Ep. #45 Bangkok Dating: Where to Meet Women, What to Avoid and Other Inside Tips

Ep. #45 Bangkok Dating: Where to Meet Women, What to Avoid and Other Inside Tips

Ep. #45 Bangkok Dating: Where to Meet Women, What to Avoid and Other Inside Tips
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Time for something different. In this week's episode we're getting really practical. We're talking, on the ground, practical.

On today's show you'll meet a highly experienced Wolf Pack from Bangkok, Thailand to give you advice and tips on everything about meeting, dating and relationships with Thai and foreign women in Bangkok.

If you've ever travelled to a city for a break or moved cities - or are thinking about moving, you'll know how useful some on the ground tips could be to getting your dating lifestyle up and running from the moment you land.

This is a monster episode at nearly 3 hours long. Even if you're not going to Bangkok anytime soon, I'd still recommend you listen to this episode from mid-way onwards because of the many different facets of screening girls and relationship dynamics we discuss.

The Bangkok Wolfpack has 16 years of experience of on the ground Bangkok dating experience. It includes, Jackson Hunter (one of our most experienced editors), Charlie (over 10 years experience in Bangkok alone...), and of course myself, Angel Donovan, with my own 5 something-years in Thailand and 10 years in Asia.

Have been planning this episode for a while - hope you enjoy it and it inspires you to visit Bangkok. It's an exceptional city, a lot of fun and home of some great quality women!

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • A snapshot of Jackson Hunter's and Charlie's dating lives in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • The best clubs and bars to meet women and what you can expect from each of the different 'nightlife scenes' (Sukhumvit Soi 11, Ratchada, RCA, Thonglor/ Ekkamai and Khao San.
  • After hours bars and clubs, their connection with the Bangkok underworld and the later at night - higher the working girl ratio.
  • Meeting foreign women in Bangkok and Thailand.
  • Relationships with Thai women - the good, the bad and what to expect.
  • Thai and buddhist culture: some things to avoid with girls and Thais in general.
  • How to recognize and screen for hookers (working girls) in bars, clubs and elsewhere.
  • Camouflaged ex-bar girls, how to recognize them, how they fund their lifestyle and a typical girlfriend story that many men fall for.
  • The ladyboy (transvestite), gay (Toms, Ladies etc.) culture in Bangkok and Thailand.
  • How to recognize a ladyboy in a bar or elsewhere and the places you typically meet them.
  • Yearly events not to miss including Loi Krathong (alternative valentines day) and Loi Krathong.
  • Safety: The specific dangers of STDs, the police, drugs and scams in Thailand you may encounter.
  • Other Thailand islands and cities: Full moon party on Ko Pha Ngan, scandinavian girls on Koh Phi Phi, Phuket and Pattaya.

Get Any of Your Questions Answered on Bangkok and Thailand

Through till Monday 11th November the guests from today's podcast will be answering any of your questions in the comments.

Take advantage of their 16 years of experience to find out all you can about dating and relationships in Bangkok and Thailand.

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