Tenmagnet, one of Love Systems' lead instructors, was one of the members of the "Secret Underground Society of Pickup Artists" described in "The Game" by Neil Strauss.

He coached and mentored many students that later became dating instructors in their own right, including Cajun, Braddock, Dahunter and Biskit.

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Personal Data

Commercial Alias Name: Tenmagnet

Real Name: Chris Shepherd

Nationality: Canadian

Date of Birth: December 09, 1981 (Age 41)

Height: 5"9

Profession(s): Pick Up Artist (PUA)

Affiliated Dating Companies: Love Systems

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Trademark Advice

Classic Mystery Method style game


Personal Life

Chris Shepherd (Tenmagnet), currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. He says that prior to the pick up artist community he was never comfortable with talking to strangers.

During his high school days, he considered himself an outcast.

Things only got better when he moved to Toronto for college. He still had the same issues with meeting other people but he realized that he would have to change to adapt to big city life. He found that people in the big city were more able to just chat with others and relate easily, and he wanted that.

Pickup Artist Career

Tenmagnet, worked on changing his attitudes and beliefs while at University making himself increasingly outgoing.

However this didn't improve his situation with women says Tenmagnet. In his search to learn in the field he said he would get rejected by fifteen women in a row, and still keep trying.

By the age of 21 he had had just one girlfriend, which he felt wasn't enough.

He discovered the pick up artist community when he searched for "Why do women like [as******]?" in Ask Jeeves (a popular search engine before the major search engines dominated web search).

The website he found revealed that there was a community of guys going out and practicing pick up techniques, and sharing and giving advice to one another.

Time passed by and he started meeting up with other men who had the same interest in learning the science of dating and pick up. Living in Toronto, the home of many of the first pick up artists, he was fortunate.

He began winging with with Mystery, Tyler/TD (Owen Cook), Extramask (Twenty Six), Toecutter and others who were mentioned in Style (Neil Strauss)'s book The Game. He was consistently going out and practicing every week with these and other pick up artists at the time.

When many of his wingmen left for Project Hollywood, he stayed in Toronto to finish his studies.

He continued to practice and develop his dating skills and when dating advice companies began to appear shortly afterwards he was invited to help out on various bootcamps.

He increasingly taught as an instructor on Mystery Method Corp.'s bootcamps from early 2006. As a result he is one of the longest running and most senior instructors at Love Systems (rebranded from Mystery Method Corp. at end of 2008).

Notable Media Appearances

Books, Courses and Coaching & Tenmagnet Reviews

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