Adam Gilad

Adam Gilad
Adam Gilad is a gender language specialist and has applied his expertise to teaching dating, intimacy, and deep eros. He began dating coaching in 2007 and teaches men and women to live more adventurously and passionately from love, not from fear.

He is an accomplished author, speaker, film producer, mentor, coach, and teacher, having authored several books, many audio training courses, and more than 20 television shows.

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Personal Data

Commercial Alias Name: Adam Gilad

Real Name: Grant Adams

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: June 14, 1967 (Age 57)

Height: 5'8"

Profession(s): Dating Coach

Affiliated Dating Companies: Gilad Creative Media

Web Presences

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Personal Life

As an Emmy-nominated Television Producer, Adam executive produced the film, “The Ron Clark Story” for TNT, and earned an Emmy-nomination as Producer in the Best Film or Miniseries of the Year category. His award-winning films have appeared on Lifetime and include the USA Network movie “Not In Our Town.”

In his early career, Adam served as Managing Director of a top grossing rock group, traveled the Himalaya, and practiced in the ashrams and Zen monasteries in India, Nepal and the US. He has worked as a Creative Consultant to well-known corporations such as BMW/DesignworksUSA, Ogilvy Worldwide, General Foods, Grey Advertising, Kellogs. Adam has also hosted National Lampoon Radio.

Dating Advice Career

Adam is CEO of Gilad Creative Media, Inc. and He creates online information product companies in dating advice and tips, self-development, and relationship advice. He also develops entrepreneurial training courses and educational materials on love, attraction, and dating.

He teaches men how to succeed with women, and in life, by presenting ways of attracting and keeping women interested based on the integrity of his own real life experiences, his clients' successes, and the latest scientific female attraction research.

His official Adam Gilad website offers programs for men in order to “Get Bold & Successful with Women” and programs for women to “Find the Man Worthy of You.”

He is founder of The Fearless Lover, Inc., a suite of online and seminar enterprises for helping men and women communicate with each other and guide them into their inner strengths and highest intentions.

He is also creator of the Spring 2012 Telesummit – Ignite The Spark: The State of Dating, for the purpose of showing women how to spark, attract, and inspire the best quality men.

Adam is a communications specialist with expertise in teaching men how to inspire women. Under the name Grant Adams, and as CEO of The Inspired Man Project, Inc., he created the Net2Bed / Net2Wed System, and authored The Guaranteed Girlfriend Program.

Shortly after his first divorce, he returned to the dating market and created his first book (Net2Bed) after realizing the ease with which he could meet women online. He developed a system to teach men how to articulate their best characteristics in the online dating world. The concepts of Net2Bed worked for meeting women casually online as well as for establishing a long-term relationship. As a result, he changed the system to Net2Bed/Net2Wed.

Adam Gilad's Credentials & Experience

Relevant Qualifications & Awards

  • Stanford Humanities Center Graduate Center Research Fellow - for his work in Creativity, Spirituality and Environmental Thought
  • Lady Davis Graduate Fellow in Political Thought - studied Talmud and mysticism in Jerusalem for over two years
  • Cambridge University - studied Ancient and Modern Philosophy

Notable Media Appearances

Released Spring 2013 (and featured on ABC, KTLA 5 News, and The Huffington Post), The Boldness Code is a coaching consultation / session that helps men understand the most important thing they are lacking in the dating market – Intelligence.

Adam understands the intelligence of the dating market and that successful men want to take charge of their dating lives. For this reason, he teaches a "higher level" understanding of female psychology and arousal. The course has tele-training technique and practice training sessions, and also includes the Instant Confidence With Women program.

Books, Courses and Coaching & Adam Gilad Reviews

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