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Be the kind of guy that's taking action, feeling good in his life and knows how to make the separation between work and play.

Work hard, play hard is the fucking key. Work to improve yourself, use negative emotions as leverage to get focused but at the same time reward yourself with positive emotions to let loose and just be free.
- Tyler/TD (Owen Cook)

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In life, we are born innocent and pure, beautiful and honest, and in a state of oneness with each moment.
As we develop, however, our caregivers and others load us with baggage.
Some of us keep accumulating more and more baggage until we become burdened by all the weight, trapped in beliefs and behaviors that keep us stuck.
But the true purpose of life is to divest yourself of that baggage and become light and pure again.
People spend their lives searching for freedom. That is true freedom.
- Neil Strauss (Style)

If you want to increase your chances of success with women, create situations that lead to that success.
- David DeAngelo

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Double Your Dating eBook

Democracies are ruled by the greatest social leaders, who gain their position, through the approval of the most followers... ...their ability to manage social networks and influence others makes them the ultimate social leaders.
- Adam Lyons (AFC Adam)

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Our metric for success is maximizing happiness, not racking up the most lays, or having the most impressive 'skills'.
- Mark Manson

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Models: Attract Women Through Honesty
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