Ep. #67 The State of Evolutionary Psychology and the Mating Mind with Geoffrey Miller

Ep. #67 The State of Evolutionary Psychology and the Mating Mind with Geoffrey Miller

Ep. #67 The State of Evolutionary Psychology and the Mating Mind with Geoffrey Miller

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We're back to the world of science today. One of the areas of science that looks at the area of dating, sex, and relationships is evolutionary psychology. We'll get into what evolutionary psychology actually is in the interview. But briefly, the part we're interested in is that it studies our behaviors in dating, relationships, and sexual encounters.

You see evolutionary psychology is referenced a lot, and some of the concepts taken from this scientific discipline are not necessarily translated very well. Sometimes they’re misunderstood and miscommunicated. So sometimes you see erroneous ideas and it could be misleading, and it's attributed to research whereas it's not really well researched; the points that people will be making and kind of making a stretch and leap from what evolutionary psychology actually does prove.

So, today we're looking at what the research in evolutionary psychology actually does say, how good the research is in terms of its quality, and where it's most misunderstood, and some of it's most interesting findings to date.

Today's guest is very well positioned to comment on this topic, as he is one of the best-known researchers in the field of evolutionary psychology. And his book The Mating Mind, published in 2000, is one of the most referenced. Geoffrey Miller has had a long career in research starting with his PhD in cognitive psychology at Stanford University.

Since then, he has held evolutionary psychology positions at a variety of universities in the U.S., London, and Germany. He has 54 publications to his name including peer reviewed research papers and books. Currently, he is an associate professor at the University of New Mexico teaching human sexuality and evolutionary psychology.

He's also working on a new book to be published in the fall of 2015 with co-author Tucker Max, which is aimed at helping younger men with their dating lives. You can find both Geoffrey and Tucker on the podcast The Mating Grounds, which they've started in connection with the book.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • Geoffrey's background, and how his research and understandings filtered into his choices (04:37)
  • Evolutionary Psychology: a summary and the meaning according to Geoffrey (08:26)
  • Other perspectives of evolutionary psychology (10:18)
  • The research of Kinsey and Masters on sexuality (11:40)
  • Is evolutionary psychology the main area of science today that looks at dating, sex, and relationships? (12:57)
  • The main themes of evolutionary psychology (14:17)
  • An overview of evolutionary psychology and its evolution (15:20)
  • What the research studies are based on and the approach (19:15)
  • The quality of research studies and where evolutionary psychology is headed (23:10)
  • How sex research has suffered (26:58)
  • What is needed in sexual research (27:37)
  • Relevant evolutionary psychology information sources besides research (28:35)
  • The advantages of dating different types of women (33:21)
  • The biggest mis-interpretations and mistakes people make regarding evolutionary psychology research, and how it may be undermining the dating / sexual area of their life (35:49)
  • Culture differences in mating behavior in different countries based on status (39:45)
  • Areas that are over emphasized in sexuality and what women care about (41:09)
  • Do evolutionary psychologists look at psychological imprints? (42:43)
  • Sexual ornamentation and the positive feedback effect / runaway theory (43:43)
  • Highlights of The Mating Mind (47:55)
  • The advantages of doing something creative and social to build sexual life skills (49:43)
  • Areas that should be studied in terms of how human sexuality works (51:25)
  • Geoffrey's worst and best dates (53:34)
  • The benefits of developing curiosity and the skills to deal with people from various walks of life (55:42)
  • Recommendations in the areas of evolutionary psychology (56:45)
  • Top three recommendations to help men get results as fast as possible in dating, sex, and relationships (57:58)
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