RSD World Summit 2010 

RSD World Summit 2010
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Product Information

Real Social Dynamics' yearly conference in Las Vegas bringing their whole dating coaching team together for seminars and bootcamps.

  • Meeting Women
  • Attracting Women
  • Inner Game & Confidence
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Learning Format:
Dating Conferences & Seminars
- Single Company Conference
August 02, 2010 -
August 07, 2010
Conference Finished.
Available in Following Cities:
Las Vegas (US)


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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

To be discussed by Papa
- How to cultivate a red-hot social circle of beautiful women
- A quick (and easy) way to revolutionize your life style to balance work, fitness, and more woman
- Discover the untold “secrets” to high-powered networking

To be discussed by Tyler
- Cement faithful behavior in any woman's mind
- Discover the esoteric secret to making women lose control and leap all over you
- Develop true leadership that men and women will follow

To be discussed by Jeffy
- How to unleash your inner beast
- How to cut to the chase – and get very sexual very fast
- How to break all the rules

To be discussed by Ozzy
- shatter your beliefs about needing any structure whatsoever when seducing a stunning women
- Detonate your passions into any subject
- Charge your conversations with crackling sexual energy

To be discussed by Tim
- How To Eradicate any trace of robotic “pickup tactics”
- Discover how to express your “core purpose”
- Embrace the power of pure-radiance

To be discussed by Nathan
- Absorb pure inner game dynamite
- See presence so potent that just watching him speak will rewire you to a whole new level of confidence.
- Hear Nathan reveal his best material

To be discussed by Alex
- Experience a cutting edge practical advice from a guy who's background in psychology
- Obtain his core ability to generate that 'fun party-vibe'
- Hear how his against-the-odds struggle gave him the strength and perspective to explode to truly world-class levels of pickup brilliance at a very young age.

To be discussed by Ryan
- How to charge your “verbal game”
- A simple (and wickedly effective) technicality that all successful men exploit
- Discover the untold secrets of self-actualization and go from “Zero to Hero”

To be discussed by Brad
- How to create a harem of super-hot women with as little drama as humanly possible
- 5-Surefire Steps for same night lays
- A quick (and easy) tweak in your lifestyle

To be discussed by Sam
- How to seamlessly work social circles
- A way of becoming a 'man of action'
- How to turn fear into unparallel perseverance in any situation

What You Get:

- 5 Full Days of seminars with Tyler, Papa, Ozzy, Tim, Jeffy, Nathan, Ryan, Brad, and Sam
- 6 Full Nights of in-field adventures to practice your dating skill-set under full-guidance of the entire RSD Staff
- 1 Field Day of “day game” experience
- Field trips and extra curricular activities all designed to amplify your skill set with women
- Networking with hundreds of like-minded individuals and business players

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