#97 Better Orgasms Using the Brain with Barry Komisaruk

#97 Better Orgasms Using the Brain with Barry Komisaruk

#97 Better Orgasms Using the Brain with Barry Komisaruk
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Today we're going to be looking more at the science angle. It's going to be interesting if you think back to the episode we had with Jaiya, which was very experienced based. It's very interesting the overlap there is between the two, and with next episodes guest, Lawrence Lanoff, also. So we’ve got three episodes around the subject of sex, which I think there’s some great overlap, and it's a lot about the mental game of sex. We'll get more into that later.

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It's a program we've designed to encourage implementing new behaviors for you to actually change, done in micro-steps. In order to go and check that out - I don't want to talk a lot about it because all of the information is pretty much on the product page - you can go to datingskillsreview.com/implant. If you have any questions for me about it, you can just hit me up by email at: [email protected].

Ok…Today's topic is about sex, again. We're going to add a very strong science background to the sexuality topics that we’ve covered before with sexologists like Jaiya, porn stars like Marcus London, and many others over the years we’ve been doing this podcast.

What you're going to find out is that the mind has essential importance in the role of sex. Although we're taught the techniques, and the physical side of it is really important, what today's episode looks at is how important the mind is. How over-powerfully important the mind is in the quality of sex.

Today's guest perspective comes from a study he's done using brain imaging technologies - the functional MRI, fMRI if you know that - which looks at blood flow in the brain. He looks at that with the focus of understanding orgasm. He's been doing this for 30 years and he's got countless, countless images / brain scans behind him to show what lights up in the brain when someone has orgasm, when they’re stimulated by different types of physiology, or mental aspects of sex, different people, how they respond, and so on. He’s got a lot to say about this topic.

Now I won't lie. This is going to be a bit more technical that usual, a bit more 'scien-cy' that usual. You may find it a bit overwhelming, but bear with us because there's some really cool overlaps with a lot of the other stuff we've seen, and it provides that justification; also, some new insights that we haven't talked about before. I also refer to past episodes and bring these subjects up so we can discuss them from a scientific perspective to get some more validation for these things we've previously spoken about.

So, today's guest is Barry Komisaruk, PhD. He's a distinguished professor at Rutgers University. He has dedicated 30 years of his life to exploring the orgasm, most of this via the scans I was just talking about. But also looking at animals and pharmacological studies and other aspects of it, but primarily the image scans.

He's also written two comprehensive books on the subject, notably The Science of Orgasm, and he's published over 100 research studies on the topic. So that's a lot.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • Barry's background and exploration of orgasms in relation to the brain (06:08)
  • Why functional MRI (fMRI) is considered the best way to track brain activity (08:57)
  • Barry's study of orgasms and reproductive behavior, and career highlights (11:05)
  • Explanation of an orgasm as something that continues to not be fully understood, for both sexes (17:24)
  • Is there research about the quality / intensity of orgasms based on various factors? (21:11)
  • Flexibility in where orgasms come from for different people: the common areas (27:21)
  • Brain training: the possibility of developing areas of the brain related to sex (31:24)
  • Is sex more about the physical aspect or the mental aspect? (36:29)
  • The varying degrees of a woman's sexual stimulation (43:00)
  • Are anal orgasms real (rectal stimulation)? (45:12)
  • Dominant versus submissive sex from a stimulation perspective (47:09)
  • Facial expressions during orgasm compared to facial expressions of pain (50:05)
  • Cervical orgasms: an approach to pleasurable stimulation (52:05)
  • Communication between partners is key: what feels goods and what does not (56:04)
  • Lifestyle factors that have significant positive or negative impacts on orgasms (57:26)
  • Nature versus nurture - developing your orgasmic and sexual capacity (1:01:17)
  • How to connect with Barry to learn more about him and his work (1:07:47)
  • Recommendations for high quality advice in the area of orgasms and sexuality (1:08:23)
  • Top recommendations for guys wanting to improve their orgasms or those of their partners (1:09:42)

Items Mentioned in this Episode include:

Books, Courses and Training from Barry Komisaruk

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