Papa (Nick Kho)

Papa (Nick Kho)
Papa (Nick Kho) is the business mind behind Real Social Dynamics. When TD and Papa co-founded RSD, it was based on their mutual strengths. Papa on the business management side, and TD on the content side (dating advice).

Papa continues to have a role in seminars, conferences and some products despite his primarily business management role in the company.

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Personal Data

Commercial Alias Name: Papa

Real Name: Nick Kho

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: October 25, 1975 (Age 48)

Height: 5"10


  • Pick Up Artist (PUA)
  • Dating Coach

Affiliated Dating Companies: Real Social Dynamics (RSD)

Web Presences

Twitter profile:


Personal Life

Nick Kho graduated from the U.S.C. Marshall School of Business in Los Angeles.

In mid-2012 Nick announced that he was engaged to Amber Holmes. They married in December 2012.

Pickup Artist Career

Papa (Nick Kho) was one of the original founding members of Project Hollywood with Style and Mystery.

He met both Mystery and Style as a student on one of their first training bootcamps and subsequently became a member of the Mystery's Lounge private forums.

He co-founded RSD (Real Social Dynamics) with Owen Cook and was instrumental in the building of Real Social Dynamics into the multi-million dollar company it is today. He took care of the business, marketing and commercial aspects of the business while Owen Cook (TD/ Tyler) took care of the content and training side of the business.

Papa (Nick Kho)'s Credentials & Experience

Papa likes to cruise the L.A. scene and is seen in a lot of photos with attractive women. He is most well known for having taken the phone number of Paris Hilton, twice, although he never met her for a date afterwards.

Nick Kho is married to Amber Holmes since December 2012.

Notable Media Appearances

Books, Courses and Coaching & Papa (Nick Kho) Reviews

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