Ep. #88 Top Strategies to Navigate the Sexual Marketplace

#88 Top Strategies to Navigate the Sexual Marketplace with Susan Walsh

May 04, 2015


  • Susan's background and how she started her blog (03:17)
  • Top concerns from men and women related to hooking up, including the definition of "hooking up" (09:45)
  • Why men in college worry about being a virgin and the pressure to sleep with women, including societal pressures and changes that affect their sexual behavior (19:15)
  • Top concerns for women in college when it comes to having sex, and what they are being told by men to hook up (22:50)
  • The dominant concept: the principle of least interest (whoever cares less has the most power) (28:00)
  • The pressure to consume alcohol in order to be comfortable in sexually social e…
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Ep. #87 Navigating the World of BDSM

#87 Navigating the World of BDSM with Lee Harrington

April 29, 2015


  • Lee's is current relationship and where he's at in his own life regarding dating, sex, and relationships (03:35)
  • What sparked Lee's interest in BDSM and kink, and his introduction into it (04:23)
  • An overview of BDSM and kink, and their variety of preferences (06:59)
  • BDSM and kink becoming more mainstream and its relevance to a mainstream audience, as well as the importance of communication and 'consent' (10:10)
  • Navigating the boundaries of the "extreme" in BDSM and kink as a way of developing and improving your relationships, even if deciding there are experiences that are not for you (15:22)
  • Finding ways to introduce …
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Ep. #86 Can a Tony Robbins Seminar Help You with Women?

#86 Can a Tony Robbins Seminar Help You with Women? with David Tian

April 24, 2015


  • [At the time of this podcast recording] David is currently in London to attend the Tony Robbins seminar: Unleash The Power Within (02:40)
  • The biggest problem guys have when it comes to dating, sex, and relationships is about "change" (03:46)
  • Defining yourself in terms of who you are and how it affects your processes (10:28)
  • Taking action and responsibility in your life (14:03)
  • Fractionation: taking someone out of state and bringing them back in deeper (for great inner game training) (16:03)
  • When people feel dissatisfied, without feeling enough negative emotion to take action: no man's land (19:53)
  • The …
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Ep. #85 How to Avoid Relationship Drama (in a Polyamorous or Monogamous Relationship)

#85 How to Avoid Relationship Drama (in a Polyamorous or Monogamous Relationship) with Minx

April 17, 2015


  • Minx' background and dating lifestyle (03:50)
  • Dealing with relationship drama in polyamory and developing a level of self-awareness (10:08)
  • How a man can tell if it's his emotions that are generating a woman's dramatic response versus hers (16:47)
  • Minx discusses her user manual called: RTFM (Read The Fucking Manual) and how men can create the same in order to learn more about themselves, and make that more concrete (17:38)
  • Introducing your user manual to your partner (21:02)
  • Feedback from people that have created their own user manual (24:34)
  • The comfort level of being honest and direct when talking to…
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Ep. #84 The Dating Challenges of High Net-Worth Individuals

#84 The Dating Challenges of High Net-Worth Individuals with Amy Andersen

April 10, 2015


  • Amy's background, her beginnings in Silicon Valley, and discovering her date matchmaking niche (03:53)
  • Changes that have taken place in the dating environment over time (06:20)
  • How matchmaking works and the difference between matchmaking and using online dating apps (07:50)
  • The demographics of Amy's matchmaking clients (11:22)
  • The social resource challenges of high net-worth men in dating (13:12)
  • Preliminary stages of the matchmaking process (15:58)
  • How Amy matches her male clients with women: understanding a man's physical type (20:55)
  • The work involved in building a picture of what a…
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Ep. #83 Making Relationships Work Over the Long Term

#83 Making Relationships Work Over the Long Term with Scot McKay

March 27, 2015


  • The type of relationship Scot is currently involved in: marriage and family life (02:40)
  • Seeing the value in building yourself and ideas to get guys motivated to see that long-term value (08:30)
  • How to make relationships work over the long term and the biggest challenges (20:00)
  • What does leadership look like on a daily basis in a relationship? (25:34)
  • Taking responsibility for your own happiness instead of putting that responsibility on the woman you are with (35:33)
  • Navigating conflicts and arguments in a way that is healthy for a relationship (37:53)
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Ep. #82 Q&A: If You Never Meet Attractive Women

#82 Q&A: If You Never Meet Attractive Women

March 21, 2015


  • It's a good idea to look at your libido and have your testosterone levels checked to see if they are low. Low testosterone levels may be a specific issue related to a guy's inner game, confidence, and being masculine and sexual in general. (03:24)
  • It's actually okay not to be attracted to 90% of women. It could depend on the types of women located in a particular area, city, or region. In addition, men need to own their sexual expression instead of relying on false impressions and expectations of what the kinds of women they should be attracted to. (10:06)
  • Tips on how to own your sexuality and develop your self awareness. (21:45)
  • How valuable is …
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Ep. #81 15 Years of "The Game", Prizing and Masculine Polarity

#81 15 Years of

March 14, 2015


  • Swinggcat has been a central figure in the game since it was introduced. He talks about how it affected his life when the book "The Game" was published (04:45)
  • Swinggcat's background and his introduction into the game (05:34)
  • When and how Swinggcat's own style emerged (16:28)
  • How conventional courtship differs from how a lot of people have chosen to court someone in our current time (20:52)
  • A discussion on instilling social communication skills and its affect on sexuality and interacting with women (26:30)
  • An explanation of having a proactive sense of entitlement (29:00)
  • Masculine Polarity: one of Swin…
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Ep. #80 Orgasmic Meditation

Ep. #80 Orgasmic Meditation with Toni

March 07, 2015


  • What is orgasmic meditation? (05:07)
  • How Toni views orgasmic meditation (OM, OMing) compared to normal sexual activities in terms of having to let go of your perceived mindset (08:13)
  • What is an OM circle? (12:22)
  • Toni's first steps and entrance into OM (14:55)
  • What guys can get out of the OMing practice (25:10)
  • Whether or not the experience of OMing depends on the dynamics of the couple involved, or on what's going on in your personal life, or other things (29:30)
  • The benefits of OMing for women (32:50)
  • The OM lifestyle and the frequency of doing OM (37:00)
  • Downsides …
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Ep. #79 A Porn Director's View on the Industry, Sex and Relationships

Ep. #79 A Porn Director's View on the Industry, Sex and Relationships with Dave Pounder

February 21, 2015


  • A discussion of Dave's book and documentary (04:05)
  • Dave's personal dating background (05:13)
  • Evolutionary Psychology as a powerful means of viewing male and female interactions, why people behave the way they do, and conspicuous consumption to increase mating opportunities (06:45)
  • Taking a step back to look at Dave's lifestyle and views on dating and relationships (26:40)
  • A background on the swinging environment: striking a balance (39:00)
  • Intuition in infidelity and the desire to explore sexual variety (49:10)
  • The porn star lifestyle and Dave's involvement in the industry (01:00:22)

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