: Packaging/ customer Service and value for money relate to the proposition. This is basically how a company had decided to market that content to you.

The written part of reviews is split into these two areas for simplicity. Written comments should discuss the most pertinent aspects of the criteria within each.
Dating Advice Review Criteria

Each of the five review criteria is explained in detail below:

  • Effectiveness: How effective is the content of the product? Does it make a big different to your dating techniques? Does it teach you things that really matter and make a difference in the dating arena? This is what effectiveness about. There is A LOT of dating skills material out there that is extremely effective. However, there is also a lot of material that is next to useless, or worse, that will actually decrease your success with women because it is wrong. Avoid products with low effectiveness scores like the plague, they will only hurt you!
  • Ease of implementation: Whilst content can be very effective, sometimes it isn't very practical because it is difficult to implement. As an example, highly sophisticated techniques may be very effective, but often they are very difficult to implement for the majority of people. As such, they end up not adding much value to your dating skills level or success with women. Aspects of content that support ease of implementation include the ability of instructors to relate it clearly, the level of sophisitication/ simplicity of the technique, the delivery of the content (i.e. easier to learn in one on one bootcamp with personal feedback etc.)
  • Innovativeness: The dating skills products market has become so large, that there are many overlapping products covering very similar material. There are also many companies that copy each others material, or base their material on that of others. The content that stands out from the rest is innovative. It adds something new to the knowledge on dating that has been developed. If a product has a high rating for innovativeness, you know that it will have new material, that even an experienced dater can learn something new from. (Clarification: A product that has a low innovativeness score isn't all bad. If a product has a high effectiveness rating, and a low innovativeness score it will still be very useful to you. Provided you haven't already learned the material it contains from another product. If it has a very low innovativeness score it is probable that it is a product that has been largely copied from some of the good products already out there.)
  • Packaging/ Customer Service: Whilst not an essential aspect of any product, the overall packaging of the product, how smoothly it is delivered to you, the customer service you receive and how aggressive the marketing is are also of interest to many users. Here, a low score, means that the company delivering the product is ultimately not good at business management and may not have your best interests at heart. So you are likely to have annoying issues such as receiving products late, slow response to inquiries or complaints, or being pushed into buying products or services you don't necessarily want. A high rating means that the dating company is a professional business, that delivers on its promise very effectively and they act like they have your best interests at heart. Your all round experience should be very smooth without frustrations and you will feel you get great value from your relationship with the dating company.
    (Clarification: Some companies, whilst not good at managing the business, may have very good quality content and material that is effective. Some users choose to overlook their less than perfect business management skills and put up with the annoyances. It is up to you how much importance you place on this criteria).
  • Value for Money: Product prices range from a few tens of dollars to thousands of dollars. Ultimately buying a product comes down to the value equation. Is what you are getting worth what you are paying. This criteria evaluates the overall value of the product against the price charged by the company for it. It is here to help you assess if you are getting a good deal for the money you pay.

B. How Rankings are Constructed

Since each of the ratings criteria above are arguably not equally important for the 'Average Ratings' calculation, weightings have been applied to each criteria to calculate the average rating. These are as follows:

Product Average Rating = Effectiveness (30%) + Ease of implementation (20%) + Innovativeness (20%) + Packaging/ Customer Service (10%) + Value for Money (20%)

As a result the average weighting is determined primarily by content related criteria (70%) with proposition making up the remainder. This reflects the fact that at the end of the day the most important thing is that the content helps you to improve your dating skillset regardless of the proposition through which it is offered.

The DSR Editor Rating and Reviews Process

The process by which the quality of Editor Reviews is ensured includes:
  • - Use of Experienced Editors: All DSR Editors have over 8 years experience in the field of Dating Skills, with a history of instructing themselves and are verified for the breadth and depth of their knowledge. Editors are only allowed to review products in domains within which they have 'advanced level' knowledge.
  • - Objectivity of Editors: Editors are prohibited from having any commercial interest in specific products, companies or instructors (e.g. he is not a product owner of a product reviewed on the site).
  • - Peer Reviewing: All reviews are submitted through a process through which a peer review takes place before their publication on the site. This means that all reviews are double checked by a different editor to the editor who originated the review to ensure their quality and accuracy.

Assuring 'Credibility' of User Ratings and Reviews

The DSR system includes the following functionality aimed at ensuring the quality of User Ratings and Reviews is as high (and therefore informative and useful to you) as possible:
  • - Voting of Usefulness of 'User Reviews': All user reviews can be voted on as 'useful' or 'not useful'. We encourage users to vote for any reviews they have read, as this helps the database to prioritize the most useful and credible reviews for you. You will notice a caption similar to '6 users found this review helpful' on user reviews.
  • - Monthly Editor Team Audit of 'User Reviews': The audit is carried out to determine that 'user reviews' are authentic and genuine or if they may be connected to misrepresentation. If we feel as a result of the review that a 'user review' is fraudulent in nature (e.g. are from users that have an incentive, or commercial relationship with the product owner) we will contact the user to investigate.
  • - IP Address Tracking: The site incorporates IP address tracking which limits the number of users to ONE for each computer (unique IP address) - thus preventing fraudsters from creating multiple user accounts to submit reviews from. The site does not allow the use of 'proxy servers' which would enable fraudsters to get round this fraud protection. IP tracking also allows us to track down any user accounts being investigated as a result of the Monthly Editor Team Audit of User Reviews to their source and gather more evidence as to the nature of their activities.
Warning: If anyone affiliated with a product company is caught submitting reviews for either its own or other company products their account will be suspended, and they risk their products being marked on DSR as originating fraudulent behavior on DSR).

Disclaimer - Product Information and Ratings Relevancy to Current Status of Products

DSR editor and user reviews reflect a review at a certain point in time. Some product owners modify certain aspects of their content (not very common) or their proposition (more common) over time. For instance the price of products can vary year by year or even month by month for some products. Whilst DSR makes efforts to ensure that the information on products in our database is up to date, it is your own responsibility to check that no changes have been made to products since the time of the last review. In particular before purchasing a product you should check the latest details of the product to ensure that you are buying what you expect to buy (i.e. the same content, proposition which was reviewed here).