#110 You're Not Selfish Enough to Date Quality Women with Jessica J

#110 You're Not Selfish Enough to Date Quality Women with Jessica J

#110 You're Not Selfish Enough to Date Quality Women with Jessica J
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We've looked at in the past how being a leader, being more dominant, and being a decider can be helpful when you're with women. In my experience, this is actually something that men aren't comfortable with. It's something that they don't practically understand, even though we've covered it on this show a fair number of times, and you'll have seen it elsewhere out there in the dating-verse. You can kind of get the concept, but you don't really know how to actually put this into practice when you're meeting women, when you're going on dates, when your taking them home, and even during sex and in relationships.

So today we're going to have a crack at tackling this subject in a super practical way, by looking at it from the perspective of you not being selfish enough. That may not sound politically correct, but it's this kind of mindset that can help guys shift their priorities. It can help you shift your priorities so that you approach women, and your boundaries with women, from a completely different vantage point; a more attractive and a more appropriate vantage point because you have higher standards for yourself.

Often it takes aiming for a more extreme goal to get to a nearer goal. So, for most of you at home, being more selfish is actually going to lead you to be more normal in your interactions with women. We're going to dig into this in much more detail of course in this episode.

This topic came from a recent product that we reviewed on Dating Skills Review. It got an 8.1, which is pretty rare these days, and it means it's an excellent product in our book. It scored really highly for a few reasons. One of these was that it had really actionable advice on being a leader and taking decisions with women. The product is called "Speak To Spark Arousal", and it contains solid advice on attracting women with better conversation skills. You can get our full review and what we think of it at datingskillsreview.com/spark.

The author of "Speak To Spark Arousal”, and today's guest, is Jessica J from Level Up Seduction. There's a few pretty interesting things about her. She was on Nightline a while back for being one of America's most desirable daters, because she had one of the most messaged profiles on OkCupid, and not in any ordinary city. We're talking about Los Angeles here, a pretty competitive place for online dating. She's also a resident dating coach and host of the Playboy radio show - The Couch. So she was a marriage therapist to start with and then she began blogging about her sex life, which soon got her noticed by one of the companies that has porn star sex products. You may have seen some of them on our site. Once they spotted her, they brought her on board to write a good part of their advice. Then after that, she worked with some other well-known companies.

Just in the last year she jumped out on her own to become a dating coach for guys using her own approach to it, which as you'll see kind of combines these two extreme areas; really direct sex advice from a porn star industry perspective and this marriage therapist role.

Today's episode was a little bit more experimental. Let me know how it goes for you guys. We're trying to get at more practical advice. Jessica was really cool with it. She just jumped in with me taking this new approach. I feel like it could help some of you guys really get to understand this stuff better. So let me know your feedback on that if you like today's episode, and we'll do more of it.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • Jessica's background, including the pornographic industry (05:06)
  • Jessica having the most popular OkCupid profile in L.A. (06:16)
  • The difference between Jessica and other coaches in the dating, sex, and relationships arena (09:23)
  • The biggest myth in dating, sex, and relationships (11:20)
  • The importance for a man to be a leader or a decision maker with women (13:35)
  • Typical issues men have regarding leading or decision making (17:53)
  • The connection between being selfish, knowing what you want, and what you are looking for (20:32)
  • Drawing the line between being selfish and being inconsiderate (25:26)
  • Practical examples of leading and decision making when approaching or meeting women (28:00)
  • How selfishness can work to your advantage when on a date (32:58)
  • How to be selfish when wanting to take a woman home (35:55)
  • Should men be more selfish in sex? (42:48)
  • Should there be selfishness in relationships? (45:50)
  • Cultivating and making selfishness a habit and part of your life (49:40)
  • Advice Jessica offers that is often ignored (51:39)
  • Objections to Jessica's coaching approach to dating, sex, and relationships (54:15)
  • Recommendations for high quality advice in this area (55:53)
  • Top three recommendations for men to improve in dating, sex, and relationships as fast as possible (57:05)
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Items Mentioned in this Episode include:

  • Speak To Spark Arousal: Jessica's program for men to help them attract, meet, and date more women. Rated highly by Dating Skills Review.
  • The Couch: Jessica is the host of this show on playboyradio.com.
  • Jerry Tran (The Asian Playboy): Jessica highly recommends Jerry's (aka J.T.) work and coaching approach.

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