The Dating Skills Review Team

Angel Donovan

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Founder and Editor (

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Jackson Hunter

Editor (

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Tim Lockheart

Assistant Editor (

Tim was introduced to the transformative power of 'knowledge' to improve success with women by Angel Donovan.

One night Tim was feeling down about his lack of success and fear of talking with women while out with Angel and Angel brought him into the fold, introduced him to useful advice, techniques and skills. That was 10 years ago now. Soon after Tim was having the success he'd always wanted with women.

Tim has been involved in the background helping Angel build Dating Skills Review since it started. He is an assistant editor, providing editorial support and input and spends most of his time running 'special projects' aimed at helping men with specific challenges or issues they need fixed (in the most efficient and quick way possible).

Tim is a travel-fanatic and has lived across the world (even visiting the antarctic! He spends most of his time in Russia, Brazil and South East Asia where he says the women are the most feminine and beautiful in the world.

Syboh Seven

Co-Founder and Editor (

Syboh has been in the "seduction community" for more than 7 years and has read and watched many of the products out there during his own journey to dating mastery.

While he is now mostly using a very relaxed, direct method, Syboh is familiar with the whole spectrum of techniques used in the community, from NLP to Indirect to Direct, and he incorporates bits and pieces into his game.

Syboh speaks five languages and has been working and living abroad in a variety of countries for the last 12 years.

Marvin Dayao

Content/ Customer Service Manager (

Marvin has been working on the Dating Skills Review team since its early days and has become a valuable member of the team.

Marvin co-ordinates relationships with dating advice product owners and heads up some of Dating Skills Review's content and marketing activities. He also helps out users with their queries and requests. Feel free to contact him and ask for help if you need anything.