Ep. #26 Step by Step Elimination of Approach Anxiety with Eric Disco

Ep. #26 Step by Step Elimination of Approach Anxiety with Eric Disco

Ep. #26 Step by Step Elimination of Approach Anxiety with Eric Disco

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  • "Approach Anxiety" is the No.1 reason men don't get success with women (What 7 years of coaching men to meet women showed me) (1:30).
  • How to know what you need to study first is - basic fundamentals or more specific techniques? (4:08).
  • Is Approach Anxiety the same for all men? Do all men have it? Do they have it the same way and have to fix it the same way? (6:30).
  • How do you know that Approach Anxiety is the problem you have to focus to get better results? The hidden barrier to success (9:00).
  • Approach Anxiety is FEAR. Understand how similar it is to other fears in your life in areas such as business, social, career and health (10:15).
  • Using daytime approaching with steady steps to kill your approach anxiety in all situations and the problems men face when they try to get over approach anxiety at night in bars and clubs (12:50).
  • How using new situations and places for your practice field works much better than using places and situations you know (14:30).
  • How to build comfort in specific situations and places so that approach anxiety gradually fades away and disappears (16:00).
  • Take consistency extremely seriously - it is essential to making progress (17:00).
  • Living in smaller towns where you meet the same people a lot and how it can affect you (19:00).
  • A story from the field: A recent potentially 'embarrassing' moment Eric Disco experienced approaching women (21:00).
  • Overcoming typical embarrassing mistakes made when approaching women and not letting it increase your anxiety levels (22:30).
  • Can you use negative emotions like anger to get past your approach anxiety? (23:00).
  • An example of Angel Donovan's approach to overcoming Approach Anxiety and Eric Disco explaining how this can be useful or hurtful to other men trying to overcome their fear and nervousness of approaching women (24:30).
  • Avoiding the same thought process and getting stuck in a loop of constantly dragging yourself down (27:30).
  • Tackling the negative feelings you get when you try to approach or really approach women so they get processed healthily and don't affect your future attempts to approach women(29:00).
  • Summary of Eric Disco's approach to killing off approach anxiety (30:00).
  • How a case study from neuroscience - the Chinese conversion of U.S. military into communist advocates - shows you the effective approach to beating your fears (33:00).
  • A brief introduction into exposure therapy and using it to overcome any fear (not just approaching and talking to women) (37:00).
  • Every improvement you make to yourself relates to the same rule of 'stress' and 'recovery'. Steady exposure. (39:00).
  • You are drawn and attracted to short term rewards. But aiming for the long term rewards is what actually gets the results (41:00).
  • Good marketing is motivational - Marketing has a role in helping people to get motivated to overcome their fears such as approach anxiety, and taking on the challenge of improving their life in general (42:00).
  • She's Six Steps Away reviewed by Jackson Hunter was awarded the Dating Skills Editor's Choice award as best product to help you beat approach anxiety and get good at approaching women (43:00).
  • Not only does everyone get Approach Anxiety? Is it a normal challenge that everyone has to deal with and Why you ACTUALLY need it to become successful with women (43:00).
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