#106 What Attracts Women to Men (Female Perspective) with Hayley Quinn

#106 What Attracts Women to Men (Female Perspective) with Hayley Quinn

#106 What Attracts Women to Men (Female Perspective) with Hayley Quinn

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Today's subject is what women respond to, what they are attracted to. We look at it from different perspectives. Some that we haven't looked at before, and in one person we find several perspectives. This is something that I really like always to do. If we can put these perspectives together, we can start to getting at the truth where they crossover. Where people see eye-to-eye tends to be areas where there's real hard truth - no confusion.

Today's guest has run social experiments. She's got a female coach perspective. She comes also from a perspective of a bisexual whose also meeting and attracting women. She's also been exposed to the whole pickup artist (community) versus some other perspectives in her own journey. So, there are a lot of gems in today's episode that you wouldn't have heard before.

Today's guest is Hayley Quinn. She came highly recommended, if you remember, by Ross Jeffries, who was just on this podcast back in episode 95. He said, "I see people like Hayley Quinn, who I consider to be already at her young age, masterful." He said also that she is a marvelous teacher. So when he gave that strong recommendation - and Ross has been really around, he's met a lot of people - I decided it would be quite a good idea to reach out and have her on the show.

She teaches both men and women, so she's got that different perspective. She's had some pretty big youtube video hits with like dating social experiments where she goes out and does stuff in London, where she lives in the streets and she does experiments to see how people react. Some of these have had over 2 million views. That's not bad.

She's been a featured expert for Channel 4, ITV, Sunrise on 7, and other TV programs that some of you will never have heard of because they're based in the UK, but they're kind of a big deal here in the UK, where I am also currently.

As I said, Hayley's bisexual. So she brings a perspective of a girl meeting and attracting other women, which is interesting. She's also featured in the Channel 4 documentary "Bi-Curious Me", which covered the journey of some young bisexual women including her.

So, I think you'll get a lot out of today's episode. It's always good to listen to a female perspective. In the past, we had a lot of guys at the kind of beginning of the podcast. Now that's evened out a lot. We've got a lot more female perspectives, which just balances it out and gives us a complete perspective. It's also interesting that Hayley Quinn has this kind of double perspective because she's bisexual. So she's actually involved with women herself. I think that's great and something we can learn a lot from.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • Hayley's background (06:00)
  • Hayley's beginnings: from the pickup artist industry to the dating, sex, and relationship arena (07:22)
  • Is there an egotistical vibe in the pickup artist industry? (09:07)
  • Signs of ego issues that have negative consequences (11:02)
  • Hayley's multiple perspectives based on her varied background (13:56)
  • Uncomplicating all of the dating / pickup artist advice and information available to us (15:02)
  • The need for real life experiences in order to socially interact effectively and get out of your comfort zone (17:56)
  • Hayley's current perspective of the pickup industry (20:56)
  • Positive and negative examples of pickup advice (22:32)
  • The correlation of unethical, promiscuous men and the degradation of women (27:12)
  • Hayley's social experiment of trying to get approached by men (32:20)
  • The contrast between getting approached in different countries (34:30)
  • Men and women are showing a lack of communication due to modern technology (36:45)
  • What Hayley has learned through her bisexuality about women approaching women and sexuality (38:03)
  • Masculine and feminine polarities: the extremes of finding a partner (39:50)
  • Top three takeaways for guys starting out in dating, sex, and relationships (41:30)
  • How to learn about Hayley and her work (46:00)
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Items Mentioned in this Episode include:

  • Hayley Quinn: Hayley's website for dating advice and taking control of your dating life.
  • Hayley Quinn Members Club: Free 30-day access to members club, including all of Hayley's videos, forum, and monthly webinar.
  • Hayley Quinn youtube: Hayley's youtube site including social experiments, dating videos, and life wisdom from the heart.
  • David Deida: Angel noted David's work while discussing masculine and feminine polarities.

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