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In “Date Younger With Dignity”, author, speaker, and coach Adam Gilad shows men how to get a constant stream of young beautiful women attracted to you. This program is designed to give you the secrets to successfully dating younger women.

It is intended to give you the ability to enjoy younger women without the need to go out and pursue them, or getting rejected. Discover how to attract, approach, and date younger women with dignity.

The program aims to help you develop into a man of authority, commanding presence, and status; learning to become the man younger women find irresistible.

  • Meeting Women
  • Attracting Women
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Learning Format:
Online Access
Expert/ Coach/ Author:
Adam Gilad
Release Date:
March 31, 2017
Price: $69.95


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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Module #1 - The Date Younger with Dignity Magnetic Attraction Skills Action Guide
A comprehensive mastery program to magnetize women to you, instead of chasing them. Includes approach and rapport-building techniques.
- Fundamentals of Younger Women Online Dating
- Style tips to increase your instant appeal to younger woman
- Ways to re-structure and maximize your social and dating life
- Techniques to increase your vitality, stamina, muscle, and sexiness
- Strengthening your inner and outer voice for power and hardcore confidence
- How to bulletproof your approach and attraction skills for masculine magnetism
- Approaching a younger woman in a way that makes her instantly attracted to you
- Establishing your sexual leadership and connection to discover pleasure with each other

Module #2
The Irresistible Man’s Guide to Cutting Through the Small Talk -- Getting Sexual
Like a Romantic Leader
This guide offers the language to quickly, effortlessly, and successfully move from casual, small talk to sexually charged conversation. It includes tips to ensure that the woman feels naturally excited to be with you, and connects with you.
- How to make a woman laugh and trigger her arousal
- How to trigger a young woman’s “sensual imagination”
- Overcome the “nice guy” syndrome and avoid boring conversation
- “Igniting the imagination” of the three types of women you will meet
- How to stand out using the power of “nothing hidden/nothing half-assed”
- Polarizing a woman into her receptive feminine through the art of masculine/feminine fire

Module #3
This module explains the biggest mistakes men make with younger women, and avoiding them.
- What to do and what not to do in your online profile
- How to start a cool conversation, and what not to say
- Getting younger women to feel seen and appreciated by you
- What repels a younger woman and what makes her want to be with you
- How to lead younger women into conversation topics that make her attracted to you
- Body language that turns women off and how to change it to naturally meet younger women

Module #4
The Irresistible Man’s 21 Confident Conversation Tactics
This cheat sheet is desgned to help you when talking to beautiful, younger women so you remain in the power position.
- Communicating higher status
- How to speak as the king of your personal world
- “Weakling” words that get in the way of your confidence and power
- How to speak as a woman’s indisputable and sexy romantic leader
- How to masterfully steer conversations into deeper, intimate territory
- How to let her know that you find her really attractive without sounding needy

Module #5
Communications Wizardry
This module serves as a how-to guide to assure that you capitalize on your age and experience.
- How to a woman to seduce herself
- First date tips to make her desire more
- How to make her feel unique and special
- The power and authority of “state the date”
- Establishing and maintaining a woman’s trust
- Asking versus subtly commanding a young woman’s phone number
- Positioning your friends and experience as a privilege for her to experience
- How to express that being with you is a clear invitation to a better life for her
- The “inner feelings” that makes her find you authoritatively sexy and intriguing

Module #6
The Date Younger With Dignity Foundations Program: The Irresistibility of The Experienced Man
- Different ways to tell your personal “hero story”
- How to make a her heart full with your generosity
- How to hone a powerful social and sexy presence
- Why providing order in her life is sexy to a woman
- Why mentorship makes you sexy and authoritative
- How to make her safety and your integrity sexy for her
- The power of masculine claim and surrendering a woman to your lead
- How to embody the sexy Kingship, Warrior, Magician, and sexy Lover archetypes in her life

Module #7
The Irresistible Man’s Guide to Creating an Amazing Online Profile
This guide shows you how to write powerful, erotic, magnetic profiles.
- Setting the moral high bar in your profile
- How to filter out the kinds of women you don’t want
- How to get her to romantically visualize about you
- Essential photos you must post in your online profile
- Creating the powerful “instant we” with your first words
- Choosing a screen name that appeals to younger women
- How to “sing” to her aspirations and talent in your profile

Module #8
My Ultimate Cheat Sheet Steal This Profile
Adam offers his #1 dating profile to quickly attract younger women. In this power-point presentation you will learn:
- How to suggest sensuality without being overtly sexual
- How to make her feel more mature, respected and cared for
- How to show her how her life will be more enjoyable with you
- Balancing sexiness and heart-connection with safety and respect
- How to use your words to “take her on a fantasy verbal vacation”

Module #9
How to Handle the Haters
This guide shows you how to handle questions from others about being with a younger woman.
- How to show others they have no right to impose on your happiness
- Developing the confidence to have beautiful, younger women on your arm
- How to demonstrate that you and your young lover(s) should be respected
- How to get others to celebrate your happiness and your empowered new self

Module #10
The “Hone Your Body to Perfection” Super Pack
This module teaches men how to physically upgrade their bodies.
- Dressing with style and authority
- How to quickly get ripped and fit at home
- Changing your diet to reduce belly and other body fat
- Body language techniques to exhibit confidence, authority, protection and sexuality

Module #11
The Friend Zone Blaster
This guide teaches grown men how to avoid the friend zone and be seen as a potential sexual partner at the start.

What You Get:

Online access to program

Guarantee / Terms:

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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