Ep. #50 A Data Driven Approach to Online Dating with Scott Valdez

Ep. #50 A Data Driven Approach to Online Dating with Scott Valdez

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Are you meeting enough women? If not, have you taken advantage of the huge online dating world yet?

Online dating was a desert and looked down upon in general - it wasn't something you wanted to admit to. That was the 90s. In the 2000s it blew up into something that has most people now accepting it is a normal way to meet to date, hook up and even to marry.

Last week our editor Jackson Hunter reviewed a cool course that makes use of data to improve your results with online dating - everything they advise on has been tested 1000s of times.

That course was The Click Magnet Dating System, and when I looked at it I knew it was going to make for a great interview - so reached out to Scott Valdez to get him on to discuss his data driven approach.

It turned out to be a knowledge packed episode and we even went on a bit longer, so it's around 90 minutes this week. Enjoy.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • How Scott Valdez uses online dating while he's traveling to meet women and have dates setup before he arrives in a new place.
  • Why online dating tends to build trust with women quickly and how facebook can help with this.
  • An overview of the best online dating sites that Scott Valdez uses in and out of the U.S.
  • Why it's a good idea to pay for extra services on some of the free dating sites.
  • The new mobile dating apps and how they differ from the standard online sites and you need to use a slightly different approach.
  • The problems and challenges with the adult dating, casual dating and hookup dating sties.
  • The importance of photos, how much work to put into them and how to get them rated so you know how good they are.
  • "Time to response" - the most important metric you need to track to improve with online dating.
  • The benchmark metrics from Virtual Dating Assistants that you need to hit (e.g. response rate, and date rate) otherwise it's a red flag and you are doing something wrong.
  • How to choose the online dating site or app according to what you are looking for: hook up, short term or long term dating and marriage.
  • What should you keep in mind when selecting women to message in online dating (paying attention to photos and profiles).
  • Experiments with traveling and organizing parties with women met via online dating.
  • How different approaches like cocky, funny and sincere tend to work with different platforms and women of different ages.
  • How online dating can help you start learning quicker when you first start learning and practicing your dating skills.
  • The top 3 recommendations from Scott Valdez on what to do to improve your dating as fast as possible.
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Items Mentioned in this Episode include:

  • The Click Magnet Dating System: This is the course describing the complete system that Scott and his company Virtual Dating Assistants use including their data tracking spreadsheet and some template messages.
  • Virtual Dating Assistants (ViDA): Scott's company which provides a fully outsourced online dating system for men and women.
  • The different online dating sites and apps that Scott mentioned in the interview:
  • Other data driven info and experiments in online dating:
    • MyBestFace: OKCupid photo rating service that you can use to find your best photos for your dating profile.
    • OKCupid's OKTrends blog: OKCupid published a lot of data driven analysis on dating behaviors that took place in OKCupid between 2009 and 2011.
    • Math Genius that Hacked OKCupid to Get Dates: Just recently this news broke about a maths PhD, Chris McKinlay, who developed an application to hack OKCupid and create an ideal profile for him to get matched to his ideal women. Interesting read. Scott and I discussed this before the interview but ran out of time to include it in the interview.
    • Tim Ferriss' outsourcing online dating experiment: Neil Strauss interviews Tim about an experiment he ran in the late 2000s on online dating sites which resulted in him finding his girlfriend at the time.

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