Braddock is one of Love Systems' master instructors and one of the most active in their products and media exposure.

He is best known for text game and social game for which he led the development of both of Love Systems' related products.

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Personal Data

Commercial Alias Name: Braddock

Real Name: Nick

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: November 17, 1982 (Age 41)

Height: 5"11

Profession(s): Dating Coach

Affiliated Dating Companies: Love Systems

Trademark Advice

  • Social Circle Game: Braddock developed Love Systems' Social Circle Game advice with Mr. M. Braddock relied leveraged his college campus experiences for it, while Mr. M used his experiences with his London-based night club promoter business. It became an ongoing seminar series and in 2011 was released as the subsequent Social Circle Game DVD program.
  • Text and Phone Game: Braddock got a reputation for text and phone game at Love Systems and Savoy started him up to write a book on the subject with his support in early 2008. At a later stage in 2009 Mr. M joined in to bring his own ideas to the project. The outcome was The ultimate guide to text and phone game released at the beginning of 2010 (2 years in the making). The most notable innovation that Braddock brought to text game was Dynamite Theory.

    Dynamite Theory: Explains how to calibrate to women when you are texting and phoning them using long/ medium/ short fuse categories reflecting how likely they are to respond positively.

  • Inner Game: Another collaboration project between Braddock and Mr. M has been working on Inner Game which became the Love Systems series of Inner Game seminars. In their approach to inner game there are two unique points:

    - They link it to your social circle and social network. This is an innovative take on inner game and original. The inner game series was filmed, but has never been released as a product.

    - Going Supernova: How you build up each part of your life to build a complete lifestyle that supports and builds your inner game.


Personal Life

Braddock is from one of the Northern states in the U.S. where he also went to college.

He became a dating coach shortly after graduating.

Dating Advice Career

Nick (Braddock) was relatively popular with women at college as a 'frat' boy. However he wanted to get to know women outside of his social circle, and this is what led him to Love Systems.

He originally helped out on bootcamps as an 'Approach Coach' with the early instructors (The Don, Sheriff, Mr. M, Tenmagnet, Sinn, Future, and Savoy). He supported just The Don on 25-30 bootcamps, so the total invested hours was high.

The Don and Mr. M both remarked on Braddock's near obsessive note taking while he was learning. Everything got noted down during seminars he was sitting in on, and he kept binders full of notes to review. It is a practice and habit he continues for product creation and for other aspects of his life.

He became an instructor for Love Systems in 2007 and got promoted to master instructor in 2008.

In 2008 he moved to Los Angeles, living in an appartment with Dahunter, and running bootcamps for Love Systems in L.A.

Braddock's Credentials & Experience

Braddock claimed on his blog that he hooked up with one of the Singers from the Australian Group Raen in September 2008 (see Raen's Facebook page).

Notable Media Appearances

Braddock featured on the high profile Tyra Banks Show alongside Nick Savoy.

Books, Courses and Coaching & Braddock Reviews

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