#108 Understanding Female Sex Signals and the Biggest Mistakes Men Make with Women with Leil Lowndes

#108 Understanding Female Sex Signals and the Biggest Mistakes Men Make with Women with Leil Lowndes

#108 Understanding Female Sex Signals and the Biggest Mistakes Men Make with Women with Leil Lowndes
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Today's topic is subconscious communication. That's the communication underneath what's going on or our feelings and awareness of what's going on underneath our conscious. So, when we're not being conscious of it; when we don't know it's happening. So it's a tricky subject.

In my experience, it defines how we look at the world. It defines what we see. It's an important part of solving this part of your life, an important part to making this better for you. It's also one of the harder parts because we can't see what we can't see. It's very well acknowledged. It's harder to understand and get better at something that we are unconsciously incompetent at.

With dating, sex, and relationships, this tends to be a big part of the puzzle. It includes things like not understanding or not seeing signals from women. So not noticing the signals we're getting from them that tell us that she's interested or that she's not interested. For example, it covers things that us men avoid subconsciously about ourselves. I often see this. For example, subconsciously you can be ignoring aspects of your life that are having a really big impact and you kind of don't want to look at them, so you avoid them consciously. We see this a lot.

You know, a key example there is just looking after your health, the way you present yourself, your style. These are often areas that people avoid and they prefer to work on things like what you say and what works when talking with women, and so on. This is unfortunate because often it's a very easy quick win to work on things like your physique, your image, your style that will get you along much further, much quicker.

Then we have all of the most common, bad assumptions that men make about women that lead them in the wrong direction - misunderstanding of relationships, misunderstanding the context of what's going on. For instance, when she's not interested in you and she's actually interested in the guy next to you. I often see these kinds of situations too and it's all to do with your subconscious, what it's playing with you.

Today we have a great guest to talk about this. She's specialized, her career in communication skills, and it's a very long career. We have Leil Lowndes. She has 10 top-selling books on connecting with people and lots of practical guides on starting conversations. As I said, she specializes in subconscious interactions that take place in all kinds of interpersonal communications. Some of the books she's written are "How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships" (a very famous book you've probably seen or heard of it before), "How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You". She's even got a book entitled "Undercover Sex Signals: A Pickup Guide For Guys".

She has done hundreds of seminars over the years, all around the world, including some to more than 10,000 people in a room at a time. That's pretty incredible. That's a big crowd there. So it's a great pleasure to have Leil on the show today.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • Leil's unique approach to communication regarding dating, sex, and relationships (05:24)
  • Significant past experiences that guided Leil to where she is today (07:47)
  • Big mistakes in communication that men make with women (09:30)
  • Signals men can look for from women in order to give them more courage to take action romantically (10:33)
  • Regarding undercover sex signals, do women know what they're doing all the time? (13:40)
  • Drawing attention to yourself through sex signals: body language and touching sensual areas (15:25)
  • The subconscious communication things men do, and are unaware of, that hurt their chances in interacting with women (16:13)
  • Common assumptions men make about women that are completely wrong (22:18)
  • When a woman analyzes a man's appearance (26:06)
  • There are less "gold-diggers" in our current society (28:00)
  • A main priority for a man to learn and work on over the long term to attract women (29:04)
  • The kind of things that lead to building your self worth (30:00)
  • Coming off as judgmental in conversations and communication (33:40)
  • The parts of a man's life that are more important to work on from a woman's perspective (34:35)
  • Ideal things for a man to do on a date (39:27)
  • Balancing discomforting tension with a woman in order to generate attraction (41:00)
  • Important advice Leil offers to men that is often ignored (42:29)
  • The biggest objections Leil has experienced to her dating and relationship advice (43:43)
  • How to connect with Leil to learn more about her and her work (45:06)
  • Recommendations for advice in dating, sex, and relationships (47:07)
  • Top recommendations for guys starting out in dating, sex, and relationships (47:55)
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