The 21 Convention 2011 (North America) 

The 21 Convention 2011 (North America)
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Product Information

The 21 Convention is a full 4-day event and features top thought leaders in dating, relationships, exercise, nutrition, as well as what is takes to be the leader you were meant to be.

  • Meeting Women
  • Attracting Women
  • Relationship Skills
  • Image, Physique & Style
  • Inner Game & Confidence
  • Lifestyle & Social Skills
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Dating Conferences & Seminars
- Multi-Company Conference
Conference Finished.
Available in Following Cities:
Orlando-FL (US)


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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Pillar I of the Ideal Man : Exercise & Nutrition
You will learn how to (In 60 minutes or less):

- Shed over 30 pounds of fat in 30 Days with diet alone
- Ramp up your metabolism and develop six-pack abs
- Eat the foods you love and get leaner in the process
- Dramatically reduce acne and completely prevent future outbreaks
- Prevent and even reverse the diseases of civilization
- Increase strength 200% in all exercises in less than 40 days
- Improve athletic performance 100 fold by doing less than you are now
- Develop a rock solid immune system and the energy you need to face life and face it well
- Use the power of sunlight to triple strength gains, double fat loss, quadruple daily energy
- Leverage sleep as an extreme athletic performance enhancer
- Utilize proper bio-mechanics and exponentially increase the safety of your workouts
- Build the ultimate physique that reaches your peak genetic potential
- Surpass your highest expectations in the gym, in the mirror, and on the scale
- Achieve the general health, well being, and musculature that is your birth right
- Design the ultimate chest, arms, back, and leg workouts
- Produce and take full advantage of the post-workout hormone cascade
- Fuel your muscles with the right nutrition for the maximum growth response
- Short circuit the three biggest mistakes in fitness and health
- Actually define exercise, health, diet, and fitness
- Workout 12 minutes a week

Pillar II of the Ideal Man : Male/Female Relationships
You will learn how to (In 60 minutes or less):

- Command and conquer your fear of “the approach”
- Attract the the ideal women into your life
- Implement cutting-edge sexual framing and comfort-building techniques
- Manage long term relationships
- Make dating beautiful women a natural part of your every day life
- Rid yourself of toxic relationships
- Build purposeful relationships
- Identify what success means to you with women
- Distinguish women that are interested in you from those that are not
- Integrate self-respect and self confidence into a committed relationship
- Establish and draw healthy boundaries in any relationship
- Interpret relationship signals
- Handle logistics when meeting women at bars and clubs
- Implement the life changing differences between being social, sexual, and seductive
- Determine what women turn you on and which ones turn you off
- Implement action plans for blasting through social anxiety
- Properly sexually escalate
- Approach women in coffee shops and book stores
- Recover from a failed kiss
- Communicate directly and confidently with women
- Move swiftly and competently through the three phases of attraction
- Manage multiple, long term, open relationships
- Neutralize the dreaded ”cock block” and even persuade her to help you out
- Understand your own inner psychology when interacting with women
- Leverage your deepest emotions as a powerful communication tool
- Why your view of women is central to life on earth as a man

Pillar III of the Ideal Man: Self-Actualization
You will learn how to (In 60 minutes or less):

- Develop unbreakable self-confidence
- Defend yourself in life threatening situations and…
- Develop world-class social skills that permeate friend, professional, and academic relationships.
- Find and live your true purpose
- Spark and continually grow core self-esteem
- Minimize the low points of self-esteem throughout life’s challenges
- Maximize the high points of self-esteem throughout life’s challenges
- Capitalize on your emotional responses to the world
- Take full responsibility for your own happiness and your own life
- Integrate your ideals in the real world
- Manifest your own destiny
- Attract self-responsible people into your life
- Weave self-respect into intimate relationships
- Actualize your ideal self into the world through your work
- Generate self-motivation independent of your environment (family, friends, work, school)
- Persevere in your pursuits when the odds are stacked against you
- Become the man you were meant to be
- Stop relying on others for motivation, and how to become self-motivated
- Endure when you know you’re right and “everyone” tells you you’re wrong
- Actually find others who share your interests and highest values

Pillar IV of the Ideal Man: Individualism

“Self-esteem expressed in your philosophical operating system, highest values, and entrepreneurial spirit”
You will learn how to (In 60 minutes or less):

- Be an individual and recognize yourself as an individual man
- Distinguish between the perfect and the ideal
- Make your own happiness your highest moral purpose
- Live for your own sake and not at the expense of others
- Discard all of the nonsense society teaches you about entrepreneurship
- Stay 187 steps ahead of mainstream business and entrepreneurship advice
- Dominate your personal finances and stay 400 steps ahead of the conventional wisdom
- Maintain your integrity in the most difficult of circumstances
- Find the work that you love when everyone tells you to “give in”
- Avoid the four dire mistakes most beginner entrepreneurs make
- Build a company from the ground up with nothing but hard work
- Grow an invincible determination for a single goal
- Live the life that you deserve, without compromise
- Discover your deepest life philosophy and hierarchy of values
- Untangle your life’s operating system and harness it for your deepest values and convictions

What You Get:

- Full access to The 21 Convention 2011 (North America), including the bonus meet and greet.

- 25% discount code for The 21 Convention 2011 (Europe)

- Permanent 5% discount towards all DVD products available in our store.

- Free 720p HD streaming access to all footage from this event.

- Discounts on paid coaching and services offered by speakers at the event.

Available Upgrades:

- Front Row Seating (SPACES LIMITED): $100

- Dinner with the speakers: $75

- Buy together for $150 and save $25.

Guarantee / Terms:

Return Policy: All ticket sales final, refunds are not available for any reason.

Ticket Transfer Policy: All tickets are transferable at any time (up to 10 days before the event begins). Contact the event organizers for more information.

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