Love Systems SuperConference 2013 

Love Systems SuperConference 2013
Dating Company: Love Systems | Dating Coaches: Big BusinessBraddockDerek CajunFaderFutureGil RioKeychainMr. MNick HossNick SavoyTenmagnetVercetti
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Product Information

Love Systems SuperConference is an annual event bringing together pick-up artists and dating coaches, sharing their knowledge and techniques to men wanting to improve their game in picking up women. By using methods to highlight the man's personality, as well as psychological techniques, Love Systems SuperConference covers everything from conversation starters to body language hints, all aimed at attraction and sexual encounters. The conference not only provides training sessions, but also one-on-one mentoring and practice, and even actual visits to Las Vegas nightspots (for VIP level attenders) where the men can apply what they have learned and see if they really work.

Attracting Women
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Learning Format:
Dating Conferences & Seminars
- Single Company Conference
Expert/ Coach/ Author:
Big BusinessBraddockDerek CajunFaderFutureGil RioKeychainMr. MNick HossNick SavoyTenmagnetVercetti
Love Systems
October 04, 2013 -
October 06, 2013
Conference Finished.
Available in Following Cities:
Las Vegas (US)


If you have a question or problem, ask us:

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Main Stage:
- Breakthroughs in Dating Science
- New Triad Model of Dating and Seduction
- Inner Game (Inner Psychology and Beliefs on Dating)
- Approaching and Transitioning
- Physical Escalation (Turning Things Physical)
- Attraction I: Teasing and Cold Reads
- Attraction II: Role Plays, Push Pull, Takeaways and Boundaries
- Qualification (Solidify Her Attraction)
- Infield Groups and Video Breakdown
- Putting It All Together: The First Five Minutes
- Text Game
- Sexualization and Same Night Lays
- Day Game with Infield Video
- Think On Your Feet: Natural Conversation
- Dance Floor Game
- How To Get A Girlfriend
- Stripper Game
- Closing/Action Plan

Breakout Rooms Sessions (Live, interactive exercises):
- "Trigger Words"/Natural/Spontaneous Conversation
- Approaching and Transitioning
- Body Language
- Q&A with Love Systems founder Nick Savoy
- Teasing, Tests, Frame Control
- Personal Consultations
- Storytelling
- Approaching and Transitioning for Day Game

Infield Training (VIP Level):
- Live Pickup Tactics

What You Get:

There are three package options for the Love Systems SuperConference 2013:
- Silver at $697 (Early Bird Discounted Price)
- Gold at $2997 (Early Bird Discounted Price) and Early Bird Discounted Deposit of $999
- Platinum at $5997 (Early Bird Discounted Price) and Early Bird Discounted Deposit of $1499

For Silver, Gold, and Platinum attenders:
- Conference attendance and lounge access
- Pre-conference support and access to all the Love Systems instructors

Exclusive for Gold and Platinum attenders:
- Infield Nights
- Private mentorship sessions during the SuperConference
- Student video

Exclusive for Platinum attenders:
- Instructors' nights out
- Choose your infield instructor
- Concierge service
- New flagship product
- Continued mentorship
- Sit-in on an ongoing bootcamp
- VIP reception

Guarantee / Terms:

Love Systems SuperConference 2013 has a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you feel it was not an investment worth what you paid.

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