Ep. #42 Getting Women to Chase You with Chase Amante

Ep. #42 Getting Women to Chase You with Chase Amante

Ep. #42 Getting Women to Chase You with Chase Amante

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This week we revisit the pickup artist world again with Chase Amante, a guy who has studied a lot of the pickup arts and formulated his own approach which emphasizes getting women to chase you.

Chase is a man who has lived a very varied life and has some mature perspectives on areas such as marriage, relationships in general and how attraction works.

Having women chase you is an important part of attracting women, especially for women who are get a lot of attention. The subject of 'chasing' can get pretty deep as you'll see in this episode looking at subjects from her investing in you, you getting compliance from her and your attainability level.

Audio quality note: You may notice a 'sparking noise' in some of the interview audio for today. Unfortunately Chase had a little problem with his microphone that we weren't able to fix, however it won't stop you from hearing him - just a bit annoying. Apologies for this. We've actually taken steps to upgrade audio just this week and in future episodes you'll be hearing more of the benefits of that with sharper/ cleaner audio.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • Chase Amante's dating lifestyle today, his marriage, past relationships and perspective on relationships.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of marriage and different ideas on how beneficial or not it can be for relationships.
  • Why is it important to get women chasing you? What does it do for you in terms of attracting women?
  • How investment works: Emotional feelings to thoughts to actions.
  • "Auto rejection" a reaction that you need to avoid with women which is very common.
  • How to modify the way you speak to increase your presence and the impact you make on people.
  • Preparation - the main factor stopping men from getting good who have been putting a lot of energy and effort into getting better with women for 5 years with little progress.
  • "As soon as you see an opening you have to push and move things forward."
  • Asking for compliance from women: Examples of how to do it and avoiding overdoing it.
  • "Deep Diving": A compliance heavy technique for use in conversation that also builds intimacy.
  • The neurological rule that allows you to get someone to feel like they know very quickly.
  • The top 3 recommendations from Chase Amante for men to get better with women on the Fasttrack.

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Today's Quote of Insight

Today's quote is a simple rule that works very well for the majority of men. The fact is that most men don't try to move interactions forwards with women fast enough. The context of this quote is important. It's not about taking anything away from women or trying to get anything from them. It's about the fact that women are often ready for you to move forward, but they are waiting for you.

The easiest way to find out this truth, to get more observant about it, adjust your 'reality' of the world to this truth and to lift your limiting mindset around it - is to just push that boundary.

It's about testing and finding out what the real situation is. The moment you push and take action a girl will give you some feedback which will teach you far more than if you don't try.

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