#82 Q&A: If You Never Meet Attractive Women

#82 Q&A: If You Never Meet Attractive Women

#82 Q&A: If You Never Meet Attractive Women
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Today we have an internal episode for you. It's a mini episode and experiment. We're going to try some of these and see if you enjoy them. We're going to answer specific questions that you've sent in. So, if any of you have specific questions, get on board. Get your questions answered, especially if you like today’s answer.

Today's question is from Richard, who is 37 years old. His question is - a little bit long, but I want to give you the full context:

"I'm a pretty intellectual guy and it typically takes me a while to figure out whether I like a girl or not. If you took me to a bar or social event, it would take me quite a bit of looking around to find the 5% (or so) of girls I find attractive. I can't really relate to the guys that feel instant attraction to any cute girl they see. I always been like this; observing girls for a while, slowly developing attraction and having almost no interest in 90% of women. Do you have any tips for developing a greater awareness of your own feelings of sexual attraction, and acting on feelings that are perhaps subtle and incomplete at first? This would help me and the minority of guys who share this tendency."

Another related question:

"As I try to pursue my incomplete attraction, I find that I often lose interest in the girl just as we're starting to get to know each other. I just get totally bored and want out. So, instead of getting rejected by girls, I'm usually doing the rejecting myself and girls are left a bit confused. No dating advice seems to address this issue. It almost always assumes: a) the guy has absolute an unwavering interest in the girl from start to finish, and/or b) it's always the girl doing the rejecting. I suspect the answer to these questions is that I need to further develop my awareness of my basic sexual attraction to women and also adapt dating advice to my own personality. However, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the subject."

Thank you for the question Richard. That's a great question, and we have had similar kinds of questions in the past. There's probably a minority; a bunch of guys who have very similar questions. There are kind of two points to this.

Jackson is with us here today as well. I didn't tell you guys so he's listening quietly in the background.

"Hey Jackson!"

[Jackson]: Hey Angel! Hey guys!

[Angel]: All right man. We've actually been talking before so he's like – I just dived into this. But he's here and he's going to be helping answer these questions of course. Jackson sometimes has a different perspective than me, which is all good. So hopefully, we'll give you a bit of a mix of perspectives on this.

[Angel]: Have you got anything to say on these question and answer sessions, like these mini-episodes, Jackson?

[Jackson]: No, I'm really looking forward to it. It's great to hear questions from our readers. So keep sending them in guys.

[Angel]: It's a lot of fun to answer them. So, I'll kick off the answer to this.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • It's a good idea to look at your libido and have your testosterone levels checked to see if they are low. Low testosterone levels may be a specific issue related to a guy's inner game, confidence, and being masculine and sexual in general. (03:24)
  • It's actually okay not to be attracted to 90% of women. It could depend on the types of women located in a particular area, city, or region. In addition, men need to own their sexual expression instead of relying on false impressions and expectations of what the kinds of women they should be attracted to. (10:06)
  • Tips on how to own your sexuality and develop your self awareness. (21:45)
  • How valuable is sex to you? What does sex mean to you? (27:28)
  • Being aware of the social dimensions, personalities, and energies to relationships, while thinking about the context of the relationship as well. (38:21)
  • Put yourself in the right place and on the right path, even if it means living somewhere else if you're interested in certain types of women, but not meeting enough of them. It can also benefit your sexuality by experiencing other places. (39:52)
  • Some people get involved in relationships because they don't think when they are "hooking up". (41:28)
  • Unleashing your emotions and charisma on women. (43:57)
  • Keeping a journal is a great tool for seeing everything more clearly in your social and dating lifestyle. (45:01)
  • The most recommended advice in today's podcast episode. (45:38)

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