#81 15 Years of "The Game", Prizing and Masculine Polarity with Swinggcat

#81 15 Years of "The Game", Prizing and Masculine Polarity with Swinggcat

#81 15 Years of "The Game", Prizing and Masculine Polarity with Swinggcat

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This is a mega episode, especially for those of you who have read The Game by Neil Strauss. If you haven't read it, go read it. Not only is it a hilarious fun read, it will get you up to speed on what all of the pickup artists stuff is about.

On the show today, we have one of the main characters from The Game. A guy who has also been behind some of the big innovations and ideas on attraction that came out of the pickup artist community; and one of the most senior pickup artist, having got into this over 15 years ago. That's a long time.

I'm talking about Swinggcat, who Neil Strauss named 'Grimble' when he wrote The Game; he was using his artistic license a little bit there, but it's in fact the same guy. Anyone who has studied pickup artistry for a while has probably used some ideas that originated from Josh, that's his real name.

It's been over 10 years since Josh did any public interviews. So, as you can imagine, a lot has changed for him. He's still active, really active, and has many adventures to talk about. But that's not what we are going to focus on in this interview.

In this 2-hour mega episode, we're going to talk about the beginnings of the game, with some inside previously untold stories on the early days of the pickup artist community. So, for any fans of the pickup artist community or of the game, then it's pretty amusing. There are some pretty interesting tidbits in there, featuring people like David DeAngelo (also known as Eben Pagan) and Neil Strauss.

We also talk about some of Josh's earliest innovations like 'prizing' and 'push and pull theories', which you may have seen are part of his Real World Seduction course; which we've been recommending as a solid course on attraction for quite a few years now. It's pretty good.

Then, we spend more time on how he has changed what he does over the years, and how he's been working on that the last five years to put it into his teachings and courses. He calls his latest stuff Masculine Polarity, and he just released a course on it. He gave us a pre-release copy and we've just published our review on it. It's good. It's advanced material – actually, there's quite a bit of science in it – so it's not the easiest, lightest reading. Basically, he goes into the changes he's made over the last 10 years and how he approaches things. We think, in particular, that this course will help guys who have got stuck on using routines and lines. So, it's kind of funny because it's the stuff that was put into The Game. If you got stuck on this stuff in The Game, then we think this new course was quite helpful to develop your personality and be more natural and spontaneous, and not rely on lines all of the time.

Let's journey back into the game and find out how it has changed these past 15 years.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • Swinggcat has been a central figure in the game since it was introduced. He talks about how it affected his life when the book "The Game" was published (04:45)
  • Swinggcat's background and his introduction into the game (05:34)
  • When and how Swinggcat's own style emerged (16:28)
  • How conventional courtship differs from how a lot of people have chosen to court someone in our current time (20:52)
  • A discussion on instilling social communication skills and its affect on sexuality and interacting with women (26:30)
  • An explanation of having a proactive sense of entitlement (29:00)
  • Masculine Polarity: one of Swinggcat's foundational ideas (33:44)
  • Shifts in masculine polarity and feminine polarity in today's world (36:57)
  • Some of the crucial (10) parts of masculine polarity (38:36)
  • Radical Honesty: one of the parts of masculine polarity, and how people communicate with each other (54:28)
  • The "push-pull" concept: emotionally pushing someone away from you and then emotionally pulling them back to you (01:04:20)
  • Exercises for getting control of your ego so it doesn't control you (01:12:50)
  • Can men harness rejection from a woman in a positive, motivational way? (01:32:10)
  • Using meditation as a means of making you better with women, in your personal life, and your state of well being (01:33:43)
  • Top three recommendations to help men improve their dating lives as fast as possible (01:36:20)

Items Mentioned in this Episode include:

Books, Courses and Training from Swinggcat

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