#102 Complete Honesty in Relationships with Brad Blanton

#102 Complete Honesty in Relationships with Brad Blanton

#102 Complete Honesty in Relationships with Brad Blanton
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Today's topic is honesty and relationships. We're going to be looking at the reality of our relationships. How honest are we really being in them? How honest are we being with the women we date, or we marry? It has to be said that, normally, there's a hell of a lot of white lies in relationships.

In this episode we're going to look at the typical situations where we lie - whether it's a girl we just met, a girlfriend, a wife, someone we're married to - and we're going to go over some useful approaches to be more honest in these situations. More importantly, we're going to look at the benefits of being honest in our relationships, because I imagine not all of you think it's beneficial to be honest all of the time.

Today's guest has got some very strong viewpoints on this and he's very well known for "radical honesty". So we're going to dig deep into why you would want to be more honest in your relationships, and with the people you meet.

Brad Blanton, PhD, is a psychologist, a therapist, and a seminar leader. He's the author of Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth, which was a nation-wide best seller in 1996. It's been translated into seven languages and is one of the top selling books on psychology on amazon.com today.

Radical honesty eliminates lying to others and it eliminates self deception; so lying to yourself from your life. That's the whole purpose of it. And this is something that you'll see Brad clearly demonstrates in this interview. So I think that's something really valuable in this interview because he really demonstrates what he preaches. We talk about some of his personal life, his own relationships, and other areas, his ideas, and so on. You'll see that he's very direct, open, and honest about that.

So you can learn both from the advice in this interview, but also the example of that advice in the way he's approaching the whole interview.

Brad has been married five times and has carried out nude workshops. He teaches nude and people who are going to these seminars are also nude for one of the days there, and he's done a lot of other interesting things, as we'll see in the interview.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • Getting to know Brad's dating, sex, relationship, and lifestyle background (04:22)
  • Different concepts of lying Brad has observed (12:43)
  • The most common objectives people create against this approach (15:53)
  • How long Brad has been practicing: radical honesty workshops, clinical psychologist (18:50)
  • The moment Brad decided to apply radical honesty to his life (19:12)
  • Non-violent versus violent communication: the difference between violence and communication (20:09)
  • What usually happens during the process of the radical honest approach? (21:16)
  • A deeper relationship love due to open, honest communication (23:20)
  • Self-development and building confidence from this process (27:25)
  • The reactions experienced when starting the radical honesty approach (30:44)
  • There are no rules to honest communication (34:46)
  • People who are unable to deal with such direct communication (37:13)
  • The concept of "sticking with them" within conflicting communication (38:22)
  • Naturally talking about your honest experiences with others and embracing a life of honesty (40:40)
  • The downsides of not using the radical honesty approach (42:48)
  • Approaches to focusing on the pain in order to create change within yourself and take action (44:58)
  • Taking a calmer approach to life: methods, approaches, and noticing you and the world around you (46:50)
  • The honesty of owning up to your deceit in a relationship (49:00)
  • The best ways to connect with Brad to learn more about him and his work (52:59)
  • Recommendations for advice in this area and improving relationships (54:40)
  • Top recommendations for guys starting out from scratch to improve their relationships (56:02)
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