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"Great Product For Any Man Who Wants A More Loving And Healthy Relationship"

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Last Update: June 16, 2024
The Good
Comprehensive product with a lot of practical advice that can help improve the quality of your relationships. Get to hear things from both the male and female point of view. Gives you tools to help master yourself so you'll be able to connect and communicate with your partner (and people in general) more effectively.
The Bad
Not as practical about how to get into a serious relationship with a woman, or about selecting the right person for you. A couple of the presentations from the guest speakers are a bit abstract and hard to follow.
The Bottom Line
This is a more advanced program best suited for guys who are already in a long term relationship, or considering getting into one. There's a lot of wisdom here which will set you up with the best chance to make sure your relationship lasts.

There's a number of myths about relationships that get exposed here also, which is great as it gives you a more realistic idea of what to expect rather than an idealized fairytale which is never obtainable.

You'll hear how and why men and women communicate and relate to their environment differently, and how to talk to your partner in a way that increases love, intimacy and security. This program is also particularly useful if you have kids or would like to have them at some point, with some good parenting tips throughout.

If you're not already dating a woman but are interested in how to get into a long term relationship, a great product to check out is The Girlfriend Activation System by Christian Hudson.


Editor's Note: In the video review above, the price is listed at $397, which is what this program usually sells for. But at the moment David is offering it for $297, and that's why the price listed here on this page is different to what was mentioned in our video.

"Love is real."

Those are the first words spoken by David DeAngelo in Love The Final Chapter. And as he goes on to say, he's as surprised as anybody that he's arrived at this conclusion.

That's because for many years now he's been learning about women and dating and helping men understand what it takes to create sexual attraction in women. He's the originator of the phrase, "Attraction isn't a choice," which has been quoted countless times in the dating and pickup community.

A lot of what he's taught in the past is based on hard science: evolutionary psychology, biology, X and doesn't involve more abstract notions like 'love'.

However, David D is married now and even has a young daughter. Having gone through the experience of being in love himself, he's come to accept love as an absolute truth and realizes it as the most powerful force in the universe.

So he wanted to do this program to come full circle and close the book on this journey of women, dating and relationships. It's really the endpoint from where he started so many years ago with his first book, Double Your Dating.

This was filmed at a live 3-day seminar, and in the product there are 17 videos totaling over 20 hours. You also get some exercises and documents to download for some of these presentations.

David DeAngelo meets Eben Pagan

It's no secret anymore that David DeAngelo's real name is Eben Pagan. He's had huge success teaching in other areas, mainly about business, marketing and success principles.

This is the first of his dating programs where he really acknowledges his true identity, and as a result feels like you're getting a more authentic view of who he is as a person.

He says he even thought about having 'presented by David DeAngelo and Eben Pagan' in the title to signify that he's really dropping that persona and being his true self here.

Eben is the main presenter throughout the seminar, but his wife Annie Lalla also features heavily. She has a lot of experience in self-development work and as a relationship coach, and is referred to as the 'cartographer of love' on her site.

It's really great to hear her take on things too and by hearing from both of them you get a peak behind the curtains at their relationship, warts and all.

Your Most Amazing Woman In The World

A concept David keeps coming back to is that this is about more than dating. It's about what to do to have a happy and healthy relationship with the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. And that your choice of life partner is the single most important decision you'll ever make in your life.

So if you want a really incredible woman like this, one supports your purpose in life, you'll need to become the man who is worthy of her. She'll need to feel you're on your path as a man and that you've got your act together if she wants to devote her life to being with you.

Even though this does require some work, the end result will be well worth it. David talks about how when you have this type of loving relationship, you as a couple are capable of achieving so much more in life than either of you would individually. That instead of 1 + 1 = 2, it's more like 1 + 1 = 3, because you make each other more powerful.

He also points out how the women who you might think are the ones you want probably won't be the ideal ones for you. This is often that case and will be worth thinking about if you're a guy who typically makes decisions about women based purely on their looks and other superficial reasons.

Dealing With Relationship Conflict

The core of this program is really about how to deal with conflict that arises in the relationship. It's natural that you and your partner will disagree over things and get upset with each other, but it's how you deal with this that's important.

David talks about how a common myth is that once we find the right partner she'll be easy to get along with and we'll fight less. But how in reality, you'll probably end up fighting more. He explains how fights are symbolic of the fight for power and status within the relationship. And when you sense you're with someone who'll be around long term you want to make sure you hold some power in that relationship.

He explains it well, along with some other myths such as your life will be easier and you'll automatically be happy. What he does is give you a realistic view on what you can expect from a long term relationship, both positive and negative.

For anybody who thinks a relationship should be plain sailing the whole time with nothing but roses, it'll be important for you to hear what it's really like. David and Annie reveal that they actually fight quite a bit, and talk about how angry they've gotten at each other at times.

But because of their openness with each other and their willingness to work on themselves and the relationship, it's made them stronger over time. And they give you practical tools you can do to help each other and work through the conflict, such as how to point out each other's 'blindspots' so you can move past wherever it is you're stuck.

Are You Stuck On Your Shtick?

In one of the modules David introduces the concept of 'shtuck', which relates to guys who are stuck using a particular shtick which has brought them success. It's basically relying on gimmicks and hiding behind a persona that isn't your authentic self.

This is quite common in the dating community and David talks about his own experience of this with Annie. He's the guy who coined the phrase 'cocky and funny' and this was his shtick for a long time, even with her.

Yet what he found was she wasn't responding well to it like other girls had, because she knew it was a gimmick. He wasn't being real and present with her so she didn't respond in a positive way to it.

This ties into the idea that what you do to attract a woman initially is often different to what you need to do to keep her around and make a relationship work. A lot of guys are using tactics from the pick up community with their girlfriends and often that will backfire.

There's some good information here on how to move past that so you can have a relationship where you're both more genuine and authentic.

Another point he makes that's worth considering is how a lot of the dating tactics guys learn are essentially about conveying higher status. And while this is good for creating attraction, it often works to attract women who have lower self-esteem. So even though a certain shtick may be working for you, is it going to attract the woman who is right for you long term who has a healthy self-esteem?

Why She'll Always Test You

One of the things David talks about is how women test men, and why this will never stop even in a long term relationship. He points out that the higher the quality of the woman, the more she'll test you, which is nearly always true.

He had an interesting point which I hadn't heard before. And that was how her testing you is subconsciously to see what you'll be like when there are issues with future children you may have together.

In his words, "She can't ask, 'are you going to lose your shit and be abusive to our children?' She needs to know how you'll react and handle adversity."

That's why the more unreactive you can be in passing her tests, the more attractive you appear as it shows you're a man who is in control and can handle any situation. This will be very reassuring to her where children are involved.

Special Guest Presenters

Aside from David/Eben and Annie, there are a number of guest presenters throughout the seminar. Overall the quality of these presentations is good, although some are better and easier to understand than others.

Dr Brad Blanton

Blanton's talk revolves around the concept he's most famous for, radical honesty. You can find out more details about him and his book by checking out our review here, Radical Honesty.

You can also hear Angel interview him on episode 102 of the podcast, discussing honesty in relationships.

There are some interesting ideas here, and as is typical with much of what Blanton teaches, can feel confronting to try and implement. But most of what he says makes a lot of sense, such as how a couple's conflict is never to do with reality, only their interpretation of that reality. He has plenty to say on a bunch of topics which should make you think about things in a new light.

Alex Allman

This was one of the better presentations of the seminar, and you can tell Alex has a huge passion for helping men enjoy better sex and relationships. If you're not familiar with his work you can find out more about him and his products here, Alex Allman.

He's been on the podcast a couple of times, the first one discusses clitoral stimulation and the second is about marriage and how to make it work.

In his talk he builds on some of what David talks about, mentioning how when he has dinner with old pick up friends who are married he notices the guys gaming their wives. They're still playing these power and status games rather than being more honest and authentic, and he finds it really sad.

There's a whole bunch of topics he discusses here and overall it's really well presented and you should find it insightful, motivating and inspiring. It's clear by the reaction of the guys in the audience at the end that they definitely got a lot out of this talk.

Sean Stephenson

If you've seen many of Double Your Dating's other products you'll probably be familiar with Sean Stephenson. He's less than three feet tall and in a wheelchair due to a genetic disorder he was born with. Despite this adversity he's accomplished a lot in life, and is a successful author and motivational speaker.

He gives a great presentation here, which also features his wife, Mindie Kniss. He really challenges you to look at the excuses you're holding onto into your life for not taking action and going after what you want. When you look at a lot of the typical excuses he talks about, it's obvious that pale in insignificance to the obstacles Sean has had to face, yet they haven't stopped him dating and eventually getting married.

There's also a part where he talks about how to figure out what your deal breakers are, and this'll be helpful for many guys so they're not wasting their time on the wrong woman. And he also covers how to lead more as a man, and how to be more open to love so your relationship will last.

Nathan Otto

Nathan isn't primarily a dating and relationship coach, he refers to himself more as a 'changemaker' and works as a leadership consultant and author. He gives two presentations here in Love The Final Chapter, and some of the info is really solid, some of it not so much.

His talk about sufficiency levels is interesting, and something different to what you normally hear in the dating advice community. It's advice you can use right away and may be able to make certain decisions on the spot which are going to help you achieve more success in other areas of your life by freeing up your time.

Some of his advice though isn't really accurate, such as only needing this one technique he teaches you which will make all other dating advice obsolete. He calls it his 'cock walk' and gives a quick demonstration while saying it'll get you more women than you can handle. The reality is this'll be extremely unlikely and you shouldn't expect too much from it.

Dr Marc Gafni

Dr Gafni is an author and speaker who specializes in love and 'evolutionary spirituality'. He has a lot of energy and has a good presence on stage but I found his talks the hardest to follow and also the most abstract. I imagine that the Double Your Dating audience is a bit more practical and grounded than who he usually speaks to, and I don't think it was a good fit.

He's studied and worked with David Deida, so there is some similarity there in talking about the masculine and feminine. But whereas Deida talks about this in a way that makes sense and is easier to comprehend, Gafni talks about this as 'circles' and 'lines' and how it's at the centre of everything in the universe. He presents his ideas as facts and as though he has it all figured out, yet most of what he says is merely his take on things.

Joe Polish

If you know anything about the marketing world, you'll undoubtedly be familiar with Joe Polish. He's a networking genius and one of the most well-connected people in the entire world.

He's interviewed here by David on stage and talks about his experiences with sexual addiction and relationship problems. He really opens up and reveals intimate details about his life that you wouldn't hear anywhere else. Even though he's not a dating coach, he has some valuable insights to share here.

Another thing he offers here is his 'magic rapport formula'. It's a 9-step process to help you create rapport with anyone as quickly as possible, and it's what he's used to create so many connections with high status people in the business and marketing world.

Who Is This A Good Fit For?

If you're just starting out in your dating journey, this program won't be a great fit for you. Instead, you'd be better off checking out our reviews of beginner products and finding the right one for you.

Also if you're not interested in a relationship, if you just want to have a series of one night stands, this won't be relevant for you either.

But if you have some dating experience already and would like to have something more serious with a woman, this is definitely worth investing in.

It's not merely a bunch of relationship tips, it's a practical guide to understanding women better and how to become a better man in the process.

For example, in one of the modules David goes into detail on the most important things he's discovered in his other businesses. So you're getting advice on business success, marketing, productivity, investing and how to accumulate wealth. There's definitely some merit to what he says about success in relationships being tied to success in business, and this module is worth watching a couple of times to pick up on everything.

Also if you're confused by women in any way, if you feel like arguments and communication problems hamper your relationships, then Love The Final Chapter is a program you'll want to spend some time studying.

The Bottom Line

This is a more advanced program best suited for guys who are already in a long term relationship, or considering getting into one. There's a lot of wisdom here which will set you up with the best chance to make sure your relationship lasts.

There's a number of myths about relationships that get exposed here also, which is great as it gives you a more realistic idea of what to expect rather than an idealized fairytale which is never obtainable.

You'll hear how and why men and women communicate and relate to their environment differently, and how to talk to your partner in a way that increases love, intimacy and security. This program is also particularly useful if you have kids or would like to have them at some point, with some good parenting tips throughout.

If you're not already dating a woman but are interested in how to get into a long term relationship, a great product to check out is The Girlfriend Activation System by Christian Hudson.

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Product Information

This program by David DeAngelo is designed to help men develop the techniques and skills to:

- Fall in love with the woman you desire most
- Trigger attraction and chemistry with a woman
- Understand what women are looking for when they’re dating
- Understand what women look for in a relationship

It is intended to help you address one of the most important decisions in life - your choice of romantic partner.

This program includes 17 sessions, each consisting of a group of chapter topics.

  • Female Psychology
  • Relationship Skills
Experience Level(s):

  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
Learning Format:
Online Access
Expert/ Coach/ Author:
David DeAngelo
Release Date:
May 21, 2015
Price: $297.00


If you have a question or problem, ask us:

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Session 1
- Love is Real
- Big ‘Ahas’!
- David’s Story
- Realizations
- ‘Schtuck
- Questions

Session 2
- Dr. Brad Blanton
- Love
- Radical Honesty
- Brad’s Workshop
- Getting Over
- Process & Idealism
- How & Why?
- Audience Questions
- Family
- Children
- Committed

Session 3
- Challenges
- Mindsets
- Choice of Mate
- Strategy of Success
- Status
- Formulaic
- Revisiting Tactics

Session 4
- Status Questions
- Nathan Otto
- Attention
- Success Breeds Prevention
- Evolutionary Relationship
- Exercise
- Emergence
- Q&A
- Being More Evolved

Session 5
- Deep Intimate Relationship
- Awareness of Attention
- Reintegration
- Dr. Geoffrey Miller
- Signaling
- Costly Signaling Principles
- Other Indicators
- Points
- Female Choice

Session 6
- Personality Types
- ‘Me’ & ‘We’ Types
- Dr. Marc Gafni
- Masculine & Feminine
- Line Qualities
- Circle Qualities

Session 7
- Incentives
- Laws of Physics
- Dissociation
- Blind Spot Exercise
- Annie Lalla

Session 8
- Emotions
- Tools
- Co-Faciliation
- Mind-Emotion Connection
- Envy & Jealousy
- ‘Donkey Smuggling’
- Changing Your Experience
- Emotion Experience

Session 9
- Bruce Muzik
- Attachment Theory
- Anxious Style
- Avoidant Style
- How Relationships Evolve
- ‘Turtles’
- Growth Opportunities
- How You Become Secure

Session 10
- Leadership
- Presence
- Joe Polish
- Learning
- Magic Rapport Formula
- Invest In Relationships
- Appreciate

Session 11
- Adam Gilad
- Inspiration
- Definition of Love

Session 12
- Recap
- Creativity
- Sameness & Difference
- Productivity
- Path of Least Resistance
- Marketing
- Positioning
- Masterminding
- Investing
- Futurism

Session 13
- Alex Allman
- Singularity
- God
- Q&A
- Questions

Session 14
- Archetype
- The Goddess
- Self-Observation
- Be Present
- Fear & Anger
- Threat
- Triggered
- The Child
- Monthly Cycle

Session 15
- Questions
- Success
- Nathan Otto
- Refine Attention
- Conscious Process
- Three Kinds of Changes
- Questions

Session 16
- Sean Stephenson & Mindy Kniss
- Love Evolution
- The List
- The Right One
- Drop Insecurities
- Questions

Session 17
- Dr. Marc Gafni
- Love, Sexuality & Spirituality
- Outrageous Love
- Your Unique Self
- Evolutionary Unique Self

Session 18
- Annie Lalla
- Take Radical Responsibility
- Questions
- More Questions
- Final Thoughts

What You Get:

Online access to video presentations

Selected presentation summaries

Guarantee / Terms:

30-day money back guarantee

Single payment of $297 or 5 payments of $67

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