#95 Speed Seduction (1988 to Present) with Ross Jeffries

#95 Speed Seduction (1988 to Present) with Ross Jeffries

#95 Speed Seduction (1988 to Present) with Ross Jeffries

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Today's interview is awesome. We're going to look at the past 25 years since one man decided to teach men how to seduce women, and everything that happened because of that, and how it evolved. It's truly been a rollercoaster for many of us who got involved in the movement of seduction, pickup artistry, and everything else that has come with it, and it really hasn't stop running.

I personally believe the seduction movement has helped to spread self-help to a much broader male audience, and has really inspired many guys to just improve themselves and their lives; not just in dating, sex, and relationships, but everywhere. I've seen that many times.

So today we're going to look at the evolution of speed seduction, and the man behind it - Ross Jeffries. This is an amazingly candid interview. I really couldn't have asked Ross to be more straightforward and honest with us about his 25 years of experience, and his journey of teaching men how to get better with women.

He reveals the good. He reveals the bad. He reveals the wrong turns, the successes, and deep insights into how men improve their dating, sex, and relationship lives; taken from 25 years of experience of working with men to solve these problems. As you'll see, it's a journey that has changed and has involved over time. So it's really interesting to see that from someone who created it and has been there the longest.

If you don't know Ross Jeffries, he started teaching seduction before the 1990's. His first product that came out was "How To Get The Women You Desire Into Bed" (correction: first book release in 1988 - The amazing "Seduction Secrets" of a skinny, ugly, six-foot geek from Culver City, California that could get you all the girls you want...no matter what your looks or age). Then in 1998, that spread to the internet with alt.seduction.fast, and that was something I was actually a part of in that movement from around 2000. I am very grateful for that because the first things that I ever learned were on alt.seduction.fast. So if it wasn't there, I wouldn't have had anything to study and learn from, and get kick-started in all of this.

Ross Jeffries was actually being played by Tom Cruise in the film Magnolia, in the alias Frank T.J. Mackey who is basically taking on a similar role of a seduction guru. Ross over the years has been featured in every media you could think possible - BBC, CNN, Fox, ITV, NBC, Playboy, Rolling Stone, Dr. Phil Show, and on and on.

In this interview, you really get to see the personality of Ross and a lot about his own personal journey. I would love to hear about what you learned from this episode, what are your takeaways from this 25-year journey and what it means for you.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • Ross' background and his first book release (05:15)
  • Changes over the years in the way Ross delivers his information and advice (07:50)
  • Ross' shift to 'healing' men: the journey of the wounded healer and helping men find healthier ways to be attractive to women (09:37)
  • Men's lack of finding community and achieving satisfaction (11:50)
  • How Ross views himself as a seducer and teacher, and how to enjoy genuine connection with amazing women to become a better man (14:33)
  • Developing the various stages of speed seduction (18:45)
  • The biggest struggle for men (and women) today: western culture conflicting information overload (21:13)
  • Finding your 'community', a lack of male mentorship, and seeking support (24:50)
  • Meditating and TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) (29:42)
  • How the pickup artist / seduction community can be more helpful to men (33:50)
  • Men have a learning problem, not a women problem (36:14)
  • Encouraging people to acknowledge, embrace, and reinterpret signals of discomfort (38:10)
  • The grounding exercise and how it works to minimize or eliminate various types of anxiety (43:10)
  • Did Eric Weber's book "How to Pick Up Girls" (1971) motivate Ross into teaching about seduction? (47:54)
  • Recommendations for great seduction advice and insight (50:46)
  • Top three recommendations for guys starting from scratch to improve dating, sex, and relationships in their life (53:30)
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Items Mentioned in this Episode include:

  • Hayley Quinn: Ross mentioned Hayley in reference to her ability to avoid using flashy techniques when marketing herself and her products in the area of seduction and helping men with women. He also highly recommends her for great advice and insight.
  • Neil Strauss: Ross noted Neil Strauss while discussing men and finding a community, and how Neil created the perception of a secret society / world.
  • Speed Seduction 2015: The New Code: Angel noted Ross' current seminar in terms of how his marketing has evolved, and how to enjoy genuine connection with amazing women to become a better man.
  • Ross Jeffries Live: His website to book him for speaking engagements, events, seminars, podcasts, etc.
  • Learn How to Meet Women: Ross' free course on learnhowtomeetwomen.com, including good tips on how to get out there and meet women.
  • How to Pick Up Girls (Eric Weber): Mentioned by Angel when asking Ross if the book was a motivation into teaching about seduction.
  • Steve Grosch (aka Bravo PUA): Ross highly recommends Steve in the area of becoming a better man.
  • Steve Mayeda: Ross also highly recommends Steve Mayeda for teaching genuine masculinity.

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