Ep. #51 Accessing the Power of Emotional Transference with David Tian

Ep. #51 Accessing the Power of Emotional Transference with David Tian

Ep. #51 Accessing the Power of Emotional Transference with David Tian

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The events that lead us to look more closely at our dating lives and our selves, typically involve some kind of rejection.

After a break up, striking out with a girl you're really into or just generally not getting anywhere with your dating efforts, most men's reaction is to pull back. You hide your emotions. You bury them deep.

Scientific research clearly demonstrates the power each of our emotions can have over others. It shows that "emotions are contagious" as the saying goes.

Today we explore this theme, some of the academic research, and more importantly a long time practitioner of an emotional style of relating to and seducing women, David Tian (also known as The Asian Rake), talks about his experiences and how using your emotions works in practice.

David recently released his personal "emotional transference" based method in his Desire System. I personally found this to be a very mature, deep, healthy and effective course. You can read more about what I thought of it in my review.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • How David was forced to focus on elements of himself that led him to become a "Rake" during his stay in China.
  • David's relationship stats, background including details on the longer time he's spent in relationships vs many other dating coaches, including a marriage and how his dating lifestyle is today.
  • How David ended up taking the name "The Asian Rake" which he first became well known for as an effective seducer in the year 2007.
  • Comparison of characters in the public eye that David sees as Rakes, versus those that Robert Greene identified when we spoke with him recently.
  • The natural Iranian Rake and the story of how David first came face to face with the results the Rake personality gets and got inspired to investigate it more.
  • Different viewpoints of what the fundamental attributes behind the Rake are - do you have to love women? is there room for any misogyny?
  • The dangers and anti-climax of a long seduction or build up before having sex with a girl, especially when it ends up you both ending up in bed very late at night.
  • More emotional aspects of your character that you may shun, but can actually work well for you with women. Love of deserts, candy and sugar and teddy bears.
  • The proportion of female friends that can help you develop your Rake character.
  • How to balance your Rake feminine side with your masculine through investment of your time in manly activities.
  • A strange Chinese historical story that illustrates some of the advanced mechanics of being a Rake.
  • How men need to learn that they are not just one person, or personality, and access the multiple dimensions beneath them.
  • Truth bombs: "You kind of have to be detached to get good at this.".
  • Where David disagrees with how Robert Greene looks at the obsessive personality of the Rake.
  • Blast from the past: Reminiscing on MrSex4UNYC, one of the earliest successful pickup artists from the 1998 to 2002 years.
  • Digging into the science behind emotional transference, mirror neurons and the studies and research supporting it.
  • The problems with parental investment theory from evolutionary psychology and how women's long term driven sexuality has been put into question by harder data on their physiology captured in studies.
  • The mechanics and a process for taking control of your emotions.
  • What exactly is 'being confident'? How do you actually create confidence and project confidence in the right way? (Not arrogance or bravado).
  • How to build your own self-reliance and confidence though the experiences you pursue in life and David's story of a recent self-reliance building experience he had.
  • David Tian's top 3 recommendations for men to act on to get results with women as fast as possible.
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Items Mentioned in this Episode include:

  • The Desire System review: Our review of David's course where he teaches emotional transference, awareness of and controlling emotions to become a Rake style seducer. You can go directly to check out The Desire System on David's site here.
  • DSP Episode 19 with David Tian: Last time David joined me on the podcast we discussed Asian women, Asian culture and how it affects dating and relationships.
  • DSP Episode 47 with Robert Greene: We also discussed the Rake at length with bestselling author Robert Greene just recently, who infamously covered the archetype in his book, "The Art of Seduction".
  • A sex difference in the specificity of sexual arousal, 2004: The study carried out by Meredith Chivers PhD based on hard physical data that revealed that women have a wider range of arousal than men, and put the "parental investment" theory from evolutionary science and many other of their theories into question.
  • The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy: David recommends reading the infamous fifty shades series to better understand how women really think about romance and sexuality.
  • Marcus Aurelius' Meditations: Marcus Aurelius was a greek philosopher, and the last and most developed of the 'stoic' philosophers. Stoicism has deep connections to the issue of Self Reliance we discussed. "Every man should read it".

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