#100 Men and Women See Love and Commitment Differently with John Marshall Townsend

#100 Men and Women See Love and Commitment Differently with John Marshall Townsend

#100 Men and Women See Love and Commitment Differently with John Marshall Townsend
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In today's topic, we're looking at DSR - dating, sex, and relationships - from a science perspective and its evolutionary psychology. We've touch on that in the past and more specifically the subject of love and commitment, and how it differs between the sexes.

We're going to do it through a number of mechanisms today's guest has looked at. He's looked at some of the cultural extremes around the world. So he's looked all around the world to see how men and women interact and relate to each other in relationships, love, and commitment differently. So we're looking at China, for example, which is pretty different from the U.S., and some other places.

We're also looking at how having greater experience with sex, having had more sexual experiences, influences how you look at it and behave. We're looking at some of the most active, sexual, young, adult populations today and what's going on there - how it's changed over time - and whether today's most common relationship type is in fact the marriage with extra marital affairs. So that's like secret affairs and basically marriage with cheating. Is that the most popular model today? So if that's true, they are getting married because maybe they feel they have to or they actually like the fact of being married, or they feel social pressure to. It could be a number of reasons. And then they're continuing to be polyamorous. So we'll dig more into that.

Today's guest is John Marshall Townsend, PhD. He's a Professor of Anthropology at Syracuse University. His research is into human sexuality, sexual attraction, marriage, divorce, and culture. He teaches courses on sexual attraction in cross-cultural perspectives, and cultural and sexual behavior.

He has published numerous studies and books. His latest book is simply titled: What Women Want - What Men Want. Currently, his research is focused on highly sexual, active, young adults, which we'll get into in this call.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • What triggered John's interest in the differences in sexual psychology (06:03)
  • John's perspective of looking at sexual psychology differences in men and women from a politically correct view (10:10)
  • The study of casual sex at Syracuse University (11:15)
  • Men do better with women when achieving higher status (15:03)
  • The basis and methods behind John's research (18:28)
  • An overview of the differences in sexual orientation (25:30)
  • Modern day sexual freedom versus traditional commitments (27:25)
  • Is biology a factor in more experienced men sleeping with more women (e.g. testosterone) or is it psychological? (34:40)
  • Sexual behavior extremes in other communities and countries (37:40)
  • Emotional alarms of women involved in uncommitted sex and the lack of connection from men beyond the physical act (43:25)
  • Will the growing number of independent women have an impact on love and commitment over time? (59:00)
  • The best ways to connect with John to learn more about him and his work (1:04:11)
  • Top three recommendations for guys starting out from scratch to improve their dating life as fast as possible

Items Mentioned in this Episode include:

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