Ep. #70 Masculinity in a Modern World with Jack Donovan

Ep. #70 Masculinity in a Modern World with Jack Donovan

Ep. #70 Masculinity in a Modern World with Jack Donovan
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What is masculinity today? What is being a man and how does this impact your life, your dating, sex, and relationships?

We hear that women like masculine men, but this is rarely described in any practical or actionable detail. And really most of what we hear is what the media likes to think or portray about masculinity. Mostly the look, and mostly, if we think about it - driven by the blockbuster movies and modern heroes portrayed in them - we by default take the ideas from movie screenwriters and from stories, rather than finding any true practical philosophy or rules of what defines masculinity; and what real impact having or not having it has on our lives, and on our results with women.

I think the topic of masculinity is confused today. And it relates to what we call inner game and confidence here at Dating Skills Review. It's an essential part of our self-esteem and who we become. It defines how we relate and interact with women.

Today's guest is Jack Donovan. He is the author of the book "The Way of Men" published in 2012 which contains very different views from the mainstream. Jack is a very direct and authentic guy, with strong and original opinions. While I may not agree with everything in his mindsets and ideas, he does have a lot of very valuable insights into how to be a man today, how that relates to our past, and how we can use this to make better decisions in our life; and to improve our relationships with both men and women.

His book "The Way of Men" is a great read, and recommended - check out my review of it for my complete thoughts - and while I'd put it down as more of an advanced read on the subject, it's definitely something you should read at some point.

Now for a quick and big announcement:

If you've been listening to the show for a while, you know my team and I have been working on something new for a long time. It started with an idea 5 years ago, and we got down to actually start building it around a year ago. We call it The Academy, or Dating Skills Academy. Well, it's finally done. We're taking in 50 people on the program on October 4th - around 1 week after this episode goes live. In a few words, it's my best attempt to bring two things I saw as lacking to you:

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That's all I'm going to say about it. If you're interested, you need to sign up with your email to the Dating Skills Academy newsletter. I don't like sending people information they don't want, so that's the only way to find out more and get access to the program when it launches. You can sign up by clicking here.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • Jack's views of the state of masculinity today (05:28)
  • The need for masculinity and the negative impacts of not being masculine (06:35)
  • Some of the biggest things confusing our masculinity today (10:07)
  • Men have to develop their individual purpose as well as dealing within groups of men to define their masculinity (14:46)
  • Modern masculinity as being able to see the value in different approaches and skillsets as apposed to diminishing other groups because they are different (22:10)
  • Useful things / values to have as a basis for developing tribes and relational groups (27:25)
  • Challenging yourself for masculinity growth (29:57)
  • Evolutionary psychology and how it fits with Jack's views of masculinity (33:18)
  • The creative arts as useful aspects of masculinity (35:16)
  • Modern day examples of masculinity in the creative artists (37:31)
  • What is currently having a negative impact on masculinity? (39:53)
  • Defining masculinity through strength, courage, mastery, and honor (43:35)
  • Is there a biological aspect (e.g. testosterone) in modern day society that is undermining masculinity? (47:54)
  • Jack's strongest character attribute (49:54)
  • Overview of different movements such as the feminism and the manisphere (51:15)
  • Top three recommendations to help men become more masculine or bring more masculinity into their life (53:43)
  • Male bounding within the pickup artist community (56:42)
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Items Mentioned in this Episode include:

  • The Way of Men: Jack’s book about masculinity, mentioned by Angel in the introduction and throughout the interview.
  • jack-donovan.com: Jack’s website.
  • Everyone A Harlot: Jack’s essay about how society wants us all to be whores.
  • The Obstacle Is the Way: Mentioned by Jack in the interview and highly recommended reading by Angel. It is about turning your own adversity into advantage.
  • DavidBuss.com or David Buss on DSR: David Buss, leading evolutionary psychology researcher and author of "The Evolution of Desire" and "The Dangerous Passion Why Jealousy is Necessary in Love and Sex". Mentioned by Angel when discussing evolutionary psychology and whether it applies to Jack’s views of masculinity.
  • The State of Evolutionary Psychology and the Mating Mind with Geoffrey Miller: Geoffrey Miller is one of the best-known researchers in the field of Evolutionary Psychology and also mentioned by Angel regarding Jack’s views of masculinity.
  • Mastery: Angel mentioned Robert Greene’s book when discussing how to go about developing masculinity.
  • Manosphere.com: Angel and Jack mentioned this blog site while talking about different and current movements taking place in society. Manosphere is a term designed to loosely describe a community of blogs on the internet with male interests in mind.

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