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How to Make Sure Your Review Gets Published is Awesome

Step 1: Do Things that Make the Review Awesome

Doing any of these things will help to improve your review and make sure it helps mankind:

  • Review the Right Product - Make sure you write the review on the right product page! Use the search box at the top right of the page. Type in the name of the product you want to review and click submit to find it. This is a common mistake - so be careful with this. If you submit a review for the wrong product it won't get published.
  • Based on Experience - Have you actually used the product? Did you buy it and read it, study it and attempt to use it? This is what other people want to hear about. They aren't interested in what you think about a product unless it is based on experience.
  • Constructive ideas and opinions - Being constructive helps make reviews useful. If you can only think of bad or good points (only pros, or only cons) other men are less likely to think that your review is useful. Think about both sides and tell it like it is. No product is 100% perfect or 100% trash. It's not easy to do, but the more objective and unbiased you make a review covering both "The Bad" and "The Good" is essential to making a review awesome.
  • Original - No quoted material from other sources, nothing copy and pasted from somewhere else, and no material published elsewhere.
  • Make it Unique and Independent - Our users will learn more if you give your own unique perspective. Don't fall into the trap of thinking and saying the same thing as others. Think for yourself and write a review that is personal to you and what you experienced with a product or service. That makes it 100 times more awesome. An easy way to do this is to think about the 'details' you liked about it. Give examples of specific things you liked or didn't like.
  • Spelling - Check your spelling and grammar! If you have made spelling and grammar mistakes it puts users off and they may not even read or trust your review. That's not awesome. So if you aren't sure about spelling, know it's not your strong point or English is your foreign language - run it through a Word or other spell check. It takes a few seconds and multiplies your review's awesomeness factor.

  • Language - If you can write your review in English, it's best because most of the users of the site speak English. But if you can't, it's still useful to post in your own language.

Step 2: Don't Do Anything Anti-Awesome or Spammy

The first rule of Dating Skills Review is "Make it Helpful to Mankind". The second rule is....

"Don't break these rules... so that it stays useful."

Make sure your review doesn't contain any of this 'yucky stuff':

  • Profanity, swearing, F$%#, and S#$%$#% words. Keep it family friendly - we get a wide age range of users from teens all the way to 80s and many women use the site too.
  • Threats to others or hate speech. AKA "no haters" or Trolling.
  • Personal insults
  • Spammy stuff #1 like commercial web addresses, e-mail addresses or phone numbers for promotional purposes
  • Spammy stuff #2 content that is not an actual "review". If you are just saying how much you love or hate something without actual review content, Dating Skills Review isn't the place for it.
  • Text entirely in ALL CAPS (we don't need you to yell to be heard ok)
  • Hearsay
  • Content not relevant to dating
  • Spammy Stuff #3 - Any HTML code
  • Disrespectful of Personal Privacy - Reviews may not contain the personal information of any person, including names, addresses, phone numbers or other information that may be used to identify an individual.
  • Not Submitted with a valid e-mail address: No fake e-mail addresses, please. We may need to contact you about your review and if we can't contact you we won't be able to publish the review.

Step 3: For Advanced Reviewers - Additional Resources

You can learn a lot more about writing awesome reviews. Here are a couple of good resources we found that can help you: