Ep. #52 Does Your Testosterone Level Impact Your Dating Life? with Christopher Walker

Ep. #52 Does Your Testosterone Level Impact Your Dating Life? with Christopher Walker

Ep. #52 Does Your Testosterone Level Impact Your Dating Life? with Christopher Walker

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In today's episode we dive into one aspect of how your biology can affect your inner game and confidence. Do you feel anxious sometimes? All of the time? There is often more to it than just your psychology and this is where some men can get stuck, if they carry on trying to improve their confidence without tackling their biology.

The best known aspect of a men's biology that impacts his drive, anxiety and confidence levels is his testosterone. So we're starting there.

The man we've got on to talk about testosterone is Christopher Walker, whose course Testosterone IO, editor Jackson Hunter recently reviewed.

Chris was a great guy to talk about testosterone and dating because his studies have been in neuroscience and he has had the extreme experience of having to raise his own testosterone naturally from 11ng/dl (you'll find out why his was so low in the show) up to over 1200 ng/dl (above the normal lab reference range). So he understands how it impacts the brain and how to raise it naturally.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • How Chris was forced to learn how to raise his testosterone naturally due to very low levels by a brain tumor next to his pituitary gland.
  • Background on Chris' dating and social lifestyle including his interests, and how his dating life has changed recently moving from meeting women at night to during the daytime.
  • The digital nomad/ online business lifestyle and how it can help you to follow your passions and feeling like you are contributing to the world.
  • Why Chris changed from "casual dating" to "exclusive dating".
  • How different expectations between you and the women you are dating can undermine your happiness (sometimes silently).
  • How making your passion your 'work' brings more relevant and interesting women into your life.
  • How taking the entrepreneur track for your career can help raise your self-confidence. Keyword "Responsibility".
  • The biggest myths surrounding you see repeated in marketing and blogs online about needing to raise your testosterone level.
  • The health issues that taking steroids to boost testosterone levels can cause over the longer term.
  • The sweet spot for testosterone levels, muscle mass, penis size and plastic surgery vs. the bigger better train.
  • Where do the 'anger' or roid rage rumors associated with testosterone come from and do they have any relationship to reality?
  • Can a high libido be a disadvantage? Direct 'uncensored' discussion about studies, testosterone and what it could mean for your overall lifestyle.
  • Why lab test reference ranges aren't necessarily indicative of the optimum testosterone level you should aim for.
  • How losing 'extra' body fat will have one of the biggest impacts on increasing your testosterone levels.
  • Should you eat foods that include cholesterol? The cholesterol myth and how your cholesterol intake relates to testosterone.
  • Chris' top 3 recommendations for men to act on to improve their lives with women as fast as possible.
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