Ep. #54 The Path to a Serious Girlfriend with Christian Hudson

Ep. #54 The Path to a Serious Girlfriend with Christian Hudson

Ep. #54 The Path to a Serious Girlfriend with Christian Hudson

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Are you in a casual dating phase or a serious phase of dating right now? Are you happy with the level of seriousness of your relationships?

The gap between casual dating and serious long term girlfriends isn’t the easiest to cross for many guys. You get used to casual dating, and pick up habits that don’t work with more serious relationships. Or you don’t develop in ways that support the health and longevity of those relationships. Interestingly this is a question that many of the guys I know who have been teaching in the dating and relationships area have many different approaches and perspectives on.

Today, we’re going to look into one of those perspectives with Christian Hudson who is the coach behind our current top rated “getting and keeping a girlfriend” training course (Girlfriend Activation System).

In this episode we dig deep into the questions surrounding your choice of casual or serious relationships and what you’ll need to work on when you want to take things serious with a particular girl that has made that special impression on you.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • Christian's background, his dating lifestyle and how he got into coaching men on the topic.
  • The point at which Christian decided to move from casual dating to serious long term relationships (12:00)
  • The relationship between responsibility, owning a business, seeking out more stable relationships and Napoleon Hill's ideas on "Sex Transmutation" (13:10)
  • How relationships force you to grow in different ways to the single life (14:40)
  • When is the right time to move from casual to serious dating for you (17:50)
  • The search for the playboy lifestyle and how it inspires men, with the example of Dan Bilzerian (18:50)
  • Some men's biology and mindsets translate to not having a need to meet a lot of women (19:30)
  • "The promoter problem" (24:10)
  • Blocks some men have to getting into relationships with girlfriends after having been dating casually for a long time (25:30)
  • How your values become about "sleeping with women" when you are submerged in the pickup community, men's communities who emphasize this (27:00)
  • Avoid weak values by actively embracing difficult and scary thing in life that he thinks he needs to do but isn't doing (29:50)
  • An example from Christian's life where he put a girl before his own mission and values and it backfired on him (30:50)
  • How the way friends evolve in their relationships can bring them closer or further apart (32:00)
  • "In the long run the truth comes out." - Why you have no choice but to improve yourself if you want long term relationships (33:50)
  • The different types of tests that women will put on you during your relationship (35:00)
  • Do you have to have worked on yourself before you should even try to get into a serious quality relationship? (39:40)
  • Why Christian decided to re-record his Girlfriend Activation System training program (42:00)
  • Christian Hudson's top 3 recommendations to improve your life with women as fast as possible (44:00)

Items Mentioned in this Episode include:

  • Girlfriend Activation System Review: My review of Christian's course. Note: This is currently the review of the first version, however Christian recently recorded and improve the program - I will be publishing my review of version 2.0 shortly - but if you're in a rush and want to get it now, I can already say that the 2.0 version is better than the already good 1.0 version.
  • Girlfriend Activation System 2.0: Direct link to Christian's training program to get and keep girlfriends.
  • Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill): We discussed Chapter XI “The Mystery of Sex and Transmutation" (Angel mistakenly referred to it as Chapter 6, it's Chapter 11)
  • People mentioned in this episode included David Tian (Asian Rake), Dan Bilzerian (Dan is a poker player who has become renowned for his public display on instagram of his rich playboy lifestyle), Nick Sparks, Mark Manson and Adam Lyons.

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