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Last Updated: 26 May 2015

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Dating Skills Review Editors' Choice

Dating Skills Review Editors' Choice awards recognize dating advice for men of the highest quality.

They are strong recommendations for products that have advice which provide 'best of class' solutions for the specific challenges that you have and which address your most common questions.

This list will also, of course, be continually updated as our editors discover new exceptional products that are worthy of a recommendation.

Read more about Editors' Choice and how we select winners

Your Question Your Situation/ Challenge Your Needs Editors' Choice Commentary Other Products Reviewed Products Not Yet Reviewed
I Want Something Simple to Get Started. What Should I Get First? - Don't know where to start
- Have little to no success with women
- Don't know how to go about meeting women
- Learning how to meet more women
- Support and motivation to get you started
Say Hello This program focuses on meeting women and starting conversations in a fun and attractive way. Perfect for guys who deal with any kind of social anxiety or approach anxiety, it foucses on building your confidence and making meeting women fun. A lot of practical examples of here of what to say to meet women in any situation. - Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy
The Attraction Code
- Dating to Relating
- Real World Seduction 2.0
- Double Your Dating eBook
I Don't Understand What Attracts Women or How to Be Attractive. What Will Give Me the Best Understanding of Attraction? - Can talk to women but they always become friends
- Don't understand what attracts women
- Understanding how attraction works Make Women Want You (70%)
Models: Attract Women with Honesty (30%)
Start with "Make Women Want You" which gives you some hands on practical techniques to attract women. Once you've mastered those techniques, and are getting success and results (and ONLY then), you can move on to take a deeper look at attraction from both inner game (confidence) and practical external skills perspectives.

To do this move on to read "Models: Attract women with honesty". Models second book is a challenging and not so practical read, and should only be read by those already getting some results from the practical information. This will push you to reconsider how you look at the world and your life.
- Double Your Dating eBook
Date to Win
- Dating to Relating
- The Blueprint Decoded
- The Attraction Code
- Real World Seduction 2.0
How Do I Meet Girls in Bars and Clubs? - Don't know how to go about picking up girls in bars/ clubs
- Have little to no success at meeting women in bars/ clubs
- Understanding the basic structure of how to pick up women in bars
- Learning techniques for meeting and attracting women in bars
Magic Bullets Handbook or 3 Second Sexual Attraction or
These courses are all based on the original Mystery Method and provide comprehensive explanations of picking up women in bars and clubs.
3 Second Sexual Attraction may have a slight edge of the two older courses (Revelation, Magic Bullets) because it has more breadth and implementation details and contains some infield video footage you can learn from.
- Unbreakable N/A
How Do I Meet Girls During the Day? - You see a lot of attractive women during the day but don't know how to approach them
- You are only able to approach women in some situations during day (e.g. cafe) but not others and you miss opportunities
- Learning how to approach women in any situation (cafe, walking in street, events, shops)
- Learn the types of conversation and techniques you can use during the day to pick them up smoothly
Daygame BlueprintA very practical product using lots of real infield footage of men approaching and picking women up during the day to teach you step by step how to do it yourself.
Daytime Dating - Never Sleep Alone
Attraction Formula (Paul Janka)
Direct Dating Summit
How Do I Stop Girls Flaking on Me? - Women 'flake' on you a lot
- You get phone numbers from women but find it difficult to meet them again

- Learning how to make phone numbers more solid
- Learning how to use text, email and phone the best
The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game (90%)A great product that arrived on the market in 2010 with a far more complete solution than we've seen before.
- Magnetic Messaging
Guys Guide to Texting
- Ultimate Texting Guide
Flake Elimination Toolkit
- Text Game (Janka Method)
- The Text and Phone Game
No Flakes
- The Txt Book
- Love Systems Interview Series Volume 43 - Prevent Flaking
- Text Game (PUA Method)
- Text Game Secret
- Phone & Text Game
- Get the Date with Text Game

I've Studied a Lot But I'm Not Getting Better. What Do I Do Now? - Have studied a lot of dating and pick up advice but still don't get the results you want
- Have read a lot of dating and pick up advice, and have become overwhelmed (confused)
- Focus on doing things that will make a real difference to your results (rather than everything)  The Advanced Dating Strategies (80%),
or get a direct audit and mentoring from us in the Dating Skills Academy.
It is quite common for students of dating advice to read too much and get to the point where they are paralyzed. We previously recommended The 4 Elements of Game as it did a good job of helping you to focus and prioritize on just the few things that make most of the difference in the results you get. The Advanced Strategies is the 2nd product from the same company (Date Hotter Girls) and goes even further to helping you keep things simple and improve.

- The 4 Elements of Game (75%)
The Complete Game Seduction System
I Can't Approach Women to Talk to Them. How Do I Get Past This? - Get approach anxiety
- You are unable to cold approach women
- Too scared to approach women to start conversations
- Overcome inner fears about approaching women
- Learn new mindsets about approaching and meeting women
- Learn specific techniques to reduce 'anxiety' levels
Say Hello The product creator, Christian Hudson, walks you through how he got over his crippling fear of approaching women. Gives you practical steps to make meeting women much easier and examples of how to start a conversation and keep it flowing. Our highest rated product to date. - She's Six Steps Away
- The Complete Game Seduction System
- How to Beat Approach Anxiety
- Interview Series Vol 44. Overcoming Approach Anxiety
- Handling Female Tests and Approach Anxiety
- Tapping for PUAs
How Do I Make a Better First Impression? - Not making a good first impression on women
- Have no 'style'
- Feel you don't understand how to improve your image/ first impression
- Not getting compliments from women on your body (or having unattractive body)
- Not getting compliments from women on your image (clothes, hair etc.)
- Learn how to make your body the most attractive possible- Learn the basics of fashion and style
- Learn how to learn about fashion continuously
- Learn the basics of hygiene, and keeping your body pleasant for women (or much better)
Adonis Golden Ratio (50%)
51 Handsome Guy Secrets (50%)
We have yet to review a product that we believe provides a near complete solution, and can strongly recommend to you. However, if you don't get compliments on your body and fitness it is the first place to start - the best there is in that area is the Adonis Golden Ratio for getting a physically attractive body and 51 Handsome Guy Secrets for upgrading your style and fashion. - Seduce with Style 2.0
- Brad's Fashion Bible
- Dress for Success
- The Handsome Factor
- The Style Bible
- Men's Style
- Dressing the Man
- The Seventh Sense of Fashion
- Detail's Mens Style Manual
- Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
I Don't Believe in Myself. How Can I Build My Confidence? - Constantly questioning yourself thinking you are doing things wrong or are unsure
- Know what to do and when but have difficulty in just doing it
- Constantly talking to yourself in your head when you are around women (or just other people in general)
- When in a relationship with a woman you are constantly scared of losing her
- Unable to relax and enjoy the moment and be yourself
- Find yourself often 'settling' in life with the types of women you are dating which don't fit your real aspirations
- Learn how to stop the constant chatter and distracting 'questioning' in your head
- Gain the confidence to act when you need to
- Become more 'natural' and able to act in the moment
- Feel and know you deserve the attention of attractive women
- Have the confidence to go after what you really want in life and dating
Invincible Invincible is by far the most effective course we've reviewed to help you nail your confidence and inner game issues. Great for men who want to create deep and lasting change that'll lead to a more fulfilling and successful dating life. Highest overall editor and customer rating of any product on the site. The Power of Now
Collection of Confidence
- The Blueprint Decoded
- Secrets of Inner Game
How do I Improve my Sexual Performance and Have Better Sex?
- Feel uncomfortable with sex and not sure what to do
- Not sure if girls enjoy sex with you
- Feel like compared to other guys you aren't giving girl's as much pleasure
- Not sure if girl is having orgasm or she isn't having them
- Understanding women's sexual needs
- Learning techniques and approaches to giving women more sexual pleasure 
- Female Orgasm Blueprint for solid training on a wide range of techniques with demonstrations (50%).

- Language of Lust for the sexual psychology, mindsets and mental game of sex (50%)
These courses work well together, with the Female Orgasm Blueprint providing solid practical 'how to do it' visual demonstrations. This helps with implementation, especially for the less experienced. Language of Lust provides the all-important sexual psychology and mindsets that drive great sexual performance and connections with women and your own sexual satisfaction. - The Couple's Guide to Revolutionary Sex

- Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms
- Sexual Mastery
- Secret Orgasms Tips Course
- Female Orgasm Revealed
How Do I Fix a Sexual Concern I Have? - Sexual worries that you are embarrassed to talk about
- A concern about sex (or your body) that is inhibiting you
Diagnosing and finding a solution for your sexual concernRevolutionary Sex (70%) A large part of this ebook is dedicated to discussing in a very practical and direct manner the common sexual concerns that men have (size of penis, erectile dysfunction etc.). It is missing a thorough discussion of STDs to make complete. N/A N/A
How Do I Get a Girlfriend I'm Satisfied With? - Dating a lot, but never meet the right girls for a relationship
- When I meet girls that I see as girlfriend material it never works out
- I'm hooking up with girls but unable to turn that into girlfriend relationship
- I get to the girlfriend - boyfriend stage but these relationships don't last longer than a few months
- Understanding the process of getting a girlfriend and how it differs from casual less committed relationships
- Understanding how to recognize women with potential for longer term relationships
- Girlfriend Activation System (Girlfriend System)This is an excellent product to work towards getting a successful girlfriend relationship, as it covers where most men go wrong, gives you the tough realities, and a plan with details how to work towards that great relationship you want.

Note: Relationships are very complicated and whilst this program is ideal to set you up to get that girlfriend, improving the quality of your relationships is a longer term goal that goes deep and wide. See the reference below on improving relationships for more info (once you have them).
- Relationship Management N/A
How Do I Have Better Relationships with Women? - Relationships never last very long or are unstable
- Lack of experience in long term relationships
- Relationships are unsatisfactory and don't meet expectations
- Understanding the requirements for long term relationship stability
- Understanding how to improve the health of relationships
- Developing stronger, deeper and more intimate relationships  
- Models: Attract Women with Honesty (35%)
- The Way of the Superior Man (15%) 
-The Desire System (50%)
The area of relationships still has a long way to go with respect to advice. There is certainly some very good advice that exists, but it is fragmented across the whole dating advice market. There is no product that combines the knowledge into a very solid product.
As a result we are recommending a few products that do the best job.
Models: Attract Women with Honesty has some good 'long term' insights into how to develop yourself so that you are able to sustain healthy relationships.
The Way of the Superior Man should be read by every man, however, its advice is at times a bit cryptic and not easy to apply. It also only covers a small part of relationships.
David Tian's The Desire System contains very mature advice on evolving your ability to be emotional and have your emotions work for you in relationships.
- Relationship Management
-Become Mr. Right
How Do I Get My Ex-Girlfriend Back? - You girlfriend has just dumped you (end the relationship) and you want her back
- You want to get into a relationship with an ex-girlfriend
- Understand why the relationship ended and what was within your control (and not)
- Learn best approach to ensure that the relationship doesn't become irreparable (e.g. hate, disrespect etc.)
- Learn best approach to reattract a girlfriend that has lost interest with you
- Text Your Ex BackGetting your ex back is one of the hardest topics to cover effectively in a product, because there are many reasons the relationship may have ended. A lot of products give one-size-fits-all advice, which is a mistake. The only program we've reviewed that doesn't do this and we can comfortably recommend is Text Your Ex Back. If there's a chance of salvaging your relationship, this product will be your best bet.
- Ex Back System
- Magic of Making Up
- Break Up Reversed
- How to Get Your Ex Back
- How to Get an Ex Back in 30 Days or Less
How Can I Use Online Dating to Meet Women? - Interested in meeting women online  but don't know how to go about it
- Have tried online dating but unable to get responses
- Have tried online dating but haven't been able to meet appropriate women (e.g. you are attracted to or interested in or have some relationship expectations)
- Learn how to set up an attractive profile that will get response from women
- Learn which online dating sites or social sites are most appropriate for you
- Learn how to contact women to generate a maximum response rate
- Learn how to move the communication offline to meeting her
The Click Magnet Dating System (good for beginners)

Conquer Tinder (Tinder and similar apps)

The Gentleman's Guide to Online Dating (better for advanced guys)
Click Magnet Dating System is a thorough system for getting dates from online dating websites efficiently. Great to get started with, and practical to implement.

If you want to use the "Tinder App" specifically, it's a little different, so "Conquer Tinder" will help you.
If you feel you need more after that, The Gentleman's Guide to Online Dating is a broader course with some additional material that you can apply to more varied situations.
Secrets of Online Dating
- Facebook Seduction System
- Insider Internet Dating
- Meeting Women Online
How Do I Have Multiple Relationships with Women? - Interested but have no idea how to go about having multiple relationships, friends with benefits or other poly amorous types of relationships
- Have some form of multiple relationship but is not working for you or the women involved are not happy with it
- Learn how to understand what the women involved will and won't accept (or want)
- Learn how to manage the relationships to minimize conflicts
- Learn about the realities of having relationships with multiple women
- The NSA System: The Top Secret Guide to Finding And Keeping Multiple Girls (70%)We have yet to find a product that we believe provides a near complete solution, and can strongly recommend to you. However, the NSA System is a good product that gives practical advice on a particular system that is the most appropriate for the majority of women. - The NSA System: The Top Secret Guide to Finding And Keeping Multiple Girls
- Relationship Management
- The Secret to Dating Multiple Girlfriends
- The Ethical Slut
- Threesome
- Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships
How Can I Build a Great Dating Lifestyle? - Want to get access to the highest quality women and make it easier to attract them
- Want to reduce the time you invest in meeting women
- Feel that you have some unhealthy unsocial habits because of over use of 'cold approach'
- Learn how to build your social circle
- Learn what your goals for a social circle need to be for it to improve your dating lifestyle
- Learn how to game women in your social circles without damaging them
The Social God System (Beginner to intermediate)

Social Circle Mastery DVD (Advanced only)
The Social God System is the most practical system for improving your social life, so we recommend this to build a better social lifestyle.

The Social Circle Mastery course based on Love Systems' seminars is an excellent guide to building a great dating lifestyle, but is a lot more complex - so we suggest this for the 'advanced level' users.
- The One(der)System: Man's Guide to Getting Your 100% Perfect Girl
- Social Circle Mastery Seminar
- Conquer Your Campus
- The Social Domination Blueprint
- Lifestyle Seduction
House Party PUA
- Interview Series Vol. 20: Social Circle Game
- The College Code
I Do Really Well with Some Women, But Awful with Others. How Do I Do As Well with All Women? - Have been treating all women the same so far
- Frustrated because things don't work with some women that you like and you don't understand why
- Aren't able to observe or calibrate to the different attitudes women have towards dating
- Learn to understand and see the important differences between types of women
- Learn how different types of women respond differently to different approaches
- Learn how to calibrate your approach and actions that work the best with the women you are interested in
Pandora's Box System (65%)We have not found an ideal product for this yet, however the Pandora's Box system was created to fix this issue. It contains a very clear structure that men with experience can use to understand and fix this issue. - Dating to Relating - from A to Z No others currently.
Should I Use a Different Approach with Asian Women? - Specifically interested in dating Asian women
- Frustrated because dating skills you use in West don't seem relevant in the East
- Learn the cultural differences of Asian women
- Adapt your dating skills to work with Asian women
- Learn what you should expect from dating Asian women
Japanese Girls - The Guide (for Japanese women only)We have not found a highly recommended program to teach about Asian women in general however the Japanese Girls Guide is an excellent introduction into "specifically" Japanese women culture and how it affects dating. Some of the material, but not all is relevant to Asians of other nationality. Also check out our dating asian women ranking. - Secrets of Dating Asian Women (Dean Cortez)
- How to Get All the Korean Women You Ever Wanted
- Asian Magnet 101
- Pick Up and Seduce Japanese Girls
- How to Hook Up with Asian Girls
- Unlocking the Secrets to Asian Women
I Run Out of Things to Say When I'm Talking to Women - Often run out of things to say when talking to women
- Unable to talk naturally with women without using 'routines' or 'pick up lines'
- Learn what the causes of running out of things to say are and understand why they happen
- Learn conversation approaches that bring out your best conversation
- Learn tricks and tools to use in tough spots when you can't think of anything to say
Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy This is a great product that tackles all the 'causes' of running out of things to say, and gives you simple tools to tackle them with a bit of work and many examples. - Secrets of 5 Minute Chemistry
- The Conversation Cure
- Bullet Proof Banter: Be the Guy that Always Knows What to Say
- Pimp Your Lingo: Advanced Conversation Skills Training for Men
The 10 Hook Lead System: Master the Art of Conversation
I can't make a move on women. How do I get comfortable with escalating sexually (touch, kiss, taking home)? - Get dates with women, but it rarely gets physical (kissing, making out, more)
- Women are often into me, but it doesn't go further than conversation and the windows of opportunity eventually shut
- Learn how to sexualize the interaction with women
- Learn when and how to make moves with women (touching, kissing, sexual escalation)
- Learn how to deal with fear of physical rejection by women
77 Ways to Make Her Want to F%$k You Solid program with lots of practical tips on getting past sexual inhibitions and on how to make your move with women. - N/A - N/A