Future, in his early 30s, is the oldest dating instructor at Love Systems. In addition to his dating coach lifestyle he performs in stand-up comedy.

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Personal Data

Commercial Alias Name: Future

Real Name: Thompson

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: February 18, 1981 (Age 40)

Height: 5"10


  • Pick Up Artist (PUA)
  • Dating Coach

Affiliated Dating Companies: Love Systems

Trademark Advice

Trade Mark Advice
Future developed the concept of Breakthrough Comfort with Sinn (Jonathan Lee) in 2007. Later in 2009 he pioneered the course Breakthrough Comfort.

Future’s Big 10

  • 1. You Are Going To Get Rejected
  • 2. Talk to Girls.
  • 3. Keep Talking, Even When It Gets Awkward.
  • 4. No Judgment.
  • 5. Break Your Wrist Taking Notes.
  • 6. Baby Steps.
  • 7. Don’t Ask Permission to Talk to Anyone.
  • 8. Everything I Say is Right, and Everything is Going According to Plan.
  • 9. Discover Boundaries, Don’t Determine Them Ahead of Time.
  • 10. Have Fun!!
Personal Quotes
"I want you, with every molecule in my being, but I don’t need you"

"What need have I to fear--so soon to die?"
"Let me work on, not watch and wait in dread."
"What will it matter, when that I am dead."
"That they bore hate or love that near me lie?"
"'Tis but a lifetime, and the end is nigh."


Personal Life

Future (Thompson) was born on February 18, 1981 and currently resides in New York, U.S.

Growing up he originally wanted to be a Presbyterian priest. However, that didn't workout and he joined the United States Marine Corps instead.

Pickup Artist Career

During Future's service as a NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) in the US Marine Corps., he broke up with his unfaithful girlfriend. After that he remained single for a relatively long period and admits that he was frustrated with his lack of success with women.

At age 24, in 2005, Future discovered Love Systems when his frustration drove him to research how to overcome his problems with women. He soon booked a Love Systems Bootcamp and began to improve his "Game" a lot as a result.

He became a Love System's dating coach a few months after that, when Nick Savoy saw his potential. By the end of 2005 he was getting solid reviews from bootcamp students.

He created the seminar program Breakthrough Comfort and was given the Love Systems Super Conference 2009 #1 top instructor award partly as a result.

Notable Media Appearances

Books, Courses and Coaching & Future Reviews

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