#94 Defeating Sexual Inhibition to Access True Sexual Confidence and Personality with Jaiya Ma

#94 Defeating Sexual Inhibition to Access True Sexual Confidence and Personality with Jaiya Ma

#94 Defeating Sexual Inhibition to Access True Sexual Confidence and Personality with Jaiya Ma

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We're going to look at some of the biggest sexual hang-ups that guys have and how to fix them. We're going to look at why it's important to work past your inhibitions, and what that leads to eventually for you - some of the more unique and most effective ways to pleasure women.

Also, we're really going to look at a whole new philosophy towards sex that I think you’re going to really enjoy, and I found pretty powerful myself.

Today's guest is Jaiya. She's a sexologist and has a lifestyle which you could say involves a lot of sex. She's explored her own sexuality and has had a pretty long journey of development herself.

During her development, and as part of what she does; she's watched couples to learn as well, at studying everything she can get her hands on. You name it: Tantra, massage, taboos, kink, BDSM, etc., and acting as a Somatic Sexologist; actually helping and working directly with people on their sexuality to get past their inhibitions, or insecurities.

She's actually worked with over 3,000 people to date. That's a hell of a lot of experience. I personally, thoroughly enjoyed this interview and got a lot out of it. So I know you're going to also. So pay attention. This is really a rockstar episode. You're going to get tons out of it.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • Jaiya's background and relationship lifestyle (02:57)
  • The experiences in Jaiya's life that started her sexuality journey - healer, heal thyself (03:52)
  • Jaiya's approach to teaching others as a somatic sexologist (the combining of somatics and sexology - as well as Tantra, Taoism, shamanism, yoga, and meditation - in order to experience greater awareness through the body) (07:40)
  • Setting goals on the journey of sexuality: the sexual blueprint and its five erotic types (09:46)
  • Discovering your erotic type blueprint and possibly transitioning to a type that may be better for you (17:53)
  • Do some men chase women that are not the sexual blueprint type for them? (25:43)
  • Bio-energetics: 1) what is happening on the cellular level, and 2) how sensitive we are energetically. More importantly, the energetics we put out into the world - our polarity (the masculine and feminine dynamic) (27:58)
  • Jaiya's approach and evolvement: the truth of what's happening in the body (30:39)
  • Disagreeing with a lot of the research (because it's not from a hands-on felt experience) of what is truly happening in the body in arousal and/or orgasmic states (32:44)
  • The benefits of exploring and expanding your sexuality (34:55)
  • Are men not enjoying sex because they have a disconnection from it, a disconnection from awareness? (37:18)
  • Partners that are different sexual types who come together to expand their sexuality (39:05)
  • Exercises and steps to becoming self-aware when nervous about your sexuality: changing your mindset (42:40)
  • How working on your sex life makes a beneficial impact in other areas of your life (46:50)
  • The difference between resistance and sexual boundaries (48:45)
  • Unique approaches to female sexual pleasure (55:57)
  • Female ejaculation, whether it's beneficial to women, and if this should be a focus area for men (01:00:51)
  • Best way to connect with Jaiya to learn more about her and her work (1:05:20)
  • Recommendations for great sex advice and insight (1:06:25)
  • Top three recommendations for guys starting from scratch to improve the sex and sexuality areas of their life as fast as possible (1:07:40)
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