Ep. #43 Choosing Marriage and How to Make it Work with Alex Allman

Ep. #43 Choosing Marriage and How to Make it Work with Alex Allman

Ep. #43 Choosing Marriage and How to Make it Work with Alex Allman

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This week I managed to get Alex Allman on the show just one week after his marriage to beautiful bride Angelina.

In this Alex Allman interview we go very deep into inner game, motivations, lifestyle and relationships skills. This is a bumper episode at nearly 2 hours long as we cover a lot of topics from marriage, to monogamy and polyamory, and what it takes to make relationship deeply intimate and sustainable.

Be warned. This is a heavy topic and if you're not yet at the stage where you've already had a fair amount of experience with women this will probably go over your head. That's ok. There's a right time to study each topic. If you're looking seriously at your relationship lifestyle and relationships with women however - this is a great episode to help you think your way through to the right type of relationship, woman and lifestyle for you.

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Specifically, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • Alex Allman's recent marriage and his dating and relationship lifestyle over the last 15 years.
  • "I'm not a PUA, I'm terrible at cold approach." Learning to cold approach isn't necessary to meet lots of women.
  • Pre-conventional, conventional and post-conventional monogamy and polygamy.
  • Men cheating on their women is the societal norm.
  • The level of openness in your sexual communication and how it defines your relationship.
  • Post conventional morality, empathy and its connection with 100% love.
  • The swinger community as an example of conventional polyamory.
  • Different dating lifestyles for different stages of life. The 20s, 30s and 40s.
  • Steve Pavlina case study: From monogamous marriage, to polyamorous marriage to divorce and single life polyamory.
  • The decision to marry - how does it come about?
  • The more committed you are to a relationship the more pain you expose yourself to.
  • Choosing women with equal or greater "Self awareness" than you as partners.
  • Insights into the mindsets towards many women of men today from what is currently working in the marketing world.
  • The control mentality that the pickup artist community has given to some men.
  • The fundamental role of sex in marriage to work on and improve communication.
  • Pushing sexual boundaries. What it really means - not about "dressing up as furry animals".
  • How to stop sex getting boring: Excavating your personal identity through your sexual relationship with your partner.
  • A woman's love for you is sustained by your love. But only when it's pure.
  • Alex Allman's top 3 recommendations to men to work on to take their relationship lifestyle to success as fast as possible.

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Today's Quote of Insight

Today's quote is simple. It's just a reminder that 'sex' is always going to be playing an important role in relationships. If you let the sex dwindle and disappear, then your relationship is going to follow in suit eventually. Maybe not the next day, but eventually it will.

In society at large married people are considered to not have great sex lives after the first few years. In our discussion with Alex Allman we looked at ways to keep the sex alive, and the fundamental importance of that.

So if you're in a relationship keep this quote in mind. When you get bogged down by everything else in life and other aspects of the relationship, make sure you come back to this simple point. It's always going to be the sex that is behind the marriage or relationship supporting it or potentially destroying it.

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