Ep. #72 Casual Hookups vs. Committed Relationships

Ep. #72 Casual Hookups vs. Committed Relationships with Justin Lehmiller PhD

November 11, 2014


  • Justin's scientific background (03:05)
  • Self report surveys in social studies used to assess people's sexual interests and their reliability in affecting the quality of sex research (08:05)
  • Verifying external sex related data to validate research (11:55)
  • Justin's confidence in his research results and how research studies are perceived (14:05)
  • Repressing aspects of your sexuality through self-control and how it affects your sexual decisions and actions in other ways related to, for example, online sexual searching, pornography, and physical intimacy (18:30)
  • Sexual fantasies and how much they evolve due to repression or …
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Ep. #71 Recovering a Relationship after Cheating

Ep. #71 Recovering a Relationship after Cheating with Dr. Tammy Nelson

October 21, 2014


  • Overview of Tammy's background (03:10)
  • Redefining the standard monogamy relationship and potentially evolving the way we have marriage and long-term serious relationships (10:00)
  • Reasons and excuses why people have an affair (14:15)
  • Differences between men and women regarding the types of reasons they have affairs (19:00)
  • Changing a long-term non-monogamous lifestyle and behaviors towards monogamy (21:30)
  • The three parts of an affair and the importance of each of them: emotional, sexual, dishonesty (25:05)
  • Negotiating transparency in communication when entering into and sustaining a monogamous relation…
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Ep. #70 Masculinity in a Modern World

Ep. #70 Masculinity in a Modern World with Jack Donovan

September 26, 2014


  • Jack's views of the state of masculinity today (05:28)
  • The need for masculinity and the negative impacts of not being masculine (06:35)
  • Some of the biggest things confusing our masculinity today (10:07)
  • Men have to develop their individual purpose as well as dealing within groups of men to define their masculinity (14:46)
  • Modern masculinity as being able to see the value in different approaches and skillsets as apposed to diminishing other groups because they are different (22:10)
  • Useful things / values to have as a basis for developing tribes and relational groups (27:25)
  • Challenging yourself for masc…
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Ep. #69 Arousing Women Holistically

Ep. #69 Arousing Women Holistically with Sheri Winston

September 13, 2014


  • Sheri's background, where she is in life, and her sexual journey (03:13)
  • Sex positive culture versus sex negative culture (07:25)
  • The use of language when talking about genitals / genitalia, sexual talk in bed, and societies' current sexual language limitations (14:11)
  • What Sheri calls the pussy cat energy, and understanding the female network of the vagina (22:10)
  • Arousal as an ultra state of consciousness towards enhancing sexual experiences (33:11)
  • How women develop their awareness of their bodies (37:30)
  • Encouraging self-pleasure and how to approach the topic in supportive ways (41:55)

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Ep. #68 The Psychological Well-being of Casual Sex

Ep. #68 The Psychological Well-being of Casual Sex with Zhana Vrangalova, PhD

September 09, 2014


  • What is the Casual Sex Project and how did it develop? (03:25)
  • The truth in posting on the Casual Sex Project site (06:08)
  • Where Zhana fits into the world of science on dating, sex, and relationships (11:24)
  • Different perspectives within the scientific community that contribute to sexuality (12:58)
  • Zhana's personal background and current dating / relationship lifestyle (14:48)
  • What exactly is casual sex and why people have it? (15:52)
  • Online dating and casual sex, and societies' acceptance of it (18:35)
  • Post preventive AIDs HIV measures as a result of unprotected casual sex (24:11)<…
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Ep. #67 The State of Evolutionary Psychology and The Mating Mind

Ep. #67 The State of Evolutionary Psychology and the Mating Mind with Geoffrey Miller

August 31, 2014


  • Geoffrey's background, and how his research and understandings filtered into his choices (04:37)
  • Evolutionary Psychology: a summary and the meaning according to Geoffrey (08:26)
  • Other perspectives of evolutionary psychology (10:18)
  • The research of Kinsey and Masters on sexuality (11:40)
  • Is evolutionary psychology the main area of science today that looks at dating, sex, and relationships? (12:57)
  • The main themes of evolutionary psychology (14:17)
  • An overview of evolutionary psychology and its evolution (15:20)
  • What the research studies are based on and the approach (19:15)

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Ep. #66 Keeping Marriage and Other Very Long Term Relationships Alive

Ep. #66 Keeping Marriage and Other Very Long Term Relationships Alive with Athol Kay

August 15, 2014


  • Athol's origins (03:58)
  • Athol's introduction into relationship advice based on his own relationship (05:20)
  • Athol's personal background and meeting his future wife (07:08)
  • Keeping focus on his long distance relationship (10:05)
  • Athol's sexual life with his wife (see correction in introduction) (13:00)
  • Is marriage different compared to any other very long-term relationship? (14:55)
  • The positives and negatives of marriage versus a long-term relationship (16:33)
  • Why should marriage be a consideration when in a long-term relationship? (17:40)
  • Scenarios in which marriage sh…
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Ep. #65 Getting Started with Ethical Polyamory

Ep. #65 Getting Started with Ethical Polyamory with Janet Hardy

August 09, 2014


  • Janet's background and her beginnings into polyamory (05:55)
  • The success of The Ethical Slut, co-authored with Dossie Easton (07:52)
  • Janet's relationship and lifestyle today (08:33)
  • The number of Janet's relationships and whether or not they can be categorized (10:05)
  • Making the difference between love chemistry versus longer term love (11:00)
  • The background of polyamory (12:00)
  • Main ways that people get involved in polyamory (13:47)
  • How polyamory has changed over time (14:53)
  • Is polyamory more widely accepted today? (16:23)
  • What drives the negativity…
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Ep. #64 Hacking Tinder to Get More Dates

Ep. #64 Hacking Tinder to Get More Dates with Chris Harders

August 01, 2014


  • Chris' background and what he did before starting to give dating advice (04:58)
  • How Chris ended up being a virgin until the age of 23 (06:00)
  • Chris talks about living in a project house for date coaching and mentoring, and the highlights (10:40)
  • Transitioning from consulting to promoter, to getting involved with the Tinder app (17:05)
  • How the demographics of Tinder have broadened (21:00)
  • Is Tinder more of a casual dating app or for something more serious? (21:56)
  • Looking at the context of the girls, the situations, and why and how they are using Tinder (23:40)
  • How Tinder is different …
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Ep. #63 How to Sexualize Conversations

Ep. #63 How to Sexualize Conversations with Jonathan Lee (Jon Sinn)

July 24, 2014


  • What is a sexualized conversation? (03:25)
  • Making the conversation smoother to introduce sex into it (04:45)
  • Why guys don't bring up sex earlier on in the conversation (05:28)
  • The downsides to introducing sex into a conversation (06:08)
  • Does sexual conversation play a role in the actual attraction vibe between you and a woman? (07:07)
  • Is the sexual vibe that's attractive to women what sexual attraction is? (08:25)
  • Is sexual conversation something you should start at the same time as starting to get physical (touching) with a woman? (09:45)
  • Overdoing sexual conversation if you are not i…
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