Ep. #80 Orgasmic Meditation with Toni

Ep. #80 Orgasmic Meditation with Toni

Ep. #80 Orgasmic Meditation with Toni
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This episode is a little bit different. It's about a little project I've had recently, which started in December 2010. Back then I read about the 15-minute orgasm in Tim Ferriss' book: The 4-Hour Body. What he talked about was orgasmic meditation, also known as OM or OMing, which is a type of practice taught by a company or community called One Taste, and founded by Nicole Daedone. Although Ferriss wrote some pretty clear instructions on the technique in his book, as with many things, reading it in a book doesn't really bring it to life.

So, while I tried it with a few girlfriends, I didn't do it that often and it didn't seem that unique, and the feedback from my girlfriends was pretty varied on it. I wasn't really sure if this was all there was too it. I was thinking maybe there's something more. I kind of forgot about it for a while. Then, last November 2014, I randomly met Robert Kandell at a dating conference. Robert had just left the OneTaste organization, but he basically headed up the organization with the founder of the movement Nicole Daedone.

In our chat about orgasmic meditation (OM or OMing), Robert let me know that he thought properly learning OM and practicing it was life-changing on many levels, from developing skills and intimacy with women to life in general. That was enough for me to get re-interested in it, basically. I went on online in the break at that conference and I just booked a workshop in San Francisco. Then I drove up there from Los Angeles just for the 1-day workshop and to hang out with the OM community there, and basically get introduced to it properly. In those workshops you basically have some kind of seminar, a lot of talking about it, consisting of both males and females, and you get to practice at the end of it.

So I went back to Los Angeles and participated in the OM community. I got to know it a bit better and put it into practice. It's something I'm continuing to explore in London, now that I'm here. It's a worldwide organization, so there are many places in the world where you can join and get involved in this.

I think orgasmic meditation, having experimented with it for a little while, can be a useful tool for men's development when it comes to intimacy, sexual confidence, communication skills, and relationships. I would not recommended it for all men. I think it depends on where you are coming from and where you're currently at; whether it's the right thing for you and it's going to help you develop and get more out of your life in general, and your relationships with women.

We get into this a bit in today's discussion with Toni. Toni has been a member of the OM community for a few years. It's become an important practice for her; practicing a few times a week. She's also a straight talker, which you know I'm a huge fan of. I just like people to tell it how it is. So she's great for an interview.

We explore everything from what OM is, to what it means to women and men, and also how to get started if you think it's for you.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • What is orgasmic meditation? (05:07)
  • How Toni views orgasmic meditation (OM, OMing) compared to normal sexual activities in terms of having to let go of your perceived mindset (08:13)
  • What is an OM circle? (12:22)
  • Toni's first steps and entrance into OM (14:55)
  • What guys can get out of the OMing practice (25:10)
  • Whether or not the experience of OMing depends on the dynamics of the couple involved, or on what's going on in your personal life, or other things (29:30)
  • The benefits of OMing for women (32:50)
  • The OM lifestyle and the frequency of doing OM (37:00)
  • Downsides of OM and what to be aware of (39:45)
  • A perspective on the OM approach involving likely sexually inexperienced men with a 'nice guy' mindset (47:45)
  • Explanation of an OM Turn-on: a re-creation of an OM experience with word games (fully clothed) (49:00)
  • Do (labeled by observation) 'nice guys' often come to the OM community, and is it an environment in which to develop confidence and self-awareness? (51:18)
  • Taking the first steps to get involved in OM (51:18)
  • Top three recommendations to help men improve their dating lives as fast as possible (58:52)

Items Mentioned in this Episode include:

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