Marcus London

Marcus London
Marcus London is a famous British porn star with about 120 movies to his name.

He recently joined 2 Girls Teach Sex for a product on Squirting Orgasm Mastery.

Marcus calls himself the “king of squirting” and also teaches a course in how to get a woman to squirt during an orgasm.

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Personal Data

Commercial Alias Name: Marcus London

Real Name: Marcus London

Nationality: British

Date of Birth: January 15, 1968 (Age 56)

Height: 5"11


  • Sex Coach
  • Porn Star

Affiliated Dating Companies: 2 Girls Teach Sex

Web Presences

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Facebook profile:

Trademark Advice

Known for advice on squirting orgasms in particular which is something he has been very well known for in the porn movie industry.


Personal Life

Marcus London worked as a barman in his younger years and later managed and ran his own strip clubs. He started work in the porn industry in 2005.

Marcus married with another porn star, Devon Lee, in 2007 in Las Vegas. They had known each other for 8 months, and originally met in the Cheesecake Factory. He says he had never thought of marrying a girl before but he realized that Devon was so cool and he didn't think he'd every meet anyone like that again - this changed his mind.

Sex Education Career

Marcus got involved in sex education through the company 2 Girls Teach Sex (2GTS) who sought him out to work on a 'squirting mastery' video series to teach men how to make women squirt.

Marcus has been known in the porn industry as "The Squirt Instructor" due to his ability to make women squirt. Prior to working with 2 Girls Teach Sex specifically on creating a squirting course he appeared in videos making a variety of porn actresses, some among the most famous - squirt. For example, Tanya Tate.

In 2011 Marcus worked with the 2 Girls Teach Sex team on the Squirting Mastery video set which has become hugely popular.

Marcus London's Credentials & Experience

In 2012 Marcus said he had slept with 1,400 women in his lifetime. He says 600 to 700 of these women were for work as a porn movie actor. The rest of the women were thanks to a very active sex life while he was young working as a barman, and due to his later active open sex lifestyle (swinger clubs etc.).

He has been in a relationship with porn actress Devon Lee since 2006 and they got married in 2007. They remain married today.

Relevant Qualifications & Awards

  • 2007 AVN (Adult Video News) Award – Best Oral Sex Scene (for the film "FUCK")
  • 2010 AVN (Adult Video News) Award – Best Group Sex Scene (for the film "2040")

Books, Courses and Coaching & Marcus London Reviews

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