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Like the Honest Approach that the Reviewers Take

I like the honest approach that the reviewers take when it comes to rating these books and guides. It's really helpful when there's an entire world of information out there.

I applaud your work. Well done. Enjoy the karma headed your way!

I stumbled upon this site on accident, I'm not sure how, but I'm sure glad I did! You guys are amazing, what a fantastic job you've done here! And all for free? Another reason to appreciate the internet's capability of expanding human communication. This is truly a service to humanity and I applaud your work. Well done. Enjoy the karma headed your way!!!

Excellent Service for Personal Growth

You provide an excellent service for personal growth in a key area of life!

I Wish More Websites Would Make Products as Easy to Find as Your Site Does

I really like the layout. Everything was in an orderly fashion, and was easy to find. I wish more websites would make their products as easy to find as your site does. Keep up the good work. However, some of your products are a bit pricey though. Nevertheless, some of your other products are at a great low price. Thanks.

The Sheer Comprehensiveness of it

What I value most about this site is the sheer comprehensiveness of it. I've been checking it out for a while (after stumbling on it accidentally) and I'm impressed by the sheer volume of information. Also, the layout and functionality is quite high. Kudos to your IT department.

The Reviewer Knows What He's Talking About

I like the full in-depth reviews of the products with additional user reviews. The site reviewer knows what he's talking about! That's also GREAT if there's a small comparison to other similar products inside the review.

I'll Certainly Visit this Site More!

I can tell this is an independent site. That is very important when you want to compare and research just how good a product is. I'll certainly visit this site more!

Helps Guys Like Me Who Have Trouble with Women

Helps guys like me who have trouble with women. It's great that someone out there is willing to help instead of be competitive.

Dating Skills Review a lot More Reliable

Very useful, one can read reviews and even negative ones, that some dating sites, wouldn't put on their site. It makes Dating Skills Review a lot more reliable.

The sheer amount of information and clarity of the reviews.

The sheer amount of information and clarity of the reviews. Not many review sites are that organized and detailed on product reviews and mostly rely on people who bought the material and used them themselves. Those people can be inexperienced themselves and not able to give realistic reviews.

Objective Evaluation of Dating Advice

Dating Skills Review gives us an objective evaluation of the dating advice material offered. The fact that a lot of people that actually used it vote for it making a statistical score. Statistics don't lie.

Thank You for Such a Great Site

Dating Skills Review makes it all very clear and there is an amazing amount of information. The reviews and comparisons make it amazing. I thank you for such a great site.

Saved Me Time and Effort

Dating Skills Review has saved me time and effort re-inventing the wheel.

First I read reviews of products that I already have, just to get a baseline. Then I read the reviews of products that I was thinking about buying. This is similar to what I do on Amazon or with Consumer Reports.

Editor Reviews are Excellent

Dating Skills Review's Top 10 and Top 5 lists are useful for learning about what some of the most worth-while products are out there.

The Editor reviews are excellent.

It Saves Me Time

This site synthesizes a lot of knowledge, similar to amazon.com reviews. It saves me time.

Wish I Had Discovered this Years Ago

The best things about Dating Skills Review.. I'd have to say your [Free Dating Advice & Resources] and the recommendations in the Optimum Learning Video. I wish I had discovered this years ago!

Very Detailed & Comprehensive

Very clean design, very detailed & comprehensive. I see a lot of potential here.

Has Products I Wouldn't Be Aware of Otherwise

It's a good collection of the information out there. It contains products that I would not be aware of otherwise.

Excellent Work!

The reviews seeem to be very honestly critical, rather than biased in order to get a fat affiliate cheque. Also, the reviews are extremely thorough. Excellent work!

Like your Honest Reviews

I like your honest reviews. I have made the decision to buy Revelation by Mystery.

All Sources for Dating Skills Improvement

I love the unbiased approach to all sources for dating skils improvement... keep it that way.

Honest Reviews of Products

I really value that the reviews are not biased or trying to sell things, but just an honest review about the products!

I Have Had More Success in 4 Months than 2 Years!

The most useful things on the site are the Editor's Rating for products and the Fast Track Dating Manual. This site opened my eyes because I have tried doc love 's System(askmen.com) for 2 years and I failed to have the success I wanted with women. But with this site and after I study some of the products you suggest now I have had more success in 4 months! Thank you.

Useful in Decision Making

I like the layout with simple and uncomplicated layout and reviews from users and reviewers as I find it useful in decision making and dont trust brand instructor sites.

Thank you for helping us men

I just want to say thank you for helping us men improve our social skills and lovelife. Your site is definitely useful. Peace