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Ep. #52 Does Your Testosterone Level Impact Your Dating Life?

Ep. #52 Does Your Testosterone Level Impact Your Dating Life? with Christopher Walker

April 11, 2014


  • How Chris was forced to learn how to raise his testosterone naturally due to very low levels by a brain tumor next to his pituitary gland.
  • Background on Chris' dating and social lifestyle including his interests, and how his dating life has changed recently moving from meeting women at night to during the daytime.
  • The digital nomad/ online business lifestyle and how it can help you to follow your passions and feeling like you are contributing to the world.
  • Why Chris changed from "casual dating" to "exclusive dating".
  • How different expectations between you and the women you are dating can undermine your happiness (sometimes silently).
  • How making your pas…
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Ep. #51 Accessing the Power of Emotional Transference

Ep. #51 Accessing the Power of Emotional Transference with David Tian

February 27, 2014


  • How David was forced to focus on elements of himself that led him to become a "Rake" during his stay in China.
  • David's relationship stats, background including details on the longer time he's spent in relationships vs many other dating coaches, including a marriage and how his dating lifestyle is today.
  • How David ended up taking the name "The Asian Rake" which he first became well known for as an effective seducer in the year 2007.
  • Comparison of characters in the public eye that David sees as Rakes, versus those that Robert Greene identified when we spoke with him recently.
  • The natural Iranian Rake and the story of how David first came face to face with the resul…
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Ep. #50 A Data Driven Approach to Online Dating

Ep. #50 A Data Driven Approach to Online Dating with Scott Valdez

February 13, 2014


  • How Scott Valdez uses online dating while he's traveling to meet women and have dates setup before he arrives in a new place.
  • Why online dating tends to build trust with women quickly and how facebook can help with this.
  • An overview of the best online dating sites that Scott Valdez uses in and out of the U.S.
  • Why it's a good idea to pay for extra services on some of the free dating sites.
  • The new mobile dating apps and how they differ from the standard online sites and you need to use a slightly different approach.
  • The problems and challenges with the adult dating, casual dating and hookup dating sties.
  • The importance of photos, how much wor…
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Ep. #49 Dating A-List Celebrity Women in Hollywood

Ep. #49 Dating A-List Celebrity Women in Hollywood with Antonio Sabato Jr.

February 07, 2014


  • The art and practice of discretion when dating in high status circles and to avoid the paparazzi and media drama.
  • How celebrities typically meet each other and where Antonio would mostly meet women for the first time that he would later date.
  • How some women will turn on the flirting with a married man for the challenge.
  • The subtle conversation queues women use to see if you are open to an affair.
  • What enabled Antonio Sabato to meet and date some of the hottest and highest status women in the world.
  • How reflective of the reality of Hollywood and Mark Wahlberg's early years there the hit HBO TV series Entourage was.
  • Some of the factors and press…
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Ep. #48 A Scientific Review of The Mystery Method

Ep. #48 A Scientific Review of The Mystery Method with Nathan Oesch

December 20, 2013


  • Why the scientific review was carried out specifically on The Mystery Method and not other advice from the pickup artist community.
  • Explanation of the areas of science reviewed to support or disprove the pickup artist theories.
  • How the scientific community reacted to the review paper.
  • The parental investment theory from Trivers (1972) and how it relates to the assumption that women choose men, and not vice versa.
  • It's often said that men are more promiscuous - and seek more casual sex than women. Is this true? Is it beyond our control?
  • The direct vs. indirect method debate: How both approaches are supported by science from different areas.
  • Hum…
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Ep. #47 Mastering the Art of Seduction

Ep. #47 Mastering the Art of Seduction with Robert Greene

December 06, 2013


  • Robert Greene's approach to studying the subjects of seduction and mastering skills.
  • "Seduction involves a dark side of our personality." and how we shouldn't avoid it to understand it completely.
  • The role of self control in true power and effective learning.
  • People's resistance to talking about and acknowledging the element of seduction in relationships.
  • The difference between Robert's and the seduction community's approach to the topic of seduction.
  • The psychological approach to seduction and its reliance on getting inside the head of the person you are aiming to seduce.
  • Real life examples of Rake characters such as Mick Jagger, Tiger Woods,…
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Ep. #46 How to Make Your Move (Kissing and Touching Women)

Ep. #46 How to Make Your Move (Kissing and Touching Women) with Jason Capital

November 09, 2013


  • Jason Capital's current lifestyle and how he has changed his focus from cold approach to a social lifestyle and hanging out with Greg Greenway.
  • How not being comfortable with yourself becomes the barrier to getting physical with a girl.
  • The history of men being more physical than today and comparisons of U.S. 'touchy' culture with other places.
  • How to increase how 'touchy' you are naturally and avoid getting creepy reactions about it.
  • "If you've been hanging with a girl for 20 minutes and you haven't touched yet, you're fu**ed".
  • Simple rules to introduce physical touch into an interaction with a girl you've met quickly.
  • Jason Capital's introdu…
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Ep. #45 Bangkok Dating: Where to Meet Women, What to Avoid and Other Inside Tips

Ep. #45 Bangkok Dating: Where to Meet Women, What to Avoid and Other Inside Tips

November 01, 2013


  • A snapshot of Jackson Hunter's and Charlie's dating lives in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • The best clubs and bars to meet women and what you can expect from each of the different 'nightlife scenes' (Sukhumvit Soi 11, Ratchada, RCA, Thonglor/ Ekkamai and Khao San.
  • After hours bars and clubs, their connection with the Bangkok underworld and the later at night - higher the working girl ratio.
  • Meeting foreign women in Bangkok and Thailand.
  • Relationships with Thai women - the good, the bad and what to expect.
  • Thai and buddhist culture: some things to avoid with girls and Thais in general.
  • How to recognize and screen for hookers (working girls) in bars, clubs…
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Ep. #44 The Role of Sex in Relationships

Ep. #44 The Role of Sex in Relationships with Jason Julius

October 22, 2013


  • Jason Julius' "choosy" dating lifestyle and focus on intimacy and sexuality in relationships and his own self growth and development.
  • "The baddest motherf*$ker alive" - Investment and engaging with your own life and how this impacts your dating and relationships.
  • Taking the time to help a woman get in touch with herself and allow her to access her orgasmic abilities.
  • The lack of sexual role models as we are growing up and how it hurts our abilities in the bedroom.
  • Signs your relationship is suffering because of an underwhelming sex life.
  • The transfer of masculinity to other areas of your life from your sexuality.
  • The opening up of societal vie…
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Ep. #43 Choosing Marriage and How to Make it Work

Ep. #43 Choosing Marriage and How to Make it Work with Alex Allman

October 01, 2013


  • Alex Allman's recent marriage and his dating and relationship lifestyle over the last 15 years.
  • "I'm not a PUA, I'm terrible at cold approach." Learning to cold approach isn't necessary to meet lots of women.
  • Pre-conventional, conventional and post-conventional monogamy and polygamy.
  • Men cheating on their women is the societal norm.
  • The level of openness in your sexual communication and how it defines your relationship.
  • Post conventional morality, empathy and its connection with 100% love.
  • The swinger community as an example of conventional polyamory.
  • Different dating lifestyles for different stages of life. The 20s, 30s and 40s.Click for full details
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