Ep. #61 Breaking Out of the Friend Zone with Bobby Rio

Ep. #61 Breaking Out of the Friend Zone with Bobby Rio

Ep. #61 Breaking Out of the Friend Zone with Bobby Rio

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Today we're looking at what to do if you are in a platonic relationship with a girl you are interested in dating, hooking up with, or more. That may sound like a pretty kind of niche topic, but strangely enough, this is extremely common with men. It's an extremely common challenge that I imagine, if you're listening right now, you have come across at least one time, probably more like 10 times in your life.

Often the girls you are most interested in, those girls can look at you as just friends, or just as platonically as we would say. This is often called "being in the friend zone", but I find that a little confusing as many times you may not even be friends with a girl. So often, she could be just an acquaintance you got off on the wrong foot with. She could be a girl at work that you rarely talk to; a girl at the same college that you just know from seeing around and she knows you from seeing around; or she could be a friend of a friend you see from time to time, and so on.

There are many cases here. The important thing here is that the girl has registered you in her mind in the platonic category, rather than someone she can potentially date or hook up with. Now often, this would have just been done based on a first impression. It's very quick, whenever you cross paths with her first. If you think about it, we all do this. We make assumptions about people when we meet them based on the first impression. And those assumptions can be hard to break later. And of course, those assumptions could be completely wrong, or you could have just made a bad first impression and you needed a second chance.

So in this episode we're looking at how you break out of the platonic category you've been placed in by a girl you like. To discuss the topic, I've brought on Bobby Rio from TSB Magazine. Bobby has been a dating coach since 2005 and we've given many of his courses very strong ratings, actually in the excellent range. So it's always a pleasure to have him on the show.

His advice and courses typically have a very practical focus, which makes it easy to implement, and that's one of the reasons that these courses stand out and it's great to have him on here. We had Bobby on the show way back in episode 18 so you might like to check that out also. That was on the topic: How To Not Run Out of Things To Say With Women.

Bobby recently partnered up with Rob Judge to create a program that was specifically designed to help men get out of the platonic situation with women. It's named: Unlock Her Legs. It is the first course to tackle a subject, so far, that we've come across. And our editor, Jackson Hunter, gave it a solid 8.1 out of 10 rating. That's excellent.

So I reached out to Bobby to get him on the show to give you some of the practical steps from that program, to help you get out of a platonic situation you may be in with a girl that you really like.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • Bobby's background (04:00)
  • Bobby's long-term relationship and what he has learned from it (06:40)
  • Dating life before finding his current relationship (07:40)
  • Changes that have taken place in the past and Bobby's outlook for the future (09:40)
  • Turning girls you already know into girlfriends (10:20)
  • The most important thing that guys have to deal with when turning a friend zone situation back into a more romantic situation (12:35)
  • Changing a girl's existing perceptions of you as a friend (14:54)
  • The power dynamic of letting a girl control the interaction between you (21:00)
  • Breaking the rules and patterns of how you interact with a girl to your advantage (22:45)
  • How to react to a girl when she questions your changes in taking control to ignite her attraction for you (25:11)
  • Moving from the friend zone to the attraction zone (29:33)
  • Your emotion investment in a girl and letting her know your intentions (33:12)
  • The Scrambler program and what it does for you in terms of being overly emotionally invested in a girl (35:34)
  • Advice for a long-term approach to getting a girl (37:40)
  • Dating in social circles: does it change the dating dynamic? (40:18)
  • Bobby's strongest character attribute (45:22)
  • Recommendations for high quality advice in dating and relationships (46:14)
  • Recommendations for how to work with people in the dating and relationship business (49:20)
  • Top three recommendations to help men get better results with women as fast as possible (50:03)
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