Ep. #32 Being Bold and Direct with Women with Alan Roger Currie

Ep. #32 Being Bold and Direct with Women with Alan Roger Currie

Ep. #32 Being Bold and Direct with Women with Alan Roger Currie

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Today's show was a lot of fun to do. Alan Roger Currie, one of the best known evangelists of "Direct Game" or telling women exactly what you are thinking, tells us the whole story behind his method and gives us a ton of examples.

Be warned: Some of the examples, stories and situations may be quite far out of some of your comfort zones. In fact you may find that his approach isn't a good fit for you.

But while Alan's approach may not be for everyone, there is definitely something to be learned from it by everyone. If anything, he provides an eye-opening glimpse of how straight forward sexual encounters can be and how direct you can be without getting negative responses.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • Modeling a basic attitude from John Leslie in the porno movie "Talk Dirty to Me". (2:00).
  • Examples of what Alan Roger Currie says to women and the results he gets from it. (6:00).
  • The ,explicit, story of the time Alan Roger Currie tested his theory in response to a challenge from his brother and realized he had a powerful method. (8:30).
  • Alan applying his method outside of his comfort zone and getting away with it. (16:30).
  • The origin of the label "Mode One" and foundation of Alan's first book and a break down of the four modes. (22:00).
  • The pamphlet that started the book and the typical rejections from men who read it. (28:00).
  • Once you believe that Mode One direct and bold behavior is for you, how do you overcome your shyness and resistance to actually doing it. (33:00).
  • How women typically respond to men using Mode One behavior and why it isn't important. (38:30).
  • Positive reactions are over rated and negative reactions are nothing to be afraid of. (43:00).
  • First negative reactions often become positive sexual reactions. (45:00).
  • Mode One in the context of wanting "One Girl", a girlfriend or a wife. (49:30).
  • How the Mode One style of interaction makes you stand out and become more interesting. (52:00).
  • Examples of being bold inside your relationships. (54:00).
  • One view of why a 'break up' can hurt so much and its relationship to 'boldness' and being yourself. (57:00).
  • Can you get yourself into trouble by being bold with women when there are other people involved (her friends, other people in the bar, her brother etc.). (1:00:00).
  • Can taking on new attractive and bold attitudes affect your family relationships? Create family drama? How should you handle this? (1:05:00).
  • Alan Roger Currie's top 3 recommendations for improving your results with women as fast as possible. (1:17:00).

Alan Roger Currie Quote from the Interview

Alan attacks the general social programming we receive particularly in the area of dating and relationships at several points in the interview.

This quote captures what he thinks of the generic dating advice given to men, and how men are expected to act all the time towards women. I think it's a useful reminder because 'social programming' is kind of like fashion. 200 years ago, or 1000 years ago, social etiquettes were very very different, and social programming as a consequence was different also.

Alan Roger Currie pushes this point aggressively home with this statement which is why it can be useful to keep in mind.

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