Ep. #83 Making Relationships Work Over the Long Term

#83 Making Relationships Work Over the Long Term with Scot McKay

March 27, 2015


  • The type of relationship Scot is currently involved in: marriage and family life (02:40)
  • Seeing the value in building yourself and ideas to get guys motivated to see that long-term value (08:30)
  • How to make relationships work over the long term and the biggest challenges (20:00)
  • What does leadership look like on a daily basis in a relationship? (25:34)
  • Taking responsibility for your own happiness instead of putting that responsibility on the woman you are with (35:33)
  • Navigating conflicts and arguments in a way that is healthy for a relationship (37:53)
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Ep. #82 Q&A: If You Never Meet Attractive Women

#82 Q&A: If You Never Meet Attractive Women

March 21, 2015


  • It's a good idea to look at your libido and have your testosterone levels checked to see if they are low. Low testosterone levels may be a specific issue related to a guy's inner game, confidence, and being masculine and sexual in general. (03:24)
  • It's actually okay not to be attracted to 90% of women. It could depend on the types of women located in a particular area, city, or region. In addition, men need to own their sexual expression instead of relying on false impressions and expectations of what the kinds of women they should be attracted to. (10:06)
  • Tips on how to own your sexuality and develop your self awareness. (21:45)
  • How valuable is …
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Ep. #81 15 Years of "The Game", Prizing and Masculine Polarity

#81 15 Years of

March 14, 2015


  • Swinggcat has been a central figure in the game since it was introduced. He talks about how it affected his life when the book "The Game" was published (04:45)
  • Swinggcat's background and his introduction into the game (05:34)
  • When and how Swinggcat's own style emerged (16:28)
  • How conventional courtship differs from how a lot of people have chosen to court someone in our current time (20:52)
  • A discussion on instilling social communication skills and its affect on sexuality and interacting with women (26:30)
  • An explanation of having a proactive sense of entitlement (29:00)
  • Masculine Polarity: one of Swin…
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Ep. #80 Orgasmic Meditation

Ep. #80 Orgasmic Meditation with Toni

March 07, 2015


  • What is orgasmic meditation? (05:07)
  • How Toni views orgasmic meditation (OM, OMing) compared to normal sexual activities in terms of having to let go of your perceived mindset (08:13)
  • What is an OM circle? (12:22)
  • Toni's first steps and entrance into OM (14:55)
  • What guys can get out of the OMing practice (25:10)
  • Whether or not the experience of OMing depends on the dynamics of the couple involved, or on what's going on in your personal life, or other things (29:30)
  • The benefits of OMing for women (32:50)
  • The OM lifestyle and the frequency of doing OM (37:00)
  • Downsides …
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Ep. #79 A Porn Director's View on the Industry, Sex and Relationships

Ep. #79 A Porn Director's View on the Industry, Sex and Relationships with Dave Pounder

February 21, 2015


  • A discussion of Dave's book and documentary (04:05)
  • Dave's personal dating background (05:13)
  • Evolutionary Psychology as a powerful means of viewing male and female interactions, why people behave the way they do, and conspicuous consumption to increase mating opportunities (06:45)
  • Taking a step back to look at Dave's lifestyle and views on dating and relationships (26:40)
  • A background on the swinging environment: striking a balance (39:00)
  • Intuition in infidelity and the desire to explore sexual variety (49:10)
  • The porn star lifestyle and Dave's involvement in the industry (01:00:22)

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Ep. #78 Relationship Decisions: From Marriage, to Open Marriage, to 2 Girlfriends

Ep. #78 Relationship Decisions: From Marriage, to Open Marriage, to 2 Girlfriends with Adam Lyons

February 17, 2015


  • Adam's beginnings in L.A. (04:45)
  • Adam's background story and new changes in his life (06:37)
  • How Adam entered into a relationship with two women (27:22)
  • Taking people from your social life or social circle into your dating life (40:25)
  • Why you should embrace "let's be friends" and release your fears of the friend zone (50:55)
  • Recommendations for high quality advice in social lifestyle, dating, sex, and relationships (55:33)
  • Top three recommendations to help men get results as fast as possible in Game and with women (01:00:20)

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Ep. #77 Design a Social Life That Brings Great Women into Your Life

Ep. #77 Design a Social Life That Brings Great Women into Your Life with Greg C. Greenway

February 03, 2015


  • Greg's background: highlights and start into the social lifestyle (04:55)
  • The importance of hitting rock bottom as the biggest driver to creating your best life (12:50)
  • Keeping focus in various aspects of your life (17:00)
  • Greg's dating lifestyle and determining your own dating lifestyle (19:40)
  • The cold approach versus social circle seduction, and creating a social circle life that attracts others into it (26:10)
  • Redesigning your social lifestyle and how to do it (35:20)
  • Transitioning from social circle friends to dating: paying attention to sexual attention and arousal (48:00)
  • Avoidi…
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Ep. #76 Hacking Your Handsomeness

Ep. #76 Hacking Your Handsomeness with Ryan Magin

December 29, 2014


  • Ryan's background and his introduction into fashion and men's style (05:06)
  • Ryan's experiences of the types of women he attracted based on how he dressed (10:30)
  • Staying one step above every other guy in fashion and style (14:28)
  • Finding comfort in changing and improving your style while dealing with social pressures (16:15)
  • Calibrating how you dress to the environment you are in (20:26)
  • Tips for helping guys take the first step into changing the way they dress and how dressing better will have a positive effect in various areas of your life (24:45)
  • First impressions based on style, fashion, and groomi…
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Ep. #75 The Role of Intelligence in Mating and Relationships

Ep. #75 The Role of Intelligence in Mating and Relationships with Glenn Geher

December 17, 2014


  • Glenn's perspective on his area of science in comparison to Geoffrey Miller's area of science (evolutionary psychology) (05:23)
  • Factors of human relationships and issues of mating in understanding how evolution can help us understand relationships: Is it from a nature as opposed to a nurture perspective that is imbedded in us and cannot be changed? (06:10)
  • Does intelligence play a role in attractiveness and mating outcomes or results, or success with dating, relationships, and sex? (11:20)
  • Intra-sexual selection: how members of the same sex (according to Darwin) compete with each other for a member of the opposite sex (16:40)
  • The reali…
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Ep. #74 Avoiding and Leaving the Wrong Relationships

Ep. #74 Avoiding and Leaving the Wrong Relationships with Jesse Owen PhD

December 05, 2014


  • Jesse provides an idea of his perspectives and how he approaches the whole subject of dating, sex, and relationships (08:15)
  • A comparison of evolutionary biology or evolutionary psychology to what Jesse does (08:42)
  • Jesse's personal background in dating, sex, and relationships (10:25)
  • Jesse's own bi-racial / bi-cultural perspective that he brings to his work and how his scientific work has influenced the way he looks at relationships in life (11:00)
  • Advice to podcast listeners regarding cultural or parental relationship pressures (12:52)
  • An overview of where Jesse's research started in the area of the settling dynamic …
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